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The filter is pretty cool; it allows you to specify wildcard MAC address ranges to allow or deny address assignment on the network. For the specific case of virtual machines, I created a scorecard of the MAC address types and the associated hypervisors. I think this is pretty neat for an otherwise boring service.

Do you see yourself using this new feature?

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Let us know in the comments. Stay on top of the latest Windows Server and Windows Server tips and tricks with our free Windows Server newsletter, delivered each Wednesday. Rick has years of IT experience and focuses on virtualization, Windows-based server administration, and system hardware. Figure A shows how you can do this with the filter.

Figure A Click the image to enlarge. Clearly, the DHCP filters are not bulletproof. Most hypervisors and wireless devices let users spoof MAC addresses.

DHCP filters may reduce the risk of rogue devices

But chances are, this will knock out most of the users who could potentially do the least desirable things on your network. In the case of wireless devices, determining the organizationally unique identifiers OUIs for Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, and other products may be a good idea if you have a problem with unauthorized devices showing up on your network.

I was assuming you guys weren't joking I'm noob so I put in a reservation for 0. Then give it a valid one, that doesn't belong on your network.


Barring that, remove the gateway. They'll only be able to communicate on that subnet. You shouldn't do this at the DHCP layer. Block the MAC in your switch es and see who squeals. This is to prevent unauthorized servers operating on the network.

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If it does not find itself in the authorized list for each of the reported enterprise roots, it does not initialize and the DHCP service is stopped. User Action: Verify whether the DHCP server is supposed to be part of a directory service enterprise or operating as a stand-alone server.

How To Configure MAC Filtering in a Windows DHCP Server 2016 (HINDI)

If the DHCP server should belong to a directory service enterprise, reconfigure the server to be a domain controller or member server of the directory service enterprise, as applicable. Thanks to Dilbert for mentioning another method. I didn't even know my switches Dell 54xx could do that. They seem to be able to but I can't get past the questions the interface is asking e. But that's a problem for another day. Thanks for the help.