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BLVD Quik is dead. Marley G is dead. BLVD Mel still sits behind walls. Through this hale of stray shots and bounties, TEC still spun himself a a web of gold. There will be more shellshock in the morning. It roughly strikes that very Baton Rouge tenor of being malign, mournful, and funny all at once. Two of the three is still miraculous.

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There is no empty space on a really good TEC record. First and foremost, protect GlokkNine. The 18 year-old Orlando rapper was arrested on charges of gun possession and grand theft in October and, outside of this stellar minute exercise , has laid pretty low since. Glokk has seen the inside of a jail cell at least 12 times now, according to his word, and the outcome of these recent charges is up in the air.

There are like three best parts to this damn song. Which like, general principle, any time a rapper slips the producer plug clean in the middle of an uninterrupted three-minute verse, they are very much in their bag. Oh and that shift Glokk makes immediately after this, where he proceeds to snap off the end of each line with a more kinetic energy than the last.

He then recorded and dropped it during the three months he was free. The video ties it all together: Glokk is waving a handgun with an extended clip in one hand and flaunting cash in the other while strolling around an AirBnb with his crew for three liberating minutes. The best part? He raps with a deep voice and favors animated accents and last-syllable flairs in the tradition of King Louie.

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Producer Lil Riico Beatz applies to porch-jumping the logic of The Drop, opening with bell tones and ticking hi-hats and claps, teasingly withholding bass until it explodes alongside screaming ad-libs. Swaecation and Jxmmtro, like Speakerboxxx and The Love Below a generation ago, proved that a duo with country fried style and impeccable chemistry is better together than split in two. Swae Lee admittedly carries the first half of the song. He raps about rolling his own weed at the strip club before his voice flips into falsetto to tell one of the dancers he has the hots for her.

His words, not mine. The strings are always twirling up towards freedom from speed limits and hangovers. He recorded his verse the same day Swae and Jxmmi met him at a party, which I assume is the only way anyone meets Juicy J. Anyone can rap about blowing smoke in foreign cars, but few can include the listener as joyously as Rae Sremmurd. He spends a sizable amount of the video rapping his heart out while hanging out of the passenger seat of a moving Bentley.

Birdman shows up for the video because of course he does. The type of song that makes me relate to lyrics that I really have no business relating to. The type of song that checks every single box a rap lover could want. Pettiness is a core human trait. It traverses time and commerce. Larry David flipped it into half a billion dollars. We are all petty sometimes, because modern life is too banal and overstimulating not to be. Fuck what you heard about civility or going high when they go low.

Being petty is that good shit, oh yeah. Young M. She buys Fashion Nova dresses for her ladies to twerk in. A released five loosies on streaming platforms in All five were through her own M. A Music imprint, and all five exude deep confidence in both her sexuality and her position in her city. Is it petty to argue that Young M.

A might be the best rapper in New York, and has been for a minute? In his Nobel lecture, the Polish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer emphasized that art must do two things: it must both entertain and instruct. If a thing is simply instruction, eyes glaze over; the message—however important—is lost. The song navigates life as a DIY-driven indie rapper: podcast appearances, struggles to keep the lights on with art, the battle for the open plug at the airport, and connecting with people of color in concert halls filled with Warby Parker-bespectacled white folks.

Mike writes about podcasts, the way that Future writes about codeine. Through self-reflection and wit, Mike reminds us what our lives look like. Before these, his solo projects Mothers Are the Blame and Fathers Are the Curse parried attempts to classify his style. Both, like all his music, are surreal abstractions of wonky escapades layered with sardonic commentary. Kenny creates depth with simple palettes and here gives the rapper a buzz melody amplified by slicing s. Unlike Lucy in , Kendrick Lamar is not circling it over and over again with a red pen.

Future is as hooky as ever, Kendrick and Jay Rock are even hookier than ever, and the crowns spin like gold Daytons. You know, something something personal branding something something crossover markets, yada yada yada. El Perro del Norte is aggressive and approachable. For Rucci, whether speaking on family or fighting or food, that phrase summarizes the core of his music: North Inglewood and its people.

The duo take this opportunity to list off some of their daily activities including prepping their ski masks for robberies, doing donuts in the hellcat, and pressing a broke hater on the block. And in New York where life moves so fast, the two could realistically just be detailing their day before noon. A violin plays this back-and-forth Cruella De Vil pattern before Compton rapper 1TakeQuan hops in with some line-it-up shit-talking.

Quan hits all the necessary Jon-isms on the Yung Pear-produced hit with a similar swaggering absurdism and animated gruff. His voice has this croaky, gutteral quality that sharpens his words.


Miles Davis is quoted as saying he changed music 5 or 6 times over the course of his career, but Young Thug may be gunning for his record in a single decade. Barter 6 saw Thug make concessions to the album format and Beautiful Thugger Girls was an open admission that rap was too small to contain him. Since then, 21 has revealed himself to be a flexible and interesting artist with one of the best on-wax personas in rap today; a dead-eyed hedonist with a sly sense of humor and a colorful array of ways to describe homicide.

As for why Metro decided to bookend this banger with a sample from a Kashif and Whitney Houston collaboration? I have my thoughts but who cares? Everything about that song was unpolished by design. The s blare off-key. The vocals are distant. Ohgeesy checks the quality of his molly in one moment and counts the bands he made off it in the next. Rob Vicious needs money, weed, and drank. The is still the sound of four graffiti-artists-turned-rappers bursting with charisma and hedonism.

