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I was given a table for the Grubbs Test Critical Value, and the lowest n listed is 3. Here is the table citation: Frank E. In the past, Grubbs test was used for outlier testing and has been accepted by the regulating agency. Should we change to a different test due to sample size, and if so, what would be more appropriate?

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Calculating Mean, Median and Mode in Excel

The Box Plots with Outliers and Grubbs test options are both relevant. Hi Charles! First and foremost, would like to thank you for changing my understanding of statistics and providing the RealStatistics tool generously. Thank you so much.

Creating a Boxplot in Excel 2016

I have a dataset which consists of 4 series of data, consisting of 4 numeric parameters of 34 samples. It turned out that that record was wrongly measured, so I removed it. The problem is that when I run Shapiro-Wilk Test, one of the series out of 4 is not recognized as normal with the p-value of 0.

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Hadi, The t test and ANOVA are pretty robust to violations of normality, and so based on the results that you have found, I would proceed with using a t test. I am trying to find out if the G critical value table uses the N sample size or the Degrees of Freedom. Calculating the values uses the DF but the table could be constructed to reference N as the sample size.

I am fairly sure the N is sample size but want to check with out bothering the calculate the G critical from the formula. I have also read that the Grubbs test should not be used on sample sizes of less than 6. Grubbs test is not reliable with these small sample sizes and leads to rejecting the Ho at an alpha where it should be accepted. You are correct that the test is not reliable for small samples as are many other statistical test. I have now updated the webpage with this fact. Hello Mr. Once the outlier s is are found.. Should it they be removed from the data set and start all over?

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Pedro, Grubbs test only finds one outlier which or course will be the max or min, although it needs to consider all the values in determining whether one of these is an outlier. Real Statistics Using Excel. Skip to content.

How to Highlight Statistical Outliers in Excel

Figure 3 — Output from Box Plots with Outliers tool As you can see, the output is similar to that shown in Figure 1, except that this version is available in other releases of Excel besides Excel April 23, at pm. Charles says:. Mary Ellen Gibbons says:. February 7, at pm.

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February 8, at am. Chris V. September 25, at pm. Regards, Chris V. Brian says:. April 4, at pm. Charles, Thank you for the explanation on the range for the whiskers!

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Open your data in Excel. It's the app that has an icon of a green sheet with an "X" in front of a table. Open the Excel file with the dataset you want to find the Z scores for, otherwise, input your data into a column of a new blank Excel document. Enter the mean formula in a blank cell. Enter the standard deviation formula in a blank cell. For example, if your data points are recorded in cells A2 through A11 and you wanted to calculate the standard deviation in cell D4.

Find the Z score for a data point. The dollar signs in front of the letters and numbers ensure that the cell location won't change even if you use the formula for other cells.