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And guess what? I haven't turned off my laptop in over a month, and only did then, because I installed a game that required it. Actually, it does, and the few viruses that are out are fatal. As long as you have a brain, you won't ever get a virus on a PC. Plus, there are great freeware antivirus programs that don't slow your machine down at all. Who uses the touchpad anyway? The feature is neat, but useless. You won't need to call tech support for a PC, unless you are a mactard. Making a cell phone that has a good OS instantly makes a completely unrelated OS for an entirely different system improve.

The OS is better because Apple creates rabid fanboys? It is impressive that they can get such a big following with such an inferior product, but that doesn't make the OS better. WTF is wrong with you. Now I feel bad about getting annoyed at a mentally disabled person. You really should warn us first. You don't have a brain. I have used a hackintosh for 2 years until I got a Macbook Pro and there is a humongous difference. And antivirus does slow down a computer. You have to be on drugs to say that a touchpad is useless.

It is incredibly easy to use and beats all other options. Like other people have said: Whatever floats your boat Windoze Vista is the best thing that has ever happened to Mac and Ubuntu and other Linux distros. I wholeheartedly agree. I was considering buying her a Mac but could not see spending the extra money The Mac would have been much much cheaper; I have had to spend a huge amount of time and money on extra security programs on this piece of crap and it is so painfully slow it is pathetic.

I will never ever buy another Windoze piece of crap. Michael Dell said he really likes Windows 7 but you need really high end hardware and lots of memory. I will buy my wife a Mac and load her laptop with Ubuntu, I have booted it up using Ubuntu and it is really fast so it is not the hardware, MS tried blaming the hardware. Pathetic aholes. Remember OS X is based on Linux.

Mac is based on Unix, which is 40 years old and the most secure OS in the world, Unix is the backbone for nearly every device now. Including Your Cooker! Use a BIOS!! Hi, I'm actually considering changing from PC to Mac. This didn't help me at all. Your reasons are typical and biassed. For example it is NOT that mac can run windows natively.

Macs are for the normal people, even though normal people don't really have enough money to BE normal. And don't try telling me that mostly everyone in the world is a computer nerd. But if you can but you just don't have it All other games I play have Mac versions as well,. Mac's dont have a registry, for years Microsoft release updates to stop a virus, but the point is a virus goes through the registry and turns that update off. It's not about licensing, there are many 3rd party mac makers out there,. I love my MAC and it is true And I know why. You get what you paid for that's why.

I never have any problems on my Macbook. No pop ups.. You don't see any Mc cafee or any virus protection or spyware crap popping up.. On Mac however you never freeze. I never did on my experience and those buttons doesn't even work on Mac. It doesn't do anything if you press it. PC is only good for gaming.. But now I play it on my Mac because of the G Force graphics that comes with it. It is so much better. I'm never going back to PC because theres too much work and more time consuming. Once you switch to MAC you'd be amazed. PC people.. Advertising doesn't make good computers 3.

I hardly ever reboot my pc and it runs fine 5. Non essential for a good computer 7. Mac users would more about Customer Service than PC users since they need to call them more which costs money to call apple 8. I thought we were talking about computers not phones? MS and Apple bosses are laughing out there sharing their glass of wine..

Your a Retard, why would they run EXE's. Macs are totally on a different kernal. Its the same reason Linux or your mums digital clock can't run EXE's. The only reason it is hard to make a virus for a mac is because its based on Unix, 40 years old and the one of the most secure OS in the world.

Yes its probably older then your dad. Snow Leopard dosen't really fix anything. It just makes Leopard better and faster! Actually, Macs are more expensive. The "better advertisements" is a stupid reason, all that means is that they spend waste more money trying to sucker people into buying their products. Even running Windows, Macs have tons of problems ask my school's Tech guy how many headaches he's had trying to get them to run Windows. Yes, you may have better customer support, but you have to spend ungodly amounts of cash to have longer than a three month warranty, and even then, most PCs come with 3 YEAR warranties standard like Dell.

Macs are just as vulnerable to viruses. The "fanatic" users are just immature people who freak out when you say that Mac is worse and defend their insecure system with failed insults not to mention the fact that most aren't based on facts. That's Apple, and that just shows how vulnerable stupid people are to well-funded lying advertisements. Get your facts straight, boy. And i talk about legal copies. Also - please note - that Mac OS dosent come in different flavours.