But he goes a different route. Since then, much has happened. In the music industry, that includes going to Hollywood to work with a hotshot producer and make a "hit" record. A deeply personal and sensitive songwriter, Enders found the experience less than gratifying to have his songs manipulated and contorted. As someone who has always produced their own material, the last straw came when he was asked to leave his own session only to come back and find a song completely re-arranged and re-recorded. The final product was ultimately scrapped and Enders vowed to never again make a record on someone else's terms.

The other members stayed active as well. Drummer Jeff Kummer released a solo album, completed college and began working in television production. Bassist Sergio Anello toured with Enders for a period. Guitarist William Lugg worked in organic farming and even dug graves at a point. While still remaining close friends, the members appeared to have completely moved on from the band. Just a couple months before they all took the stage again at the sold-out Electric Factory in Philadelphia, an Early November reunion seemed to be about the most unlikely thing to would happen.

Even before playing a second time, the old friends knew that they wanted to make a record together and be a band again. Things had changed for the little underdog band from the farming town of Hammonton, NJ during all those years. They found themselves with new purpose, drive and knowledge. In Currents is a record that could have only been made by this band, at this specific point in time. The Early November had to have the experiences they did in the past 10 years which are documented on this new album. The good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

The tastes of success and the crushing disappointments. The band has grown up, lived life and seen both its beauty and dismay. An atmosphere and tension hovers over the entire record leaving one unsure whether they should smile or sigh. In Currents is an introspective and thought provoking record displaying a gamut of emotional territory. In the opening track, A Stain On The Carpet, Enders recollects a regretful evening and confronts the threat of losing someone to dementia. The alt-country tinged, The Smell Of This Place, reminds himself and his loved ones that those very ups and downs have been worth the ride and are responsible for where and who they are now.

In the short but poignant Digital Age, Enders addresses an issue facing every musician; how to survive in a industry that seems to be abandoning its art. With their first new record in six years, The Early November have made an album that strongly and positively represents their entire career. Enders describes In Currents as "a journey through life's joys and struggles" and "being pulled in a direction you can't control…like an ocean current or the flow of electricity". It's a scenario everyone in this world is in and can relate to. It's not about where those currents will eventually take you, it's about the journey you'll have and the experiences you'll take with you that matter the most.

For the past fourteen years Big D And The Kids Table have proven that regardless of fame or poverty they will forever be addicted musicians—and their latest full-length Fluent In Stroll is the apex of their decade-and-a-half long career. Our energy writing it was incredible. If you wanna relax — head to the back. These five boys have been making a name for themselves all over the country with their refreshing sound, charm and charisma.

They say trees that grow the tallest are usually those with the strongest roots. Mike and Slade met Greg in middle school and spontaneously decided it would be fun to form a band. Guitarist Adam Juwig, whom they met through a friend, and was added to the mix shortly thereafter.

The band began playing shows in LA, attracting the attention of numerous record companies, particularly Hopeless, who signed Anarbor shortly before they were fitted for their cap and gown. And now, as their former classmates pack boxes for college, Anarbor has packed their van and headed out on the road in support of The Natural Way, their new four-song release. At the age most of us would be concerned with sneaking into R-rated movies, VersaEmerge were busy crafting an EP of original material called Perceptions that attracted the attention of Fueled By Ramen Records.

It's an unlikely tale. Rising from the fevered hotbed of Sydney, Australia's underground hardcore scene, boy meets girl. Or rather, two boys meet girl to make kick-ass rock music. Try to keep up - the story goes something like this Guitarist Whakaio Taahi and his compadre bass player, Cameron Adler, needed a frontman for a rock project. Scrap that. Enter ingenue-with-attitude, Jenna McDougall - as soon as the sixteen-year-old songstress' soaring contralto and sweet strains took the mic to their songs, something clicked. Already onboard, rhythm axeman Jake Hardy and new recruit, drummer Matt Best - a childhood buddy of Whakaio's.

One jam later, the writing was on the wall. Tonight Alive were up and running, pedal to the metal. The band stepped up, and fast. Songs honed, stagecraft already a dead cert, they entered Sydney's subterranean circuit of metalcore and heavy bands, playing their own brand of catchy-as-all-hell pop-punk Right from word-go, it was clear Tonight Alive were going somewhere. He rang the band immediately, wanting in.

He's amazing. Mark created the albums we all grew up listening to - the albums that launched the careers of all these great bands. Whakaio weighs in. As soon as we got over there, we found Mark felt the same. I played every guitar part. The drum sound is natural and not heavily sampled. There was no copy-pasting.

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That was really important to us, as well as Mark. That it sound real. Like serving up straight red cordial shots to a bunch of Ritalin-deprived delinquents. Like scooping up a surging circle-pit and slamdunking into a kids' jumping castle. Bouncey, infectious and thrilling. Cue the mosh-happy shout-a-long of Starlight, the sheer infectious fun of Sure as Hell and the sugar-rush of songs like To Die For and the title track. Lending both cred and sporting their influences on their sleeve. But there's also gravitas to match Tonight Alive's gusto and good time - the balls-out heaviness of Listening, the acoustic-shaded power ballad Safe and Sound, and one of the album's best tracks, Let It Land, all showcase a band with serious songwriting chutzpah.

