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Move on to next method if the issue still persists. After trying all methods, the issue should resolve. Try to have the driver reloaded and see if the problem resolves. Follow these steps:. Right-click on Logitech keyboard device name and select Uninstall on the context menu.

Then Windows will load the keyboard driver automatically. Your Logitech keyboard not working problem is probably being caused by driver issues. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. I've tried both Phil and Andy's layouts but neither of those seems to work across all applications, and it does seem to be linked to whether the application is 64 bit or 32 bit. You can watch the icon for the Input menu change when you switch applications, and when you go to pick a layout some of them are now grayed out. British, British - Windows - 2, and windows-uk are all available in Firefox 32 bit.

Only British and windows-uk are available in Terminal 64 bit. The windows-uk layout is almost usable apart from the backslash. I found this FWIW, which doesn't seem to be correct, I've a Mac Mini and a far as I'm aware it's running the 32 bit kernel, Microsoft implies that the problems exist only with 64 bit kernels, but it seems it also causes trouble with 64 bit applications and libraries.

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Microsoft Hardware is developing a bit compatible version. While in bit mode, only basic device functionality will be available. G Webb, I have the same issue. The problem is related to whether the application you are using is running in bit mode and therefore which core OS libraries it's using. Unfortunately, as soon as you use a bit application, the language reverts to British and stays at that setting.

I've reduced the problem by forcing my frequently used applications to start in bit mode: right-click on the application icon and choose "Get Info". In the "General" section under the label colours is a check box for "Open in bit mode". This reduces the number of opportunities for the input source to change. However, the Finder runs as bit and when I tried starting that in bit mode other applications started behaving very oddly, some even refusing to start, so I was never able to go bit only and "solve" the problem.

Thanks for the info on Microsoft's update schedule, I missed that when I looked at their update page previously. October can't come fast enough! As for Apple fixing the problem, that's not entirely correct. They changed the way kernel drivers have to be written for bit which is why Microsoft have to release an update for their hardware. That's not to say it wouldn't be nice for there to be built-in support for a "British - PC" default language to use with UK keyboards G Webb, my original comment has been deleted for some reason. Until Microsoft release their update you can get bit British keyboard layouts here: liyang.

I came back here to see if there were any replies, but at least to leave my latest findings, I too found that link and am using the layout you mention. It doesn't help with all the extra media type keys, but it'll do for now. Well done Liyang Hu. It seems that. I guess that the 64 bit libraries only support the former method, and that the. Thanks for letting me know that it's not just me Laurence, and thanks also to Phil whose blog is the best source of information regarding this issue that I've found.

Hi guys, I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and got very annoyed that my British - Windows - 2 layout stopped working. Using a combination of windows-uk and Ukulele, I have created British - Windows - 3, which has the keys arranged in the same way as British - Windows - 2, except it works in 64 bit and doesn't revert to the British layout when you press capslock. You can get it here, uncompressed. You may wish to upload a compressed version to your site.

Wonderful, thanks Lexi. I don't have Snow Leopard yet -- could one or two other people confirm that Lexi's file does the job, then I'll add it to the main part of this page. Thanks for all the info - just Lexi's layout with my shiny new Snow Leopard Mac Mini and my DiNovo Edge Logitech keyboard and now my " and are in the right place - hurray! A great relief! Well Microsoft have released IntelliPoint 7. Please use the drop-down menus below to get the appropriate software for your mouse or keyboard.

Don't bother. First, you can't actually get to 7. Second, when you can find it:. Anyway, if you run it, the blurb confidently declares that it is in fact "Microsoft IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro 7. However, it only updates the mouse driver to 7. So in short, as a rollout it's a total botch. Files are difficult to find; files are labelled incorrectly both internally and externally.

Microsoft keyboard support for bit Looks like this will work great for my sister. She just came back from her vacation and is unfortunately having to use a UK board right now until she gets a new one. I hope it works! Thanks Lexi - I've put a gzipped copy of your layout here, and linked to it from the top of the post: www.

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Just posting to say thanks for British - windows - 3, using it with Snow Leopard now. The info on this page has been a major help in getting my Logitech EX keyboard more to my liking, however there was still one last bugbear to fix after I installed british-windows Examining the file, it seems that the code 10 and code 50 values were swapped around from what they should be for this keyboard, so if anyone else has the same problem, you can try editing the file accordingly in a text or XML editor, or use this Unix sed command to create a new keylayout file:.

I have tried to make use of the latest software from both Microsoft 7. As people have found out above even these latest offerings released after Snow Leopard don't provide 64bit capable keyboard layouts. My solution, which may help others who want layouts other than the British layout linked here, is to update the layouts provided by Microsoft or Logitech as follows:. Download Apple Font Tools Release 3. Install or extract the klkchrtoxml executable.