Viruses - Please do name me some Mac viruses. Yes - trojans and worms exist. Also - the fanatic users become fanatic users because they have used windows previously - and have found a much better alternative. Thats the problem here - Mac users have generally always used windows - and then migrated to macs.

But how many mac users have gone back to windows??? Have you ever used a mac??? The fanatic users are not immature people. And this comes from a guy me! But yes - all my work - photography - media - has migrated to the mac. Windows has just been left for gaming. And yeah - i believed in windows and was a fanatic windows user - until i came across the Mac.

Sure, Apple fanboys love to holler and scream about how unique and hip they are for using a mac, but it's ridiculous. This is not a valid reason for saying that OS X is superior to windows. Stating it as such is abusing the logical fallacy of Non Sequitur. Advertising, is, again not a valid basis for determining whether or not an OS is good. Again, the abuse of Non Sequitur. Also, Linux doesn't have ads. I don't have to put up with corporate brainwashing. Is this win? Slapping on "natively" doesn't give you points.

PCs, through modifications, can run OS X. Oh, hey, guess what? I haven't rebooted this Linux box in 7 months, and I haven't rebooted my Debian server since I installed, oh, about a year and a half ago. Can I play with teh kewl kids nao? All synaptic trackpads have some form of multitouch gestures, but they aren't as elaborate as the OS X ones. I'll concede this point. Surveys lie. You can make numbers say anything you want them to.

Also, does mac have literally millions of users frequenting IRC channels, mailing lists and forums because they care about the community and its users? Linux does. And they help be without me paying them for their time. Also, pointing out that apple users are closed minded doesn't prove your point. My linux box is cheaper than your overpriced mac.

And it does anything your mac can do about a thousand times better. I think if the truth be told, all computers suck and all os's suck, period. I've owned and built all kinds of computers and every single one of them eventually gave me some kind of problem. Windows pc, constant malware and also the constant nagging from less computer literate users to come over and fix their computers, My current mac, has a logic board sensor problem that kernel panics if the room isn't kept icy cold. And that's kernel panic--you need to restart your computer bs. Despite this, I'm getting another mac just because of the amount of mac specific software I use for my job.

I've also used linux in several different flavors, preferred SUSE but to each his own. The problem with linux is that if you need specialized software, you might be limited I know wine and crossover but some of the stuff I had couldn't run on it. All computers suck, they've all given me headaches when I'd rather not have to deal with it. And seriously, who cares about the stupid os, I'm interested in the programs I can run. PC vs. Mac - and we have everybody fighting as usual.

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I have a macbook - and a desktop PC running Vista Ultimate. I spend most of my time on the mac - and all of my work happens there - PC is used only for gaming - thats about it. PC users just dont want the choice. I luv my MAC - have not rebooted it unless an update requires me too - have never had viruses - have never had performance issues - security issues - anything - has been working flawless for the last 3 years - and the last time i on my own will rebooted or switched it off was probably a month ago - just want to know - how many windows based PC's can achieve that???

I really have to disagree with you. Sorry, but I don't see why beauty and advertising make a better product. I like Macs and Windows and Linux btw but I wouldn't say they're better because of they have better ads Oh and a little bit late but its "lots of viruses" not "lost of viruses" sorry about that as well. OK, i think one thing is for sure, Macs cant beat Linux, but do you see Linux fans go around saying that every minute no!

Mac users also cant be quiet and just make stupid comments about how they are safer then windows and your wasting time using a PC, in a recent hacking competition a mac yes a mac fell first, so even if it was the wireless card had third party software that means that still means mac is not the most secure operating system in the whole world, yes windows might have lost of "viruses" but so does mac, and Linux, and no not just "Adware" or "Spyware" but Worms, Trojans, and if this world had a higher number of ASM coders we might just witness the worlds first mac rootkit "i dont know if there is one for macs" or witness the return of self reproducing viruses, so don't try saying "oh macs are better then pc" because they don't get many viruses doesn't mean they are secure, if you do keep on buying macs, then we will see how the tables turn.