Meanwhile, the moving closer, Amelia, is Jenna's paean to a girlhood friend who passed away aged 16, and packs one powerful emotional punch. What really lifts Tonight Alive above another female-fronted pop-rock band is their muscular musicality, a deft sense of dynamic, a way of shifting seamlessly from the big riffs and breakdowns, to allow space and the sensibility of Jenna's sweetly sung melodies to shine through.

The hardcore heritage has set them in good stead - these kids have some bad-ass chops. Underpinned by Best's impassioned, athletic drumming, the mercurial undertow of Adler's tasteful basswork and Hardy's meat'n' potato riffery, Whakaio lays down the sort of colour, texture and zinging, adrenalizing leadlines that sing like a wire fenceline being drawn taut. When it comes to fronting Tonight Alive, Jenna is all heart and zero artifice - plus, this gal's got one helluva set of lungs on her.

Equal parts sugar and spit, honey and husk, vamp, vitriol and vulnerability, she belts it out, hell for leather. I really dig the aggression. Ironic, considering the band are from Sydney's Hills District. Sadly, it hasn't happened yet. I know that sounds cliched, but it's true - it's almost like we're friends with all of them. We make a point of going out after a gig, making contact with the fans, thanking them, keeping them informed. And it's summed up the last year for us as a band - we've broken new boundaries, stepped up into another league.

Prepare yourself, people. Tonight Alive are here, and they're on fire. Hailing from Lake County, Illinois, Grant Harris formed electro-pop outfit Goldhouse in and has since released 2 EP's with the third titled Lovestruck recently released on June 15th, Since forming, the band has sold over , single downloads on itunes and thousands more physical copies sold independently through touring, online retailers including Smartpunk.

Breathe Electric would soon be offered the entire Vans Warped Tour and continue touring straight through the end of on a full US tour. The band has also garnered recognition in Substream magazine, and on top music web sites including Absolutepunk. Their unique brand of infectious pop has even caught the attention of music supervisors at MTV who have licensed songs for some of their most watched shows including The Real World and The City. Their highly stylized sound that Go Go drum beat- a distinct DC rhythm takes hip-hop infused punk and indie rock to create something refreshingly unique, is getting attention from fans stretching far beyond the DC niche scene.

What many might consider a wildly ambitious, even impossible task to pull off, RDGLDGRN managed to effortlessly combine genres of music to create something new, something all their own, and something that has the music industry buzzing with excitement. The band gained widespread recognition when they self-released a song called "I Love Lamp" on YouTube -- a way for friends and local fans to listen to their music.

They had no idea that within just a few weeks, the video would have over , views and the attention of many notable figures both in the industry as well as on the blogosphere. Genre-bending artist, producer, and designer, Pharrell Williams N. The result is a debut that truly demonstrates the group's ability to straddle genre lines, to combine musical polarities and unite both artists and fans over music that's multifaceted.

It's their ability to create something entirely fresh and new, something that's often overlooked in this state of the industry where musicians try to stay afloat by following trends. And while RDGLDGRN don't exactly sound like those legendary artists, they do share in common something less tangible- they all have made it a point to carve their own path by creating something entirely unique. We currently live in an age of angst and depression from a longterm economic recession that has seemed to affect everyone to some degree.

However, fortunately there are those few individuals that always keep a positive outlook while trying to show the world that there are plenty of things they should be thankful for outside of the material goods they deem so important. Visionary Jesse Barnett vocals was originally inspired to form a band that would provide him with a medium to project his view points and reflect his musical influences and he continues to do just that to this very day bringing a stable of accomplished musicians on board.

After four full-length albums, a number of worldwide tours and legions of diehard followers the band has come full circle and in delivers the most important effort of their already stellar career. The much anticipated new album, Diamond, encompasses what STYG is all about and sees their songwriting develop and mature to ultimately craft their definitive release, which ultimately delivers a message of inspiration that anyone can relate to. Barnett states: "The new album, Diamond, is an insight to the way we view the world through our eyes.

All the good and all the bad. This is an amazing place we live in. There is so much mystery about our existence and it fascinates the hell out of us. The pain people go through, the good that people do and the gods that people are willing to kill and die for. It's all who we are as a whole and its important for us to understand this.

What's inside of you is what is happening outside in the world. How we can look at everything thats going on around us and think that we are at a complete disconnect from it, is beyond me. It's become more and more important to me as we have moved forward through this band's life, that we do the things we are saying. We try to give back any moment we can.

This band has become more than just a band for me. I very much try to be the words that I write. I'm not a perfect. I am far from it, but what helps me more than anything is when a kid comes to me and says 'hey man my life was a wreck and I was in a downward spiral and this bands music has picked me up'. This is what helps me because I know what thats like and I have bands that have done the same things for me so to be that band for someone else is an honor. Every person on this earth is searching for things trying to find out who they are, where they belong and ways that they can express themselves.

With the new album, not to sound to generic, we really took inventory of our music and for me at least I took inventory of my life, my flaws and mental vices. This is me trying to let it all go and find whats truly important to me and that is my friends, family and all of humanity. Society interests me in ways that I previously never knew. The things that people endure and the stuff people bounce back from and the ways we progress through science and technology amazes me.