This is in 'Apple Font Tool Suite 3. At a command prompt run this application with the name of the. Move all of the. Now we just need Microsoft and Logitech to do this for us in the next versions of their software I've got a new mouse so I thought I'd see if Microsoft have a new driver and whether or not they've sorted out the keyboard issues.

I also came back here for a quick look to see what is the latest state of play. Anyway there's now a 7. Great, surely Microsoft have now sorted out all the problems? I'll install that, what could possibly go wrong? I installed the desktop mouse and keyboard driver and I restarted my Mac. My keyboard Natural stopped working. I wasn't even responding to things like the caps lock. I tried sleeping, restarting, shutting down, unplugging and hot-plugging the keyboard. Nothing would get it to respond. Now I didn't check whether a driver was really installed, as Laurence mentions up page, but anyway the un-installer at least got rid of the problem that was stopping the Natural from working, and I'm back to using Liyang Hu's PC layout.

So if you try 7. Argh, just got a new Mac Mini with The Windows-3 keylayout doesn't work at all for me, when I switch to it, no keys can be typed at all. A minor gripe here - don't refer to them as "British Windows" keyboards. Their UK keyboard is more an American layout with some things moved about. In any case, thanks for the info.

I routinely work across Windows and Linux and the Mac, and it is annoying to switch layouts. In addition to this, i hate the Apple keyboard, and have a "PC" one connected to my iMac. Thanks, worked relatively well.

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I'm trying to create a layout for my hackintosh, but I can't seem to get it working with Ukulele? Do you know of any tutorials? I've come to this site trying to get my UK keyboard to work correctly with my Mac mini. I've downloaded the british-windows There's nothing in Mac help about zipped files. Is there a special unzip programme for Macs?

Zipped files usually just unzip automatically, particularly if you download them with Safari. You could use Terminal to do it if you know you way round a command line, otherwise try Googling for Mac unzip tools I guess This worked for me aswell thanks a lot. One quick question, as i work within a school and our Apple Macs are joined to a Domain, is there anyway you know of that we can push it out for all users instead of just the stand alone users?

Thanks for the response. Is it possible to apply the settings globally, so that it applies to every user that logs in to the mac, and not just each user as we are in a multi user enviroment? Thanks again. That might do the trick. It keeps changing back to the normal British keyboard layout when I click on some applications. I cannot disable this standard British one it is greyed out. But things seem to work fine know, thnaks to you! Am having same problem as Steve, i. Any help appreciated! Have just bought a new mac mini Snow Leopard I'm having the same problem. I can install new layouts and select them but it doesn't fix the " mapping problem.

There is a british one that is greyed out and always selected too, might be an issue? Hi there, Just want to say this has been brilliant for using my wireless Logitech MK desktop with my Imac. Dear Phil, Thank you so much for this I have been searching for ages to find a solution! USB Keyboard to work properly on the iMac " 2' :- the iMac keyboard looks nice but I've recently realised that it is painful for actually typing any thing! Read more. Download this zip archive or this gzip archive , unzip it, and place the enclosed British-Windows You should make sure to unzip the file by double-clicking it in the Finder, rather than using the command line, as it appears this can corrupt this particular file.

Posted by Richard Hyett on 21 November , am Link. Really easy -- worked a treat -- thanks! Posted by Nick on 26 November , pm Link. Posted by Nick Buckley on 6 December , am Link. Posted by mike on 24 December , pm Link. Just 2 irritating extras: 1. Hi Rod. Posted by Phil Gyford on 20 January , pm Link. Posted by Scott on 29 January , pm Link. Posted by newtrax on 28 February , pm Link. Thanks Phil, I was starting to think I must be the only one having this problem, and I only have it when using the keyboard through my KVM switch. Posted by Roddy Sharp on 6 May , am Link. Posted by Phil Gyford on 6 May , am Link.

Makes working with my kvm switch much better :- Still page still took some hunting down, we need more links to it to help it raise the Google PageRank! Posted by flossy on 21 August , am Link. Gareth Posted by gareth on 27 August , pm Link. Any advice? Posted by Jem on 4 September , am Link. A reboot of the ol' Mac sorted it - thank you! Thanks for this! Posted by Peter Upfold on 30 September , pm Link. Posted by Phil Gyford on 30 September , pm Link. I'm using OS X v No idea, sorry Micheal -- it works for me. I assume you've tried Restarting. Posted by Phil Gyford on 8 October , am Link.

Posted by philip brands on 10 October , pm Link. Posted by Phil Gyford on 10 October , pm Link. Phil, Thanks for this - I'm new to Macs and this 'oversight' by Apple was causing me to gnash my teeth. Posted by Stuart Turner on 2 November , am Link. Posted by Phil Gyford on 2 November , pm Link. Hi, I've just started using a Mac and the differences in key positioning for writing code are driving me crazy! Will your layout file fix this too? Thanks for the help! Posted by Flp on 19 November , pm Link. Hope you can help!