Ok good, your computer is better than mine because there are a bunch of fanboys out there screaming that it's better while wearing brightly colored pink tee shirts with an apple on them. Good point, one for you. You know, I might be wrong trying to argue your logic, their advertisements surely are better; and well God forbid you do some research beyond whether or not Justin Long is a reputable source of information on computers.

Ok, another good point, your computer is better because it can run the stuff from my computer, so in essence, you can copy me, at first glance, it seems like I get a point here, but factoring in the 'trendsetting' and the 'advertisements', surely, you must run windows better, Justin Long says so. Well, I don't know about that one, haven't tried leaving a mac on for weeks well, I have, but I left it where I turned it on and didn't come back, it might still be running fine at the airport. I found out the hard way that leaving a computer on for a month is a bad idea, my PC ended up costing an extra 20 bucks when I first got it, because I didn't reboot or turn it off all month and my electric bill showed that fact go personalized cooling systems!

I'm calling that one a tie because I feel bad for leaving a child's toy at an airport. Still 3 for you. Also, go look up project natal if you haven't, you need to get in the loop, it's awesome. I think that should net me a point. You know, they might, I wouldn't know, because anyone who claims to know enough about computers to make an honest to god judgment about which platform is better probably shouldn't need to call support I mean, they might also have a hell of a collections department, right?

That would net you a point, but knowing if they do would take at least one away. Another tie I guess. Ok, another one that's true, but um.. I mean.. I feel kinda bad saying this because it's like yelling at a retarded kid for shitting on the floor but I think I'll go play my while you play monkeyball on your iPhone. I don't know though, that might be right, although when you call someone fantastic, it's usually synonymous with things like kind, nice, etc. While, this might be true, I'm going to have to go with the commercials stance on this.

Microsoft shows off their products, Mac makes fun of Microsoft, fantastic. Sounds like you think bullies are fantastic, and what makes it extra sad is that it's a computer commercial, so he's not even a bully, he's an E-thug. I should really get 2 points for that, but I won't pat myself on the back too hard, just 1 more for me.

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Mac Site doesn't mention what processor it rocks, so I'll just assume middle of the line like everything else so far. Standard processor Intel Core 2 Duo E No tower, all bundled Any tower on newegg. I don't feel bad taking a few points for that. I think you subtly touched on the most important point to all of this The debate or discussion over which is better between Mac and Windows is a very dated topic now. Still arguing over which is better should be an automatic points imo.

They both serve a purpose and both have their faults. Personally I will never buy an apple computer. At work we had to replace our Mac to a PC because the damn thing kept on crashing and in adddition no one knew how to fix it. Generally this is a great article for those who are in the market for a new computer and want to compare Macs and Windows PC. Sorry but I just laugh at Windows users as they cry and complain about their constant Windows PC problems.

Should Your Small Business Use Mac or PC?

Mac users are happy users. Windows users have not tried Macs; if they did they will never go back to Windows. I have never had to re-install Mac OS X and never had a virus even though I don't run an antivirus program. On the other hand, when I used to run Windows, I had to re-install Windows every 6 months because it slowed down withing few days even though I had an antivirus program.

Why Mac Users Feel a Mac Is Better than a Windows PC

The bottom line is Mac is a better quality computer than Windows. Sorry, but your words are garbage and my flame fingers are bummed it took me a month to read this comment. I have been using computers since DOS late 80s. I have used many different operating systems and I find that Windows operating systems are the worst as they crash far more than any other system and most vulnerable to viruses.

Personally I will never ever buy a Windows computer ever again. I would only consider Mac and Linux. I kindhad the feeling that would end in a flame war.. I'm sorry but I had always dreamt of this moment. Karma back at you Mac for doing commercials in bad taste - i don't buy things to be cool. I won't let a Mac fanboy have the last word and compare an Imac to a possibly off the shelve noisy cheap computer of potentially 's of different models made - this is just not a good comparison. For all you people arguing, this is the way I look at it and correct me if I'm wrong. PC's - Great for gamers because pretty much all games are supported.