I love this world even though here are absolutely shitty things about it. I'm trying very hard to change my view and always trying to find ways to give back as much as possible. Hands Like Houses are a fresh and explosive 6 piece from Canberra, Australia. With a rapidly expanding international fanbase, the band has captivated audiences with their electric blend of technical, effects- heavy songwriting with post-hardcore passion and stage presence. Driven by rich lyricism and melodic, emotive vocals in the vein of Emarosa and The Getaway Plan, the band presents a complex and finely crafted mix of guitar and electronics, drawing from a broad range of influence including Thrice, The Receiving End of Sirens and Closure in Moscow.

The closing of saw the band sign to American record label Rise Records, with their highly anticipated debut album 'Ground Dweller' subsequently announced to be released worldwide on March 13th. Tyler Carter and Jonny Craig ' earned the band over 5, independent single sales via iTunes during , and their most recent single 'Antarctica', released on Youtube through Rise Records, has amassed almost , views in its first month. Boasting a dedicated and fast-growing international fanbase, built through years of personally managing their social networks and independent promotion and touring, Hands Like Houses will release their hotly anticipated debut album 'Ground Dweller' on March 9th in Australia March 13th worldwide through Rise Records.

Buoyed by exceptional online pre-order numbers for a debut release, the record is well on track to break into the Billboard Top and Heatseeker charts in the US in its first week. Since forming in between high school friends, the band has evolved and grown to a dedicated and close-knit group. Their singles 'Lion Skin' and 'Antarctica' have seen weekly rotation on Triple J, Australia's largest alternative radio station, as well as regular play on local and internet stations including Western Australia's The Pit FM.

From the perpetually down-on-its-luck, blue collar, rustbelt factory town of Flint, Michigan, comes new Fueled By Ramen signees The Swellers, a punk band that knows a thing or two about making hard, no-nonsense, but infinitely catchy music. Breed—The Swellers have forged a hard-edged, yet accessible style of punk over the better part of a decade, the last three of which have been spent touring non-stop with the likes of Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto, among numerous others.

Crossfaith has been on endless tour and experienced many big festivals in Japan including the biggest Japanese metal festival, Loud Park in October Among the greats, they proudly performed in front of huge audience and it was the day that they launched a movement toward revolution of the new generation.

In , their unstoppable impetus became worldwide and their 1st album was released all over Europe from Gan-shin records. After releasing their 2nd album, they were on road and played many shows including a tour with Funeral For A Friend, and the biggest rock festival in Japan "Summer Sonic" and played in front of almost audience. As they are getting bigger and bigger in Japan, the band's high potential crosses the seas. Crossfaith is the rare and genuine Japanese rock band that can be rated high internationally and their quest of artistic imagination goes on and on. Put to music with a melody that doesn't let the listener sulk - Bangups music hits hard with solid electrifying energy.

Three years after the release of their successful debut full length, Chase the White Whale, Driver Friendly knew something had to change. The music industry was shifting, their lives were headed in separate directions, the future of the band was in question. The band was at a crossroads: call it quits after nine years of making music together or do something drastic. The answer was a retreat to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. A place where they could create without distractions or limitations. A place where they promised they wouldn't leave until they had a new album ready to be recorded.

With the help of an avid, loyal fanbase, Kickstarter, and producer Jim Vollentine, they raised the funds necessary to record and release their newest album, Bury a Dream. The 11 new songs on the record replicate the high-energy and soaring, melodic hooks of past releases, but also reflect a bold evolution in the band's songwriting capabilities. The title at first reading may appear ominous, predicting the end of something great.

Yet it merely hides the full lyric, "Bury a dream, watch it grow," declaring that dreams can die, but sometimes they must pass away in order to grow into something entirely new and beautiful. Driver Friendly is a band reborn with a new found sense of urgency to get their music to as many ears as possible. Look for them this summer on an extensive national tour and the international release of the album April, 24 What a difference a year makes. In 12 short months, Echosmith have gone from little-known Los Angeles alt-pop gem to Warped Tour's undeniable breakout band.

Though the members of Echosmith might be young, they are heavily influenced by the music they listened to growing up--which includes a lot of early-'80s New Wave--and can be heard on songs like "Come With Me" and "The Safest Place. It's just so cool to see other people as passionate about the band as we are. Echosmith's "in crowd" of outsiders is sure to grow when the band hits the road for more tourdates this fall. So what's it like for them to look out on-stage and see a sea of smiling young faces staring back?

Mighty Mongo will rock the socks back on to your feet. Australian 4 piece TheCityShakeUp have built their reputation with punk around the edges renegade rock. Born from the bowels of 90's punk and rock - TCSU write their music collectively drawing on the combined influences and ideals of all four members in the band. This united front is heavily represented on their latest EP "Trigger Happy Slander" - a social commentary on the less chivalrous - Addressing futile hostility, first world problems and everyone's old friend heart-ache.

With a sound that's been forged on the road, TCSU bare it all on stage and leave nothing behind. Whether the show is for a crowd of a thousand or simply for a select few the lads make it their mission to ensure everyone leaves as sweaty and thunderstruck as they are.

