Rdp into windows machine from mac

Update: the method outlined in this tutorial still works late However, we have created an updated version of this tutorial — How to Control a Windows 10 PC From Your Mac , and though the screenshots pictures used in the tutorial are specific to Windows 10 — the steps are exactly the same for earlier versions of Windows.

Again, the method outlined below still works, and is is a great way to control your PC from your Mac across your local network. First you need to make sure you have incoming remote desktop connections enabled on the Windows PC. Click Start then right-click on Computer and select Properties.

In my tests, entering in the IP Address worked the best. There you go! Now you have access to your Windows PC from your Mac just like you were sitting in front of it. Go into RDC Display settings and uncheck unneeded display features…this should help speed up the remote connection as well.

What about the Mac beta client?

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Connecting Remotely to a Windows 7 Desktop from Mac OS X | Digital Citizen

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Remote Desktop Mac to PC: Online

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