Mac's - Great for music and movie developers. I support the people who say each OS is chosen based on what the user needs it for. When I try to explain the difference between Windows and Mac based on self experience so can't say Linux is that they are pretty much opposites. I am a video gamer though which gave me only one choice, to buy Vista because many game programs don't support Mac. Even the little X to exit a window is on opposite sides!

For price, I think they are both crazy. To have a fast computer that you can play great games on or have a lot of files on you would have to spend at least a couple thousand on it I don't think anyone can argue with me on that. There are many more differences but I don't want to act like I'm taking sides. To tell you the truth though, I can't live without either of them. A good idea for another post would be to write about reasons an average person would want to get linux and the best linux software to go with it as in unbutu or watever or if an average person should even try linux.

I'm a Mac user since the first K Mac in I have never had a Mac crash, I have never had to reinstall any OS, I can clone the hard drive as a backup and run the clone as the start up disk externally via Firewire. Everything to do with the Mac OS is simple and obvious. Now my 20" iMac runs Windows as well and faster than my PC noisy box with multiple fans - I can't here any fan running on the Mac, quiet as a mouse.

End of story. I will agree that this was a very poorly written article that didnt list any facts From the responses I have seen, most of you dont know much about osx, last time i check its core system is based on unix or BSD to be exact. Linux users should know this. I'm out of here. I subscribed to this list a few weeks ago because something useful came up in a google search.

Now I know the daily email contains little of daily use. This particular article just cements the decision. Gee I was hoping someone would actually give a functional reason why they prefer MacOS. My mom likes it because she's got the money to afford it and only uses the pre-installed software so it's easy for her. She also refuses to use microwave ovens and only started using a cellphone a few years ago, but only because my grandmother was almost killed in a car accident and she wanted to be on top of things. She's a great woman, but not the person I turn to for tech advice.

From the article: Multi-touch? Why would I want to get fingerprints on my screen? Run Multiple OSes? Haven't had a reason for that yet. Oh, but it's got multi-touch, so I need 2 fingers to zoom instead of one Ubuntu is much better than Mac, without a doubt. We're free. I look at every single point made that "Mac is Better than Vista" which was a complete failure compared to Windows 7. Ubuntu is much better, without a doubt. There's a wonderful community with knowledgeable people, not Mac users asking "Why there's a black pointer on my screen". You can make Ubuntu look exactly like a Mac, or even make up your own design: it's much more customizable than Mac or PC will ever be.

Despite the note from the editor stating this article doesn't reflect the opinion of the editors, this is a pathetic excuse for an article and I thinkit sad they proceeded with publishing it. This is almost nothing but a fanboy rant. Goodbye make use of, I care not for reading the rantings of a mactard. The best thing about having a Mac with Windows installed on it is that I can hate myself for being both an elitist AND a Microsoft slave! It's kind of like buying a Toyota or Honda, you know the price won't dramatically decrease once you leave the place you bought it from.

I've sold many mac's for more than half the price that they originally cost, and they we're normally 5 years old. PC's definitely can't do that. Maybe I sound a little like a PC fanboy here, but you just lost my business. I've been reading this blog for almost a year now. Last post I'll ever read.

14 Reasons I SWITCHED from Mac to PC // Mac vs PC

This A vs. B crap is boring. Use what you want, ignore these types of comparisons i. First I also wanted to comment on your 'undeniable reasons' but it seems the comments above me are sufficient already I couldn't more agree with your point, but not so much for your arguments. Mac OS X Leopard simply brings user experience to a whole new level. It becomes transparent, you don't even notice you're actually interacting with a computer sometimes.

I've just switched to mac after 18 years of hardcore windowing. I think Leopard set the mac as a clear winner. Before that, the wide availability of free software for PC was a killer argument. Nowadays, i don't care anymore. This article is full of fail. I just came here to see the flame war coming I'm very neutral on this situation I still prefer my pc over a mac and I still prefer my iPhone over other smartphones Isn't this banter back and forth about who has the better toys a little childish. It's like saying who makes a better truck Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge.