From winning over the crowd at the USA Vans Warped Tour, Australia's longest running national music festival - The Big Day Out , to opening for Canada's Billy Talent amongst an onslaught of international and local supports not to mention their own headlining tours. The TCSU lads are no strangers to the stage and life on the road. The traditional DIY punk ethos is one that is not lost on these har working Aussie lads. TCSU are self managed, self funded, self promoted, hell they even design and print their own shirts. It only takes one look at their completely self shot film clips or a quick listen to any of the releases recorded in their self made studio they even constructed their own vocal booth to realize these self sufficient beasts are no chumps.

Pouring every ounce of energy they have into their music and with set to be their biggest year yet, The City Shakeup show no signs of slowing down as they herald in a new breed of DIY rock renegades. It's true: A picture does paint a thousand words, even if the artist uses sound--rather than pigment and pencil--to create that image. For the Dallas-based outfit Crown The Empire, that means making music on a level rarely seen nowadays, combining visual aesthetics, theatrical sonic textures and thought-provoking lyrics for an audio experience that takes the listener on a wild ride of epic proportions.

And they're just getting started. Armed with The Fallout, the band's recent full-length debut, Crown The Empire is bringing a high-energy, visually stimulating and thematically engaging side to post-hardcore, that's already created a massive buzz for the still-embryonic outfit. Set amid a charred post-apocalyptic landscape, listening to The Fallout is an unforgettable excursion into the imaginations of its makers.

Taddie and Vogelman--both discovered through videos of them playing covers on YouTube--joined later that year, and those early efforts led to the November EP Limitless. Then in March second vocalist Escamilla was added to the fold, solidifying the lineup as it currently exists, giving birth to the band's full-length debut, The Fallout, released November Over the past two years the band has toured both nationally and abroad, with slots on the recent Our Last Night run, the Take Action tour with The Used, select dates with Falling In Reverse, and a U.

A painstaking process by all accounts, Leo says he spent six weeks living in Sturgis' basement, subsisting on ramen noodles and microwave meals, but couldn't be happier with the results. Sturgis is known for both his sparkling sonic touch, as well as his knack for adding cinematic elements to the music, and both qualities help make The Fallout shine.

We wanted all this real sound, and he captured that. Metal, gears The bass booms on the record have explosions in them, and glass breaking, and gears turning over, sounding like a broken-down industrial park," says drummer Brent Taddie, regarding the album's end-of-world vibe. All those explosions, the heavy parts, the aggressive vocals are breaking down the end of the world.

The strings, the clean vocals are kind of the harmony coming through, but the guitar, the kick drum, the explosions--that's supposed to be the destruction Leo says the idea came about after a member had broken up with a girlfriend, later realizing the full impact of his decision. Using some poetic license, the split was transformed into a global doomsday-inducing event. From there, we started building this idea of the end of the world, and built a setting for it around this theme of being alone and faced against people.

It all spawned out of a breakup, but it turned into this huge, massive world. It talks about both," says Leo. That line was about the ashes of a building, or the ashes of relationships. The visual story arc in the two videos conveys a tale of star-crossed lovers separated by differences in ideology, rather than being united by love. Somebody's gonna be wrong," says Leo. In the video, there's this idea that love--this couple--could disband the army that was trying to keep them apart. They couldn't see the love that was in front of them.

Leo says as the group continue to build momentum, they plan on making their live shows progressively more elaborate and cinematic, further bringing Crown The Empire's evocative brand of music to life. Eventually we want to be talking about what kind of rigs can we build on stage, what kind of lighting can we bring, what sort of pyrotechnics. That's a huge part we love, that a lot of the bands have lost out on: the idea of a big festival for your eyes and not just your ears," says Leo.

They're always going to just get bigger. With the kazoo-wielding songstress Beebs as their fearless leader, Beebs and Her Money Makers BaHMM is taking audiences by surprise with their high-energy performances and unapologetically silly videos. They are a refreshing blend of psychedelic ska, sassy funk and soul, or as Kevin Lyman called them, Jiggly Pop Comic Rock. They recorded their recent E. There's no telling what the year holds for these unstoppable superheroes. Their song "Tracking Time" was included on the compilation "Vs The Earthquake", released after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in early With infectious melodies and a passionate live show, Citizen is poised to be a name you won't soon forget.

It is this live show that has garnered them nationwide media attention, with NME describing them as having "bucket-loads of attitude with cut-throat guitar riffs and a gritty charm" and The Guardian saying "Sheffield's Alvarez Kings are a must see. Their energetic progressive pop sound will get everyone dancing.

Influenced by the rich East Bay music scene, Gilman Street, classic power pop, and garage rock, Emily's Army craft heartfelt teenage anthems dealing in cautionary tales, politics, and the pressures of adolescence. The band members have known each other for most of their lives and discovered their passion for music together. The name didn't stick but it wasn't long before inspiration arrived for one that would.

Brothers Max and Cole's year-old cousin Emily was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in and has suffered from the disease her entire life. In tribute, the band adopted the name Emily's Army, which also happens to be the moniker for a fundraising organization in their cousin's honor. The prolific song-writing brothers Max and Cole Becker write songs and play guitar as if it was attached to them at birth. Travis, who joined the band in , brings forth a guitar swagger that compliments the Becker boys and can serve as an anchor to the tumultuous brotherhood of the band.

