Mac mini power supply pinout

As far as I know that information has never been published. But I stand corrected if somebody can find it. This is a bit dated but it might be helpful.

SOLVED: Power supply output voltages? - Mac Mini Unibody - iFixit

It measures the voltage drop due to cable lenght, computer consumption important when you are charging batteries and powering the computer and any other factor. Then it compensates the switching output so no matter how much power below W of course the computers needs, the voltage will remain stable. This PowerSupply is built by Delta Electronics, and i have the same one with a slightly different plug on the computers end, but with the same pinout on my HP Laptop 4 year old laptop now.

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Power supply output voltages?

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Was this answer helpful? Score 4. Do a test first with the inverter wires to the psu's only to see if it turns on. Took me a while to find some spare time to devote to this project.

Step 1: Why Does the Cable Get Loose? Bad Design!

And it didn't go well. Now, I just need to share this with someone. Take it as a cautionary tale on the importance of fact checking. I wanted to do everything clean, possibly just once, so I ordered the 24v upconverter, bought the resistors, and put my hands on everything only today when I had all the components ready.

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I soldered, connected, insulated with hot glue, made a very clean job. So proud. Then I realized I had everything connected except the orange and purple wires from the inverter cable and the 6. I double and triple checked the guide. Yellow wire from the inverter cable.

Mini DisplayPort

There's no yellow wire in my inverter cable. Scratched my head for about a min, and said to myself "Oh, well, that must be a slightly different model". Plugged in, no sign of life.

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No smoke, no explosion, no nasty click or any other sound luckily, but it doesn't turn on. I hastily unplugged to avoid potential damages. Let's check if the 17" has no yellow wire.

Making a Custom Power Supply for a 30" Apple Cinema Display

Grab a ruler, check the screen from corner to corner, and to my horror it's 43cm. Yes, that's about 17 inches. Why on earth was I so sure I had a 20", and why didn't I check before??? Because I have so little spare time on my hands, because I have a thousand more important things to take care of, because I'm stressed I checked back and forth less important details, and left this macroscopic information totally out.

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