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The dedicated Google Docs home screen also serves as an alternate starting point. However, I prefer using Google Drive itself as a direct route to creating documents since that feels far more convenient from a file management perspective. On the other hand, I found iCloud Pages to function pretty well performance-wise. That was surprising since it was very sluggish when I had tried it a few years back. However, for someone who hasn't used the full-fledged Pages for Mac in quite a while which it resembles rather starkly , I did struggle to get into grips with its online counterpart.

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I'll elaborate on that later. Rather, I must specifically select Pages via the iCloud Launchpad first, which then places me in a dedicated folder inside iCloud Drive layout looking akin to a home screen. Only then I can begin to work on documents. The Pages home screen serves as a portal for accessing recent documents and shared files, creating new documents and folders, uploading files, etc.

Weirdly, you can navigate to and creating new files within other locations in iCloud Drive, but only by using the Browse option on the home screen. It's confusing. Google Docs features a classic user interface that contrasts rather sharply against the modern UI of iCloud Pages. Regardless, I believe that the Docs' interface is one of its strongest points. Clearly marked menus and options pretty much mean that I can find whatever I'm looking for immediately.

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For example, if I want to insert an image or a complex mathematical equation, all I have to do is to take a look at the Insert menu. Quite straightforward. Since I wasn't well-versed with Pages on macOS, I struggled with its online incarnation for a considerable amount of time. That's a lot of guesswork for a new user. For instance, it took me a while to figure out the location of all the formatting in Pages.

Once I found them, they showed up on a navigation pane to the right and moved my document to the left. With Docs, all formatting options font type, highlighting, text alignment, etc. Further, it also provides a certain degree of customization. For example, I can add new fonts pretty easily, adjust zoom settings manually, etc. Ready-to-use templates are vital on any word processor.

They provide a much-needed headstart, especially when you're short on time, and you have to compose different types of documents. Thankfully, Google Docs and iCloud Pages don't disappoint in that department. By default, both word processors feature over 50 templates that include the popular ones like resumes, brochures, newsletters, meeting notes, and others.

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However, Docs takes it up a notch over Pages with its active support for third-party templates — and there are aplenty. Also, any files stored only on your iPad will no longer be synced to other devices. Depending on your setup, they may not get backed up at all. But otherwise, this can be a rather excellent and flexible feature. Using Dropbox, you could have access to all your iWork files from Windows or Android, for example. Hook creates smart connections between documents on Mac. MacBook Pro: Which is right for you?

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Newest inch MacBook Pro brings unbelievable speed boost. AirPod saved from subway suicide with makeshift sticky stick. Today in Apple history: iPhone 3G brings a big speed boost. Is it a feature in Mountain Lion that you were looking forward to? What improvements would you like to see made, and what issues if any have you had with it?

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I was particularly interested in opening my textedit documents, on iCloud, from my ios device iPhone 5. Do you have any magic up your sleeve for this?

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  • Albert, I believe the only documents you can open in your iCloud account are with apps e. I would suggest maybe using Byword it's cross platform instead of TextEdit. Hope that helps. There is no longer a need to use TextEdit, I recommend using Pages which is part if the iWork suite, it can create Pdf's Rtf's Pages Word documents and they are all synced and shared on all your devices.

    Apples computers also come with an app called Preview, it is used to preview any kind of document, word, pages, rtf etc or PDF however you can also use its edit abilities. In fact any app on an apple computer under the Print function gives you this ability to save and share as PDF or other kind if document. In terms of image files you can even use Preview to save or convert the file to say.

    It really isn't that difficult, I see folks making a lot if mistakes and making so many unnecessary steps to convert this or that or share this or find this Mac compatible word processor, when you don't need to at all. You just need to know from the start how to use the computer properly, it works differently to a pc in that it does not entirely rely on third party applications to say create presentations, or word processing, or excel or PDF or this or that.

    The only time you may have a problem with sharing say a pages document to word us when word or pages may not have the specific font that is embedded in the document, in this case if the document come from a pc to a Mac, the Mac will automatically print the user to download the missing front, on the Mac to PC, the PC user will need to do the same however it may not prompt you.

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    Other issues you may have is on a graphics side, like say for instance you use a create 'gradient color fill' effect in a box on one of your documents, the MS Office suite cannot always display these correctly, in that case the apple system will show the errors before you send the document to allow you to make compatable changes or it will render the color fill as a solid color instead of a complex gradient style.

    The same goes for Keynote to Powepoint, Numbers to Excel and so on, it's a matter of trial and error and in most cases, sending an individualized document that has thrills and bells and whistles in its design should just be sent as a hq PDF because that's all you need. In terms of co-authoring between Mac and PC word documents simply use the share as feature described above. Hey I wanted to see whats going on - in my girl's phone. Lol, Johnson, I'm not sure about all that. I don't think text messages are kept on iCloud accounts. Plus, it might be better to just to have a serious talk with your girlfriend instead of snooping in her devices.

    Anyone have an answer? Is it a simple matter of signing onto your iCloud account on any given Mac and then, when you go to "File, open" in TextEdit, it will automatically list files in whoever's iCloud account is currently on line? Maybe they are referring to Macs on the same network? Do you have a link on the Apple website where this is stated?