Joey hammers the drums with such energy; you'll rarely find him sitting on his drum stool. Teenage anger bleeds through the album in songs like "Broadcast This" and "Gutter". Injustice is tackled in the track "Bad Cop" which sheds light on corrupt Bart police. The songs overflow with angst and honest, but they're also catchy — sure to leave a memorable impact on any listener. The dynamic of the brother's songwriting allow them to distinguish themselves — but this also compliments and adds to the chemistry of their sound. The band has been playing clubs and all ages shows up and down the California coast for 2 years—even getting a chance to open a gig at the infamous Bowery Electric in New York City.

The entire album was recorded and mixed in 4 days…capturing the spirit and passion of a teenage rock n roll machine! This summer the band will be embarking on their second trek of the East Coast as a part of the annual Vans Warped Tour and several headlines shows in between. The tour can't come soon enough—at a time when young bands are homogenized and tailor made for consumption and eventual regurgitation, Emily's Army is a breath of fresh air — rocking out together for the pure fact that they love playing music and they love playing together.

Whats up we are a pop punk band from Harrisburg Pa. We believe in hard work and having fun. We don't have famous friends we are not critically acclaimed and no one in this band was ever in some famous band who's name we could drop or coat tail we could ride. But we will get up earlier than you and work longer and harder. That has to count for something. If it doesn't then at least we had a hell of a good time trying and made some amazing friends along the way.

No Bragging Rights began to take its present shape in the summer of When NBR began work on their first self released full length album, "Because You Believe…" the band was at a crossroads. Member changes and new ideas took them in a heavier, more hardcore oriented direction. The early release was well received in the local scene, and helped establish the band outside of their home town. The record debuted at 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and became the first Velocity Records release to crack the Billboard Top , debuting at The album turned heads of fans and critics alike, ultimately debuting at 57 on the Billboard After supporting the release with a two week stint on the Vans Warped tour in the summer of , SECRETS is poised to return to the tour with a full run in the summer of And now they're ready for more.

In a recent interview with Alternative Press, Carson explains that the new album features Set It Off's signature sound of orchestra-infused pop with a new sense of heaviness, diversity and intensity in the album, both lyrically and musically. He states, "What's really present on this album…we're very theatrical when we present our story.

If it's a darker subject, there is a lot of angst and neurosis that goes into that song…In fact, in one song, Zack and Ken think I sound like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Not that I'm going for that, I just really try to get into character for each song as far as the mood goes. It has that diversity, but it still sounds like Set It Off. Through bringing it out in the studio every day, it allowed me to bring "him" out on stage too.

It's like therapy for me. All the touring we've done in the past year has made us night and day tighter for our live performances and working and meeting other musicians on that next level has forced us to push our skills musically in all aspects from playing to writing," explains Clermont. Danziger notes that, "Once we got in to the swing of things though, it started coming together very naturally…we liked what we did with Horrible Kids and you can definitely hear that sound in this new record.

We've made new friends, faced new challenges, had new experiences, and from that we've all grown up a lot. I think the new album reflects how we've changed as people. It has a similar feel to our most recent EP, but is more mature and polished. Horrible Kids debuted at No.

The EP blends contagious, driving melodies and hard-hitting choruses with genuine sincerity and a powerful message, creating an emotional concept album referencing the troubles of being bullied growing up and importance of being yourself and embracing who you are no matter what. The band's new album takes the same energetic and passionate approach, but strays from a specific theme, allowing the band to touch on a broader spectrum of topics.

With the new album, you're getting to jump inside my head and think how I think, feel what I feel, and really understand how human we all are. As far as how I describe these situations, I want you to feel like you are sitting down for a short film…and if I'm not evoking any sort of emotion from you then I'm not doing my job. Keeping it strictly roots UK punk mobkings Strawberry Blondes like their rock 'n' roll super charged. Their songs are short, sharp, shocks of highly melodic punk rock bile, based on the rudiments thrown down by the classic first Clash album, or the against the grain conviction of the early Manics or the zeitgeist defining lyrical smarts of their beloved Rancid and Goldblade.

Pale Kid Raps Faster è tratto dall'Album Fast as Hell Though EP

Strawberry Blondes, slash 'n' burn two minute blasts of guitar driven punk rock 'n' roll, their mini anthems, should be top 30 missives. This is sheer pop perfection. Their heartfelt vocals and amphetamine rush of guitars are struck with a passion and fired with burning frustration.

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Turning their cynicism and world-weariness into highly charged angry pop is what the Blondes excel at. More authentic than a fistful of incendiary rock 'n' roll albums, Strawberry Blondes will not go down without a fight. Few bands in Britain have their melodic power, their insane conviction and their confrontational guitar slashing passion. Gave him a elbow Ayo Proof Your chest plate Here it is Lewinsky Come against me Like a fuckin ride You don't smoke brew If you do I'll choke you and then I garauntee I'll out smoke you You're crew's a joke too and i can stick my dick in a bitch and poke you Thug Life and now it's 2pac Get back to that one I only got one eye and I can still see you You can even give it a dumb try If you're a dumb guy then come try this But I rock the microphone with my flyness So get off my jock..

