Mac mountain lion disable web sharing

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OSX There is a lot of information here, but setting up your development environment is relatively easy, follow the whole guide or cherry pick what is relevant to you, there are obviously prebuilt alternatives to setting one up manually but some of these prebuilt solutions can cause other issues with conflict, version and support.

The first difference in the new OS X Some people have had issues with this sys pref so use at your own decision. It seems there is less effort from Apple in continuing with the user level one but it still can be set up with a couple of extra tweaks. Permissions on the file should be:.

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This is already taken care of at the Sites level webroot by following the previous step. PHP 5.

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The next step is to set up a root password for mysql there are 2 ways to do this one is a regular way and the other provides additional security and disables all other access:. Go ahead and just hit enter if this is a new installation and no password currently exists, follow the prompts to set up a new root password — this is a root password just for mysql separate from the root password of OS X you should set this. Once the root user and password is set, you have to interact with mysql with the username and password, so access via command line is note that there is no space between -p and the password :.

Once you start your server the there are 2 x document root folders for sharing, one is a top level and the other is user account specific:. At the user level in Lion Save the file as phpinfo. Now point your browser to:. You should see the full PHP configuration page.

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  • If you just see the code restart the web server to make sure the php module is loaded.