They all have their good and bad points depending on what type of a user you are. Now you're just being silly, Mac VS PC is a perfectly reasonable topic, but everyone knows american cars and trucks just don't work. Just curious, regarding point 5: If you don't have anti-virus running on your Mac how do you know you have never had a virus? I would caution that this notion of Macs being less prone to viruses should stop here and now same goes for you, Ubuntu user. Just by mentioning it in your post rather than trying to inform every computer user of the dangers they face from email, internet, file sharing and the like you are perpetuating the dangerous belief which makes people think they are safe with a Mac.

The problem with that is, most people associate viruses with malware and phishing, lumping them all together in the "big nasty" group. If people think they are safe because they have a Mac, they are less likely to be concerned about clicking the link in an email appearing to be from Citibank, leading them to a phishing site. Once you have been phished, it matters not what OS you are running, which is why phishing is becoming so popular. Additionally, many malware-infested web sites are now testing for Mac vulnerabilities.

When I can laoae. At least with Windows, I have to use special software to reset the "root" administrator, whatever password. I've been on the fence about MakeUseOf lately. Every once in a while there'll be a gem of a tip about a nice utility or a cool service. But recently, we've been getting stuff like this article -- poorly researched facts and overloaded with opinion. I'm glad that the author's Mac still runs great. My PC also runs great. Total to get my 7 year old PC running Vista, well?

The Mac, however, has gone through 3 OS version upgrades. Assuming that the Mac shipped with Jaguar -- which was released in August I don't know if you need to update each time can you go from Jaguar to Snow Leopard in one shot? Combined with the price difference in Hey, wait a minute. The G4 iBook didn't come out until Leopard requires MB minimum. Perhaps the author updated his RAM, too? Mac is better because they're trendy and have slicker advertising? The words "gullible" and "fanboy" are somehow stuck in my head right now.

I can customize it to my heart's content and I do a lot of that. I get why some people love their Macs, I really do. But this article has to be the weakest pro-Mac argument ever. MACs look good only in ads, not in real. I like windows, but I am not a fanatic. Here is my response to your "undeniable" reasons: 1. Apple is one of the almost-unrivalled worldwide trend makers So What? Microsoft would copy it soon after anyway :- 2. Macs produce better advertisements So What?

I want a better product not a better creative designers in the ad department 3. Mac can run Windows natively So What? Since Apple is the smaller market share, it needs to allow Windows user to switch to it. Mac OS X can survive for weeks without the need of rebooting Hate to disappoint you. My Windows is also running for weeks without rebooting 5.

Mac OS X has no virus headache problems True - but that's because it has no users on it. If Apple would ever have the market share that Microsoft has then it may also suffer the same problem. Mac has multi-touch technology You have got a point there. I still don't see a good use for that, but it's a cool feature 7.

Support Good point. Microsoft support sucks.

Luckily there are many Windows users and therefore you can google a solution to most problems. Mac makes better phone platform Good point. Don't know how that helps me on the PC though. Probably that's why I have an iPhone and not WinMo 9. Fanatic users So What? I don't want to be a part of fanatic group Macs are cheaper than PCs Really?

Nice paperweight You are absolutely right there. This is the best reason to switch to mac. I was the only Mac user in my company. Everyone else was a PC fan boys, really fanatics that users of Macs were somehow novices or less of power users than they were. Then one day I turned out a website in a couple of hours and did a few other things that caught someone's eye.

I took that as a challenge. We installed AutoCAD and gave it a try. Now everyone in the office either has a Mac or wants one. Amazing how attitudes can change so quickly and how so many people drew incorrect conclusions about what a Mac can and can't do. True, it takes time to get used to any different software and an operating system is no different. It is perfectly OK to say that "I simply prefer what I am used to. But don't say something is better unless you've mastered both operating systems thoroughly and really know what you are talking about.

Something isn't really better just because it is more familiar to you. As for the question why Mac users are so fanatical: We all learned on Windows then discovered Macs so we know the difference first hand. We got sick of waiting for the weekly bug fixes and virus definitions to download. We didn't like that Microsoft tries to dictate how things must be while Mac gives choices. I disagree that Windows machines allow individuality. Not really. And they wonder why we like the Mac. Are you kidding me?? You need to really think about this statement.

Granted both platforms try to standardize and are guilty of some proprietary actions, but that's just the thing I have a friend who is an architect who switched to Mac for that very reason. He uses his Mac daily with AutoCad. Add in the automatic back-up capabilities of Time Machine and you have a winning platform!