You try to freestyle son we gon put these verses on your Lp Slow down with that old stuff Yo guess what My Nuuuuuuuuutz Here I go with the lyrical miracle I knew it I take a beat and loop it But no one knows it I've lost it I'm holocausted Coming all the way from Amsterdam And I come to tell you all a little secret So you can Look who walked in the door I dunno We stopped rappin Oh it's Clappin Gun clappin I'm here with the cure Oh yea lets rock it for the drawer Hey Em The Em jock Damn cock The last time the light kicked me in the ass I pulled down it's pants and put a foot up its ass Man what a catastrophy it'd be for me to be a bitch ass pussy And not open a can of whoop ass Did ya piss ass whoop me will be the day I say I aint poop Shit, the day that I dont straight shoot I'll drop out of my anti-women hate group Say I'm a sissy faggot, record it play it back and put it on straight loop You haters look like you ate a grape fruit You see me climbing back on that wagon Got my swagga back I was dragging, hop back on it Grab the reigns on that bastard and came back on em Without remorse man Man of course I'm a one trick pony Cause I'll be screaming on these whores till I'm hoarse!

Cause tribulations I have triumphed bitch I'm fired up So it's time for me to slit your fucking lighter, light the sky up [Chorus]. I'm still hearing those sirens, I'm still getting chased by those lights, Only the light's mine and my mic's on And my time is none because I'm writing more, And I ain't here to meet a soul in this buisness, I'm here to eat, speak, until these hoes feel this, for sure We got them craps going on and that yak going on, soon as a nigga touch down back from tourin', It's whateva, put that on the chedda man, but in the meantime, it's Jimmy Ivene time, chase cheese, rhyme till my voice give out, this is it my nigga, this what we boast about, Now I'm here so shut your motherfuckin mouth And show me love bitch..

Ha we don't wanna love bitches though [Verse 2] [Eminem] There's a certain mystique when I speak, that you notice that it's sorta unique, cause you know it's me, my poetry's deep, and I'm still matic the way I flow to this beat, you can't sit still, it's like tryin to smoke crack and go to sleep, I'm strapped, just knowing any minute I could snap, I'm the equivalent of what would happen if Bush rapped, I bully these rappers so bad lyrically, it ain't even funny, I ain't even hungry, it ain't even money, you can't pay me enough for you to play me, it's cockamamie, you just ain't zany enough to rock with Shady, my noodle is cockadoodle, my clocks cuckoo, I got screws loose, yeahhh, the whole kitten-kaboodle, I'm just brutal.

Aaron London [Verse 1: Eminem] They ask me am I ok They ask me if I'm happy Are they asking me that because of the shit that's been thrown at me Or am I just a little snappy And they genuinely care Doody, most of my life its just been me and you there And I continuosly stare at pictures of you I never got to say I love you as much as I wanted to but I do Yeah I say it now and you can't hear me What the fuck good does that do me now But somehow I know you're near me in presence Oh I went and drop some presents off to ease it to them Two little beautiful boys of yours to try to ease their minds a little And dawg you'll never believe this But Sharonda actually talks to me now Jesus and everyone else is just tryna pick up the pieces Man how you touch so many fucking lives and just leave us They say grievance has a way of affecting everyone different If it's true, how the fuck am I supposed to get over you Difficult as it sounds It was the gangster rap and the peppermint Schnapps [Chorus] [Chorus repeats again to fade ].

My name is.. Can I have the attention of the class for one second? Do you like violence? Yeah yeah yeah! Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids? Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? Yeah yeah! Try 'cid and get fucked up worse that my life is? My brain's dead weight, I'm tryin to get my head straight but I can't figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate Ummmm.. And Dr. Dre said, "Slim Shady you a basehead! Man you wasted! Shady, wait a minute, that's my girl dog! I don't give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off!

Walked in the strip club, had my jacket zipped up Flashed the bartender, then stuck my dick in the tip cup Wsssshhhhh You know you blew up when the women rush your stands and try to touch your hands like some screamin Usher fans Aaahhhhhh! This guy at White Castle asked for my autograph Dude, can I get your autograph? This kid needs to be locked away! Get him! I'm not ready to leave, it's too scary to die I'll have to be carried inside the cemetery and buried alive Am I comin or goin?

All Eminem's Lyriics: Other Songs !

I can barely decide I just drank a fifth of vodka -- dare me to drive? I'm steamin mad Arrrggghhh! And by the way when you see my dad? Tell him that I slit his throat, in this dream I had [Chorus]. Do you like Primus? I don't give a damn, Dre sent me to tick the world off!

Thanks a lot.. I can barely decide I just drank a fifth of Kool-Aid -- dare me to drive? Ask him if he bought a porno mag and seen my ad [Chorus]. What the fucks with that? Get on a track dissin us kissin 50's ass and askin me what I know about inditements-bite me bitch I got two cases, and probation - fight me! What do I know about standin in front of a judge like a man ready to take whatever sentence he hands What you know about your wife slicin her wrists right in front of the only thing you have in this world - a little girl?

And I put that on her, when this is all over I would never try to make her a star and eat off her I dont know shit about no shoppin rocks But what you know about hip-hop shops rockin spots? When your the only white boy in that bitch just rippin pressin up your own flyers and your stickers stickin them bitches up after spendin six hours at Kinkos Just makin copys of your covers of cassette singles and sell them out the trunk of your Tracer Spendin your whole paycheck at Disc Makers What you know about bein bullied over half your life?

