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Right-click on the file and choose "Get Info.

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Deselect the option and empty the Trash. But today, for those using El Capitan or Sierra or even something higher, these steps below prove to be more efficient and effective if you intend to force empty Trash using Terminal on Mac:.

Title: How to Delete & Recover Partition on Windows – Guide

Go to Applications or use spotlight to search and launch Terminal. Insert sudo rm —R and ensure you add a space afterwards you should not hit the Enter button at this point. Click the Trash icon in the dock, pick all the item you want emptied from Trash. Then Drag the file and folder to the Terminal window you opened before. Now press the Enter button. Insert your administrator password.

How to force empty trash on Mac?

The password will not be shown being typed into the Terminal. Now press the Enter button again. It's done! The good news is that whether you have accidentally emptied your Trash or deleted them intentionally and need them back again, there are third-party means to recover all your lost files to their original state before deletion. You are able to scan and recover deleted files from every storage medium; internal and external hard drives. Step 1: Go to Applications, and launch the AnyRecover app.

Step 4: A window would open where you can preview and recover the files you want. Download Now Download Now.

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There can be many reasons for the same, the item deleted could still be in use or locked or maybe the item has a special character. However, if you still want the item to be removed permanently, it can be done! Before using the terminal, you can use force empty Mac Trash bin with shortcuts. Go to Trash and select the item that you want to delete by Control-click and select Delete. You can hold down the Option key while you try emptying Trash.

If none of the above methods works, we can always use Terminal to force the trash to empty on Mac.

On your desktop, look for a magnifying glass at the top right-hand side corner to bring up Spotlight. Note: when you will enter the password into Terminal, you will not see the password being typed. Thus, you can force empty into the trash bin. The process might take a little bit more time if there are large files in Trash.

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Try it and let us know whether it worked for you or not, if the process is not executed like it is supposed to be, you might have forgotten to add space after R. Repeat the process by adding space after R.

Mac OS X How to Delete Problem Files using the Command Line

In this way you can force empty trash on Mac with ease. Srishti Sisodia , You can force empty trash on Mac for good with the help of Terminal.

How to Secure Empty Trash on Mac: Let It Flow Automatically!

If you are using a higher version such as El Capitan or Sierra, follow through: Keyboard Shortcuts: Before using the terminal, you can use force empty Mac Trash bin with shortcuts. Type Terminal to launch Terminal on your Mac. Enter the below-mentioned command on Terminal without pressing Enter afterward Sudo rm -R While typing the command, make sure there should be space after R to make the command work.

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