Just a small contribution then too: I've worked with a MacBook at work for 6 months, and I've never encountered bigger crap in usability now that is a topic the author should have covered. Have worked with all Windows versions over the years, a number of Ubuntu ones, and OS X, and for all the eye candy of the latter: no thanks.

Calm down there! I agree we messed up the title on this one by not making it clear that it doesn't reflect the opinion of the site but only the author. Our bad. I've also been using Linux for the last 5 years and it's been as good as Windows, even though it was a little harder at first but not recently. I enjoy using both. It's cool when you first see it, specially if you come from XP to OSx, but not after using it for a while. It's nice to use all the Operating systems. It's always nice to try everything. I unsubscribed from MUO feeds I am a PC user and I thought that the article made good points.

I especially liked point Someone commented that they have a PC that is running Windows The older PCs cannot meet the min requirements. I'm a mac user, and while I kind of agree with some of these, none are "undeniable". I don't subscribe to makeuseof for opinionated banter. I think this article fails to point out one very good point. A Mac is really Linux under the hood. Most of the items on this aren't reasons, they are opinions. That's fine with me; everyone is entitled to an opinion. But that's what they are and that's how you should be presenting them. The most ridiculous one on this list and I hear it again and again, not just on the list is that an Apple computer is great because it can run Windows.

I'm so very impressed that owning a mac will increase my cool factor. That certainly is the most important thing I look for when buying a computer. Wait, what? Where exactly is the correlation between the quality of an advertisement and the quality of a product? And "Apple produces better advertisements," would better.

Mac is a product, Apple is the company. And "produces", not "produce". Or, more properly, OS X won't run on anything but a mac. That being said, maybe you could elaborate on why you thought this went in the 'pro' column? So can windows. I've had vista run for nearly a month without a reboot before. And Linux can go much, much longer than either OS. And "Mac OS X can survive for weeks without needing a reboot," would be a better way to put that. Don't read much news do you? The only reason mac doesn't see as many viruses is because it's such a small part of the market share.

To put it simply, there aren't enough mac users around to warrant going to the trouble. And I think "Apple gives the best customer support. I'd drop the, "survey said," outright as it makes you sound like Richard Dawson. And, might I suggest: "Apple makes a better phone platform. Apple is the company. And adding the "a" helps the sentence actually sound coherent. You don't have much experience with the open source community, do you? Try going on a Linux forum and posting this little article of yours and see what happens.

Anyone else see a problem here? Your titles suggest facts. All you're presenting is questionable conjecture. And a PC with linux installed is far cheaper than a mac and, in my opinion, notice how I said opinion, even though I believe it to be fact far superior. Sorry to be a grammar nazi but it looks like this thing was slapped together in about five minutes. I'm not even sure a spellcheck was run.

MUO, where have your editorial standards gone? The writing is a mess, the "undeniable reasons" are quite deniable, and the whole thing just reeks of rampant mac fanboyism. My interest in this site has been in steady decline since I switched to Linux and I saw that hardly any of your articles now hold any relevance to me. I'm afraid this has pushed me over the edge. As others have said, RSS terminated. After reading all the comments, I think the biggest mistake the author made was to underestimate his audience.

I understand when someone decides to switch for a Mac, I honestly do. Mac users are usually people who are sick of to trying to understand how to make the computer do what they want, and want something that just works. They are simple and direct, and they hide much of what could be potentially harmful so that the user don't make mistakes from ignorance. However, this is a website dedicated to show people tools to make more specific and advanced things. It's a website for power-users. And as you can probably see from the website stats, even if there are a lot of Mac users here and also many Linux users , I'll bet that the great majority is of Windows users.

Windows is easier to bend than OSX , so people like me prefer it, so we can make it do whatever we want. It can do anything Macs can and then some anyone play games here? So why would we want to change? So Windows is also easier to break, so what? If that was a problem, I wouldn't think of myself as a power-user. If you are going to try to convince your public that most of them are using the wrong tools, at the very least try not to offend our intelligence, and provide good arguments. Hint: "Your computer is also a fashion statement" doesn't cut it.

