Mac os x 10.10.5 wifi issues

Also, remember to post comments to this article if you found something that works! This may be obvious, but it might not be something that people think about immediately. First, check to see if there is a firmware update to your Wi-Fi router.

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Many times, a firmware fix will correct issues. Install the firmware and restart your router. What I believe may have helped fix my issues was to do a complete factory reset of my primary router. Check the documentation of your router and try this. You will have to redo your Wi-Fi configurations but sometimes this is ok. Be sure that your Wi-Fi router is configured to the proper country. If you run the Diagnostics, it may come back with some recommendations.

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues in OS X Yosemite

I had a Wi-Fi router that was configured for Taiwan so I decided to shut it off and use a different one. Also, once the Diagnostics runs, look at some of the recommendations that are presented to you. If you are doing all of these system resets and fixes, you should also try Repairing Permissions. This should be part of a regular maintenance program anyway. Apple Support docs on Repairing Permissions.

Start with the basics

There are several things you can try within the Networking Preference pane. And a combination of these may help.

Solucionar problemas con el Wi-Fi en Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Parte 1 - Tutoriales Mac en español

Delete the saved Wi-Fi settings. This is where you can at least start.

The next OS X update could fix Yosemite’s rampant Wi-Fi woes

Remember to reboot after doing this and other tips. Once it has been deleted, go ahead and reboot. Then go back and create a new Wi-Fi Service.

How to Fix Yosemite Wi-Fi Issues (Things to Test)

Another thing you can try is to re-order the various network services. Last in this group is completely trashing the Network Configuration and. Some people may say you should try this first which you can definitely do. The configs and preferences could have become corrupted at some point.

This is relatively safe to do because the system will automatically re-create these files upon reboot. Here are the steps:.

Configure the Internet Settings on Your Mac

Here are some things that other people have reported to have worked for them or at least they have recommended trying them. See the Cult of Mac article below on how to do this. But, I have seen rumors that Apple may be reworking some of these protocols in El Capitan Disable Bluetooth — some people have said that Bluetooth is somehow conflicting with various networks 2.

Many people use Bluetooth for mice and keyboards as well as other devices and functionality. Delete stored Keychain Wi-Fi passwords in case they are corrupt. Then you can search for your saved Wi-Fi passwords and you can simply delete those. Browse Expand Navbar.

Paths to this article. OS X Yosemite: Connecting to eduroam. Favorite Article Print Article. There may be broken links in this article, the GROK staff has been notified and is working to resolve the issue. Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network 1. Select Network. If eduroam does not show up within the drop-down menu, click Join Other Network.

You will receive an Error if lsu. Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues If you are unable to connect to eduroam, there are a couple of known issues that may be causing the problem.