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The management functions of the console allow you to specify templates highlighting specific alert conditions or message source IP address. You can also create custom warnings by specifying combinations of conditions that should be escalated to alert status. This is a free Syslog server program with a number of extra monitoring features. As just about every device connected to your network sends out Syslog messages, the Syslog server has to work fast if you want it to do more than just collect and write those messages to a file. The control dashboard gives you options on how to process messages.

Getting your Syslog messages in a database gives you a lot more power to deal with event records because you can sort, filter, group, and count them. It allows you to combine events to generate customer alert conditions. You can get alert messages sent to you by email through the Syslog Watcher. Business users have to pay for the tool.

However, EZ5 Systems offers a day money-back guarantee. So, if you want to try it out for free, just use it for a month and then ask for your money back. Fastvue specializes in system message reporting tools. One of its products is a free Syslog server utility. This software can be installed on Windows Server R2 and later versions of the Windows Server operating system. The Syslog system collects incoming messages and writes them to event logs.

That takes care of your basic Syslog server function. Files are collated by date and each gets partnered by a verification file that stores a SHA hash count. Keeping an eye on this information tells you whether a log file has been interfered with. This is an important function for intrusion detection because hackers will amend log files to hide their presence. This Syslog server focuses on creating and monitoring files of Syslog messages rather than making those records available for analysis.

If you need a console to analyze records, you will need to import the log files into another application. The Dude is a very widely used free network analysis tool that includes Syslog server functions. This tool is produced by MikroTik, a router manufacturer from Latvia. This system can monitor your network devices and collect Syslog data.

The network monitoring features include autodiscovery and a network topology mapper. The Syslog functions of The Dude can be accessed from a tab in the interface. The system can operate as a full Syslog server with extra forwarding and filtering capabilities. You can get The Dude to just send all records to a file, or specify rules to divert qualifying messages to other destinations, which might be separate event logs, or the console of the system.

You can also drop certain records and get the system to beep, flash, or display a popup message for custom alert conditions. The Dude performs actions when it detects a given alert condition, including the execution of commands. The Dude can send you an email or make a spoken announcement upon detection of a custom alert condition. Nagios is based on an open-source project. The ability to download the source code for the system means you can use it for free. However, there are limits on the free version of Nagios. You can only use the system for free up to MB of data throughput per day.

The Nagios software can be installed on Windows and Linux.

10 Best Free Syslog Servers for Linux and Windows

The log server can gather information on Windows events, Linux syslogs, and network device syslogs. The application consolidates log messages in one central location. You can nominate physical servers to store event logs, distribute storage over a cluster of servers, even duplicate files in different locations to create backups. The console allows you to view live streams of log messages and access previously stored Syslog data. The interface includes sorting and filtering functions to help you analyze messages.

You can specify alert conditions, which may be made up of a combination of statuses or designated as an alert on the frequency of specific message types coming in. The customization capabilities of Nagios even extend to the dashboard. It is possible to populate the dashboard with prioritized features, including message lists. Other elements you can place on the dashboard include data visualization tools, such as graphs, histograms, and charts. Icinga started off as a fork of Nagios. Since its inception in , this package has diverged from its predecessor.

The latest version of the software is called Icinga 2 and it can be installed on Linux. The package comes in two parts. The Core system is the data processor and the latest version of this software is called Icinga 2. The backend can interface with a range of data management applications , including Graphite and InfluxDB. The Icinga team also produces its own front end, called Web 2. Icinga 2 is a comprehensive network monitoring tool and one of its functions is a logging feature. You can set the logging source to Syslog data. Optionally, the logger can be set to just collect Syslog messages of a specific severity level.

Visual Syslog Server is a small utility that collects Syslog data and displays them in a viewer. The records can also be written to event logs and rotated by date or file size. This application can be installed on Windows and it is available for free. The software can be installed on Windows XP and above and also on Windows Server , , and In the dashboard, records are color coded with error messages in red and warnings in yellow.

Those colors can be customized. You get real-time views of the messages and you can also load records into the viewer from files. The viewer presents records and allows you to filter them and sort them. The interface can be set to play a sound when an alert condition is encountered. You can also set the application to send you an email when it encounters an alert or a warning.