I'm going to add that the writer should have at least changed the title to "10 Reasons why I prefer the Mac" or something similar to avoid retribution from the knowledgeable community. Like for example, Linux is great for server administration and plus its all open source. Microsoft has the wide variety of options as the article had said and Mac is designed so that everything just works perfectly with no configuration. If we're going to talk about reliability, I think all 3 major platforms should be more than enough. Microsoft getting more viruses than the other platforms?

So basically, it really comes down to the 'learning curve' to really master the OS. So Mac would be the easiest one to use, Microsoft next and lastly Linux. The level of Geekiness between the platforms is that Linux comes first hands down Microsoft later then Mac last. I don't think anyone could argue with that.

So what? Why do I care? Sure, but so can my Vista laptop. I don't even remember that last time I rebooted. It's been at least a month. That's only because Macs are so uncommon -- virus writers don't even bother. Similarly, software makers don't bother writing software for Macs, hence, the limited selection. Fair enough. I love my iPhone! Fair enough, although this is definitely debatable. Why should I care when this discussion is about whether I should buy a Mac or Windows?

Macs are undeniably more expensive than similar Windows computers. Wait, your computer still works? Does that even matter, considering that you went out and bought a newer one anyway as your article implies? No, Mac laptops are supposedly lighter than anything else, and thus failing as a paperweight. If English is your first language then there's no doubt you probably don't know what you're talking about. Apple has an Orwellian mindset. Until that changes, they will never be the better choice for anything I use. As to this MUO article Style over substance Jeffery.

It's insidious. This was a horrible article. And how is 4 a reason that a Mac is better than a PC? Only 7 and 8 even make sense. Apple does have great customer service but their "genuises" arent really all that genuis. And they do make the best phone, albeit a bit expensively. All the other points are pretty lame. Let me first state that I feel apple makes a fantastic product and they are a great company.

I am no windows fanboy although windows 7 is nice step in the right direction. I could care less about commercials and what not. And no, the touch isnt that cool. What it means is that your too lazy to press a button which shows the next picture, or your to lazy to press a button that rotates a picture. To be honest I feel my iphone would be light years better with a slide out keyboard to compliment the touchscreen The multi touch isnt worth the price increase it imposes on the user.

No macs are not cheaper, most every piece of expensive software has a counterpart that is free and works as good or better. For instance, Infranburn is a thousand times better than Nero. I can build an up and a good running windows pc with every piece of software I need for under - bucks. Apple cant offer that, period. In fact for a while at work I was running windows xp on a very very old pentium three and it actually ran pretty damn good before the motherboard died out just last month.

And macs have viruses, in fact Safari was cracked within seconds at pwn2own, faster than any other browser. The only reason Mac doesnt have virus problems is because they are only 9. Its like saying someone should move to some po-dunk little town in the middle of new Mexico because they dont have terrorist problems. Its not because they have a police force full of rambo's, its because they arent a big enough target Ill honestly say that if Steve Jobs would allow me to just buy his OS and throw it on my lenovo laptop I probably would try it out.

But Im not going to spend a primo price for the hardware, it just isnt worth it. Like I said I think they make a damn good product, I love my iphone, its tough as nails and works awesome it just needs a slide out keyboard :. Hey now, don't hate on New Mexico. LOL Seriously though it is nice to hear that someone realizes that we are a state. As a Mac user I have to say the original arguments above are a bit lame.

In addition the original article was a lot of fluff, advertising and such don't make a better product. Yes it's true the virus argument doesn't totally hold water as the market share of Apple is much smaller than all the computers running Windows so hackers really don't try to write viruses for Macs as much. But the unix based OSX is very stable and dependable, and I think the value of having two computers for the price of one makes the Mac less expensive than a pc.

2. Mac computers are easier to get repaired.

Plus in price most people compare apples to oranges. Yes, but you get what you pay for. Yes, if you don't mind buying refurbished from Apple comes with a warranty you can get really great deals on Apple laptops. Also I like the argument about ease of use with less hassles. My father who has a top of the line Dell with Windows XP which I will admit is decent has nothing but problems, virus updates, and software updates and crap every day so he has a hard time being productive.

