Remote access mac different network

If port is open then you'll need to know the publicly accessible IP address of the Mac to be controlled. You can signup for a free account that allows you to create a DNS entry that you define ie- mygirlfriendsmac.

Free and easy is to use the same iCloud account and enable "Back to my Mac" on the one that needs to accept an inbound request to share it's screen with the "support" Mac. This works as long as you are on a Mac that has not yet been updated to Mojave. Back to My Mac has now been discontinued by Apple. There also is a nice PDF with pictures for downloading here.

There are lots of different ways to connect from a different network to her Mac, but if you're wanting to use only Apple software, the easiest way is to connect using Messages Buddies Share My Screen With Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This is one possible solution: First, you'll need to know if port is open on the network the Mac to be controlled is on. Dave Dave 7, 2 2 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 57 57 bronze badges.

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Getting Started with Screens

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Best ways to remotely access and control your Mac from any device and location

Learn how your comment data is processed. Remote access technology has opened a new discipline of computer support.

  • Optional: Set Up Your Mac for SSH Access.
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PC support provided through remote technology is quick, reliable, and secure. Some of the remote software applications worth mentioning are remote phone access, laptop access and so on. All these can be delivered to you by darkwebsolutions dot co, visit their website today. It is also the tool Apple support uses when you speak to them.

Not sure why this got forgotten in this article. Thanks for sharing that tip. Screen Sharing is good when the target machine is manned. Not so good for unattended situations I believe.

Can Apple Remote access allow me to connect to moms computer in another state when she needs help? Is back to my mac a better solution? If so, how can I get us both on the same iCloud account to access her macs? Can you explain how you add a remote Mac to ARD? Very stable, rock solid. Allows me to access an office full of macs and PCs from phone, iPad, or my home iMac or my laptop when traveling. Highly recommended!

3 Free Ways to Remotely Connect to Your Mac’s Desktop

TeamViewer works fine. Use it in Mac, PC, and Linux. I can access all three from my iPhone or iPad. Free for non commercial personal use.

Configure Screens

Splashtop Personal is wonderful. You can install the streamer on Mac and Windows machines the remote access server and then use the client to access those machines from just about any computer or device. It is a paid service, but well worth it.