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Bulwarkene , Jul 8, Well if you go to the update logs there is a GameMaker:Studio update log and you can click the version and it downloads. Joined: Dec 14, Posts: Falconsoft-Industries , Jul 9, IndianaBones , Jul 9, Joined: Apr 30, Posts: I would suggest contacting the help desk, if you did not receive your free license key. Unless you downloaded an old version which had that option and it's no longer supported?

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Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. The YYC target however, gives a much greater optimisation and corresponding performance boost especially with logic-heavy games, but large projects can take some time to compile and you cannot use the debugger.


Regardless of the output that you select, you will need to add some extra build tools to your development computer before you can continue To start working with your Android devices and GameMaker Studio 2 you will need to download and install the following development kits:. Note that the exact versions required for each along with links for downloading them can be found from the article:. Required SDKs.

Note that whenever possible you should stick to the versions we specify in that FAQ, as newer versions may be unsupported.

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If you have an existing command line installation from using GM: S 1. Here we outline both methods and you should only pick one for your Windows machine - don't install the tools twice.

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Please also be aware that Google's path names can get very long, which can cause issues with Window's path length limit of characters, so we would highly recommend installing as close to the root folder of your drive as possible - e. You can get Android Studio from the following link, and once downloaded you need to install it on your PC or Mac:. We recommend the custom install :. This it gives you the option to shorten the path to the install folder, but also to get the Android NDK and setup your computer to use Virtual Devices as well you need to select them from the custom install screen shown below :.

Please note that the emulators are only compatible with some CPU architectures, so they may refuse to install, and emulators are never a replacement for real device testing anyway. Regardless of the install type, once it has installed you need to run Android Studio and on the Splash Screen, go to the menu labelled " Configure ", and in the drop-down menu select the SDK Manager. This will open the following window where you can select and install the platform SDKs that you require in general you simply need the latest SDK but you can install any, or all, of those on the list, as long as you ensure you use the correct SDK values later in GameMaker Studio 2 :.

Note that the above image shows the Android NDK selected too. This is required if you wish to use the YYC runtime to create your project APK, but for regular VM compilation this is not necessary if you have performed a custom Android Studio install then this should already be added and installed.

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  • These additional components will be used for any of the Google Play services, or for Ads or In App Purchases, so if you require any of these features in your projects, it's best to install them sooner rather than later you can see in the image above that the Google SDK components have been ticked too. If you wish to target the Amazon Fire device or use any of the Amazon services in your game, you will also need to download an additional set of files from the SDK Manager.

    With that done, you are now ready to go and set up your project in GameMaker Studio 2. If you do not wish to download Android Studio and would prefer to simply get the SDK on its own, then you can get it from the Android Studio page , scrolling down to the section titled " Get just the command line tools ":. The command line tools are now deprecated by Google and if you don't already have a command line tools installation we recommend that you use Android Studio for all your Android SDK requirements going forward.

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    However before installing these you should also check a few things in the Extras folder, namely:. Note that while installing the packages you may need to accept certain licence agreements and the SDK Manager may require you to restart in which case simply close the SDK Manager and run the Android. Make sure to take note of the Build Tools Rev. If you wish to target the Amazon Fire device or use any of the Amazon services in your game, you will also need to download an additional set of file from the SDK Manager.

    How to install?

    The SDK command line tools do not support installing the Android NDK also, so you will need to go here and download the appropriate file:. It does not require any further setup and is ready for use. By default, Android Studio comes with its own version of the JDK, which should be fine to use, but if you are using the Command Line Tools or wish to use a specific JDK version then you will need to install it separately.

    The KeyStore is a file that will be used to "sign" all your Android apps so please fill in all the details correctly and then back this file up!