If your email system supports encryption, Visual Syslog Server will encrypt the notification emails that it sends to you. This is a handy, free, ready to use tool that gets the job done. Syslog-NG is an open-source package that is free to use. The software for Syslog-NG can only be installed on Linux. However, the log management system is able to collect Windows event data as well as standard Linux, Unix, and device firmware-generated Syslog messages.

The Syslog-NG system will collect all Syslog and Windows events messages from the devices connected to your network, recording the source IP address. The default destination for those records is to event logs. However, you can also forward Syslog messages to other applications or insert them into an SQL database. Syslog-NG is a pure Syslog server in that it just deals with capturing Syslog messages. Syslog-NG reorganizes system messages arriving in different formats so they are stored in the same layout. Other Syslog servers on this list can analyze data from the messages.

Some Syslog servers have attractive dashboards with data visualization features. If you want to get more functionality to process your Syslog messages, you will need to add on a data analysis tool. Nxlog can be installed on either of those operating systems and also on Unix and Android.

Whichever operating system you install this system on, it will be able to collect Syslog data from all the others — Unix, Linux, Windows, and Android. Nxlog is a straightforward message collection system. Messages get written to files and can also be stored in databases. In all cases, Nxlog creates a standard record format that unites data from disparate sources.

A multithreaded architecture enables this tool to handle hundreds of thousands of messages per second , making it suitable for all sizes of network. The Nxlog system is open-source and you can use it free of charge. This is a straightforward message collection and logfile creation facility , making it a pure Syslog server.

Elasticsearch is a second element in the Elastic Stack, as is Kibana. The division of labor between these three packages is that Logstash collects log messages, Elasticsearch enables you to sort and filter those messages for analysis, and Kibana interprets and displays the data. All of the Elastic Stack programs run on Linux. Kibana makes a great front-end for any of the other Syslog servers in this list. As the event message collection service for the stack, Logstash operates as a Syslog server. The utility listens on the network for messages sent from a wide range of sources. In order to record specific stream, you need to install a plug-in for that data type.

You can just install the Syslog plug-in, or add in other plug-ins to include other data sources. Logstash also gathers data from cloud services including AWS. Logstash can filter divert, and reformat messages during processing. The program stores records in files or inserts them into databases. The utility is written to integrate with Elasticsearch and can send data directly to that application. Other plug-ins will notify you of new log data by email or by Slack message. Logstash is available free of charge. Graylog is a log management system available for Linux.

This is a sophisticated Syslog data analysis tool. However, you can just take advantage of its message collection and storage capabilities to use it as a pure Syslog server. Graylog is free for data volumes of 5 GB or less per day. Graylog sits on top of Virtual Machine software.

6 Free Syslog Servers for Windows and Linux/Unix

This underlying system in Linux includes the rsyslog facility. It is actually rsyslog that will perform your Syslog message gathering and storage functions. You can manage rsyslog through the Graylog interface. If you pay for Graylog, you can also gather data through the Sidecar system.

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This allows you to store event logs on Windows computers. The front-end for Graylog is browser-based. This will display inputs by type, so you will be able to see your Syslog messages together in one section of the dashboard. Widgets available for the dashboard include data visualization, such as histograms.

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The Dashboard enables you to create your own alert conditions. You specify each alert based on a data stream type. For example, you can pick the Syslog UDP stream and then set up an alert condition on the number of warning messages that come through. System settings enable you to get alerts sent to you as email notifications. Stream handling procedures enable you to parse records, forward them, or store them to file or database. The package is available as a bit or a bit application. The central element of this software is a TFTP client implementation. It is also able to receive Syslog data.

This is a simple open-source utility that displays messages in the dashboard as they arrive. Buttons over the viewer give you the ability to view messages by type and Syslog is one of the message types that can be featured. You see messages as they travel on their way to event logs and the viewer also names the file that Syslog messages should be stored to. However, you can also read in records from a file and then you have the ability to sort and filter messages.

As you can see from the description of the tools in our list, you can choose a straightforward Syslog server, or opt for an analytical tool or a network monitoring system that incorporates Syslog server functions. To qualify as a Syslog server, a tool must be able to collect system messages written according to the Syslog protocol and store them.

15 Best Syslog Servers for Windows and Linux

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