Also his Explorer is constantly crapping out on him as well, since he updated to the new version. The newest version from Office is constantly freezing up and quitting on me. I do have to say that I like the Office suite, but think that Apple is not too far behind with their iWork applications which cost a fraction of what Office costs. Yes they don't make the OS as open mainly because they experimented with Mac clones in the mid-nineties and it nearly killed the company they didn't want to be just a software company.

I think the Mac is far superior in dependability and ease of use to the PC. That's from someone who started life on a Commadore 64 and used PCs all through college. It wasn't until I started my first job in that I used my first Mac and I have never looked back. I still have to use PCs from time to time and while they aren't bad, the experience is just not as pleasant, and you should be able to enjoy work. But hey whatever, I can't believe I just wasted and hour writing this when I should be working.

Personally I find Apple input to worldwide design trends highly overestimated. Should advertisement only be a factor by which people choose computer? I think longest for my WinXP was something close to four months without reboot. I am messing with lot of software so I do need to reboot at times. It will when it will climb out of little niche corner where it isn't interesting to malware makers.

Don't see touchpad on my desktop. And don't need one. No experience here, no comment. What this has to do with computers? Critically missing facts to back this up. As for 7, I can't stress how many posts I've seen on how Apple's tech support is terrible and how the people who work there know nothing about computers. While I'm not going to contest the majority of these, I will call out 3 and I see that as locking you in to Apple hardware. It says quite a bit that Windows will run on a Mac, but Mac takes a lot of work to get it to run anywhere else.

I'll admit that the ads are better and that they tend to set some pretty good trends, but will not say that the iPhone is the best phone around or even that iPods are the best MP3 players. They are by far among the most popular, but popular does not equal the best. As for 5 - of course it doesn't have as many viruses.

Virus writers target the majority. I'll definitely concede 9 - Apple has extremely fanatic fanboys. Try to point out something that a PC does better and you're generally shouted down. Point out that could be improved with anything Apple-related and get the same response. Asus ZenBook Pro The inch MacBook Pro has the biggest screen, fastest graphics, and hottest processor of Apple's laptop lineup.

Plus, you get Apple's Touch Bar, which is of dubious value but is a nice bonus. It even carries the same powerful Intel Core i9 processor. The rest of the specs match up well, including the touchscreen touchpad—which is about as gimmicky as the Touch Bar, though reportedly more useful. Where the Asus struggles is battery life. Great power requires great batteries, and in this showdown, Apple wins.

Razer's flagship Blade laptop is another contender for MacBook Pro replacement. With a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia series graphics as the standard configuration, it's positioned to make the mightiest Mac notebook look downright antique. Intel NUC. If you love tiny yet powerful mini computers, try the Intel NUC. These computers are mini-er than Apple's Mini and feature newer seventh- and eighth-generation chips that run rings around the li'lest Mac.

You can buy them either as complete models running Windows 10 or as bare-bones kits where you add your own RAM, storage, and OS of choice. And, whereas Apple charges you beaucoup bucks for a three-year AppleCare warranty, you'll get that standard with each NUC.

Closing: One reason why PCs are better than Mac

At just 5 inches square, it's tiny enough to mount out of sight and still powerful enough to support up to three 4K monitors. The Asus features the seventh-generation Intel i7 chip, room for an M2 drive and a traditional 2. To hit this price point, Asus sells it bare-bones. I'll be the first to admit that the iMac is a super-nice desktop computer.

While many other PC makers try to ape this stylish, slim all-in-one, few truly match its appeal. It's also one of the models Apple's been the most consistent about keeping fresh; the current lineup runs on Intel's ninth-generation chips and Radeon Vega graphics to boot. With a wide inch curved display, you get the real estate of two separate monitors in one contiguous LCD panel.

But whether you're popping full apps next to one another with room to spare, or just blowing up a widescreen movie to take up this entire screen, HP's Envy stands apart. Dell Precision Windows. That can be configured up to a core model with 1. And that's just the entry-level configuration. The bad news is that there are no other displays of this calibre at this price. Check back in a year. What about the Mac Pro itself? To get that kind of power in a PC you're probably best off buying the components and building it yourself.

This is what, for example, film studios do to create powerful editing workstations, but it's complicated, expensive, and time-consuming.