Posted by Tommy P on 6 December , am Link. Flp -- I'm not sure what the problem is; the zip file works fine for me. Tommy P -- Have you tried using the keyboard layout from this page? Posted by Phil Gyford on 7 December , pm Link. Just a quick note to say "thanks! Posted by Rees on 21 January , pm Link. Thank you soooooo much Posted by david bell on 17 February , pm Link. Hello there, I've only recently switched to a mac and realised that there is no "sharp" key using musician's terminology.

Try Option or Alt 3.

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Posted by Phil Gyford on 21 February , pm Link. Just got my new MacBook and the keyboard layout hack works like a charm. Thanks for saving me from learning two layouts and switching. Hi Phil, followed intructions on mac mini running 10,4 but won't pick up british mapping. Yes, works for me. Posted by Phil Gyford on 4 April , pm Link. Thanks Dave Posted by david stanton on 2 May , pm Link. Can anyone help me. Posted by Mike on 10 May , pm Link. Thanks that is the best fix ever, your a genius! Posted by Christian on 18 June , pm Link. Thanks this is great. Thanks again Posted by Pete on 10 July , am Link.

Thanks a lot Phil! Hi Phil, Should this work on Posted by Phil Gyford on 24 September , pm Link. Posted by Phil Gyford on 3 October , pm Link. Any tips would be welcome ":! Posted by Rupert Fisher on 7 October , am Link. Then pull Roman. Posted by Paul Neve on 23 October , am Link. You have no idea how long I've been banging my head off this problem, thanks so much!

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Customer Reviews 4. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Important information Legal Disclaimer Comes with wireless mouse as well. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. If I had known that this product uses a receiver to connect the mouse and keyboard, I never would have bought it. First, the receiver is such an odd shape that it doesn't sit comfortably anywhere. The shape also makes it hard to push the connection button without moving the receiver around.

Second, when you connect the mouse and then 20 seconds later the keyboard, there is no indication on the receiver that they are connected. You just have to try them out. The computer I tried to use it with requires some keyboard entries before it boots into windows. My setup went like this Push receiver button, Push mouse connect button, Wait 20 seconds, Push receiver button, Push keyboard connect button, Test keyboard, no reaction, wait a minute, repeat above steps.

I did this for 30 minutes before I got a connection.

Logitech EX110 Keyboard problems

This process must be repeated every time the computer is turned on! If the computer is on, they are on. I suppose this means I don't have to reconnect the mouse and keyboard to the receiver, but I'm just wasting their batteries while I wait for things to download and update which is quite often. In the few hours that I have had this set I just wanted to throw it away. I just want to plug it in and have it work, but this combo set does not allow for that. And I have to set it up every time I turn the computer on or change the batteries.

Terrible, terrible, terrible design. One person found this helpful. I have been using keyboards for many years and as someone who can type words a minute, I needn't look at the keyboard. My pinky is conditioned to reach for the delete key immediately to the right of the enter key. But no, Logitech had to be different and did something totally different. This slows me down when I write emails and other things online. Other than that, the keyboard itself is fine. The mouse absolutely sucks. It twitches and unlike a regular cord mouse, it selects chunks of text without me wishing to do so; and when I go online, it often copies and drags the URL of the website I'm at, or parts of the page, so that if I open a new tab on Firefox or Microsoft Explorer, it drags that URL to that new tab.

Don't get me wrong; I love the convenience of typing from my couch on to my large flat tv when I use the computer. But as I type this review from work, using a regular Dell keyboard and mouse, I experience none of the annoying characteristics this product has had. The mouse is by far the worst part of this product. I bought it because it was cheap and regret it already I won't be shocked if I get so sick of this idiotic mouse that I go for a new wireless keyboard soon. First of all, you really can't beat the price here with its great quality.

Two years ago I purchased one set of this model and recently I purchased another three sets to replace all my computers' keyboards and mouses. Unlike the other more expensive models which are bulky, the EX keyboard doesn't occupy lot of space on the desktop. The battery drain is considerably low and I use rechargeable NiMH batteries that last for a long time.

orahehunumen.tk: Logitech Cordless Desktop EX (): Electronics

I like the speedy buttons on the keyboard to control the sound volume and mute, plus a quick button to open up the calculator. With fresh batteries, the unit can operate six feet away from the reciver. Of course, make sure that you don't lay your cordless phone, cell phone or wireless network antenna around the receiver and you will do fine.

I am very please with this product. The fact that this model has been on the market for more than two years without being retired from the manufacture, it speaks its great value for itself. Best of all, you can plug the USB connector into your computer and it works without the need to install any driver.