She cant sue you, she wouldnt get a buck out of you Cuz your broke as fuck you suck your a fuckin joke If you was really sellin coke, well then what the fuck you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack you'd make alot more money than you do from rap You never had no security, you'll never be famous You'l never now what its like to be rich, lifes a bitch aint it? Raymond, here, let me break this shit down in lamens terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this and Canibus they usin too many complicated fuckin words for you Here then let me slow it down for you so you can understand if I say it slower: Let it go dawg it's over [Chorus] [Eminem talkin] Haha Talkin bout I have motherfuckers callin your crib bitch you aint even got a fuckin crib You aint even got a fuckin phone, fuckin Bum Threatened to shut me down at your little fuckin Source magazine if I come back then you would attack me, bitch you attacked me first take it like a man and shut the fuck up and fuck your little magazine too I dont need your fuckin magazine, I got XXL number anywayz And yall cant stand it cuz there gettin bigger than yall oh, and by the way, howed I look on the VMAs?

When you was watchin me from whatever fuckin TV you was watchin me from in Boston The mean streets of Boston, fuckin sissy Like you got us scared in the motherfucker, suck our motherfuckin dicks Oh, and for those thats dont know, dont get it twisted yo, the Source has a white owner. The fool who visit the playground With two biscuits to lay down the school district Get pistol whipped with a Mauseburg With a pistol grip and fed pitbulls shit Sniff glue sticks like I give two shits If I get too rich, I just get sued [Redman] Yo, I leave with no injure, after I blow four in you One handstand on top of your ninja Crash it, ERRRR Doc stir the madness 'til you all outta work like Tony Atlas Walking, cans in the laundry basket America's most with the army after us Fuck flossing, we take what's yours A low fifteen like a ace in four I'm outta work, but Doc laid them off shit, the power's out The tape is off Yo, you targeted from arsonists Papermate pens filled with arsenic I got hoes that don't know what Prada is Doc could shape up, touch your barber miss Betty you with a bloody blade I turn rap camps into Crystal Lake Fuck bitches face is what I'm gonna do 'Cause that what white boy Tano do [Eminem] So how is everybody doing tonight?

Hope you're in the mood to get drunk and scream in a fight 'Cause uh, we getting down for the fuck of it So suck my dick if you all don't wanna bump to this Off the Wall!! Hope you're in the mood to get rude and ill in a fight 'Cause uh, we getting down for the fuck of it So suck my dick if you don't wanna bump Hope you're in the mood to get rude and ill in a fight Cause uh, we getting down for the fuck of it So suck my dick if you don't wanna bump to this Off the Wall!

Hope you're in the mood to get drunk and scream in a fight Cause uh, we getting down for the fuck of it So suck my dick if y'all don't wanna bump to this Put him under the stairs? People are already under there Hmm, I wonder where. Growin' up in a suburban home, Trying to cope with everyday life, Who lives in a little house, That was built, in the middle of the street.

Tupac's on the juke box, so what he shot two cops, and raped a little girl, while two dudes watched," "Nuh-uh! That ain't how you say his name, mum! You're so lame, Don't you know anything? I know that you'll probably go, and join in a gang," "Yeah, right. I'm out Where's my fuckin' walkman at? It's probably warm in the house. Fuck, I forgot my jacket, forgot it was winter. I'm gettin' thinner, I'm hungry. Is Mom cookin' dinner? Let me back in! I forgot my coat.

Mom, come on, I'm not playin', It's cold! Alright, sorry. Take your damn coat and leave," "Finaly!

KUKQ Presents

You cut off the sleaves! One, two, three, My teacher's two faced, She went to lower my school grades, Since Last Tuesday, I had a toothache, from kool-aid, So Mom kicked me out, get out And, all i had in my suitcase, Was one shoelace, A tube sock, and a tube of toothpaste, Sometimes, It was cool, "cause I could go to a friend's, Crash there, Fool around and just skip school. But other times, I'd rather just be home, In my own room alone, BEAT my shit and nobody would know, My little brother sucked on a bottle, 'Til he was six, So I'd hide it inside the couch, And say "I don't know where it is," But as soon as Mom found it, I would either be grounded, or kicked out the house, a thousand weeks,.

You got a dollar? Now keep an eye on your brother, I'm goin' to bingo. You said you were broke. You got your ears messed up, from that damn rap music. I dedicate to this.. And now you hate Fred because Lethal left you Peckerwood mad cause his record went wood No respect in the hood, fled to his neck of the woods Got in touch with his roots, found the redneck in his blood and said, "Heck, country western rap records are good!! Like I'm supposed to be star-struck, come over to you You better shut your fuckin mouth while you oh-for-two Back in ninety-four Limp opened the show for you Rocked the crowd better and stole the whole show from you Took your motherfuckin DJ and stole him too So you fall in a slump and get all emotional So now you sing and mix slang with blues and pluck strings Confused as fuck cause now your music sucks dick Mr.

Ass Kisser to get accepted in rap quicker but never last, and Everlast is a.. Shit in five years we'll all be "Eating at Whitey's" And he'll be bussin tables in that bitch, cleanin the toilets Aiyyo.. Kill Whitey!