Format wd my book live for mac

HGST Support. My Book Live. AlexFi October 15, , am 1. Can anyone help me plz: I need to format My book live 2T.

The Secret to Reformatting a Western Digital WD 1TB My Book External Hard Drive

I need to use it for iphoto and it has the wrong format. But How can I format it then??? Help plz.

TonyPh October 15, , am 2. Works like a charm…. Im hoping this post will prove very useful when the hard drive arrives and I get started using it as I have been warned by some other users about formatting problems regarding this external hard drive. I will bookmark this page and hopefully everything will be ok when it arrives. Thanks in advance. Thanks alot, I had this same problem with a Buffalo TeraDrive and they had know idea what the problem was. Thanks that is such a lifesaver.

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Spent ages working out what the problem was! Just bought it today, and was beginning to think I would have to take it back to the store. Am I glad I uncovered your tip. Your simple tip reminds me of the old idea that you have to pay an expert a fortune to do two minutes work, because he spent many, many hours learning how to do that thing in two minutes. Thanks for putting this tip out there. I figured it out myself last night, but the solution was more serendipitous than skill.

Many thanks — 5 mins searching the web after 2 hours of zero progress with Disk Utility and my new terabyte drive is reformatted, and ready to use. Adam — Nailed it. Props to you, my intelligent friend. Yes, it is a popular post — for a reason. It works! Thanks for posting this. And, just fyi — this was the first search engine result on Google when I was looking for a solution.

And well worth it. Thanks for the tip! Was just about to take out back and shoot it before I found this tip.

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Thank you. Thanks for making my night shorter!!! Pro Edition My Book drives have the same basic case design as Premium Edition drives; however, the case is silver rather than black. It has the same basic case design as the Premium Edition drives, including the capacity gauge, except the color of the World Edition is white.

It has the same Morse code ventilation as the other editions. Although MyBook Ethernet-capable disks come with a Gigabit Ethernet interface, the network speed is significantly slower. The drives of the World Edition are xfs or ext3 formatted, which means that the drive can be mounted as a standard drive from within Linux if removed from the casing and installed in a normal PC.

With both sets of commands a utility such as Gparted can be used to determine which paths are relevant for a given setup.

How to format WD My Book Live HDD in exFAT - Fixya

For example, the user can run a different web server or an ftp server such as vsftpd on it, use NFS for mounting shared directories natively from Unix , or install a bitTorrent client such as rTorrent. This edition was available with storage capacities of 1TB and 2 TB. It is marketed for use with Mac OS X.

All current [ when? The two drives can be replaced by the user. The LED gauge has a design fault on these disks. They range in storage capacity from 1 to 3 TB.

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  8. Contrary to previous versions, Live has no USB ports. My Book Live Duo was released in January It sports a similar design to the previous My Book Live, but unlike that one this product has a top cover that allows for easily servicing and replacing the drives. It also has one Gigabit ethernet and one USB connection. It can also be used connected to a computer, if necessary. My Cloud relies on air convection for cooling, not a fan. As such, it runs very quietly [ clarification needed ] [ opinion ] and the only noise you hear [ opinion ] [ original research?