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Designers and developers have many choices to make when it comes to getting work done, from what frameworks, languages, and image editing software to use, to what platform to run. In this two-part series, we will examine some of the reasons behind this trend, look at some of the pitfalls of switching to the Mac, and go over the must-have software and configurations every switcher should be aware of.

You may have noticed the rise in the number of colleagues and fellow developers who are choosing a Mac as their next computer. So why is it so compelling? If you were to ask a die-hard Windows user why he or she thinks people like Macs, they would almost invariably say the reasons are purely about aesthetics.

If you were to ask most web developers why they have switched to a mac, however, the refrain would be loud and unanimous: OSX. To be fair to Windows, in terms of raw capability the two offerings differ very little; with enough elbow grease, both systems can be configured in pretty much any way its users wish. Linux users who have grown tired of dealing with hardware issues, especially on laptops, often choose a Mac as their portable solution because it is UNIX based. It means that the entire world of open source software out there is pretty much guaranteed to run without much hassle.

In a world where open source software is a way of life, web developers need a friendly environment to operate in. Quartz extreme utilizes the graphics card exclusively, which means no processor cycles are taxed. Spaces , a feature introduced in OSX Once you get used to this sort of thing, you wonder how you ever lived without it. In other words, it means some very flashy and useful features are going to start showing up in OS X applications much like the animated menu help system shown in the graphic above.

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Prodiving developers with a toolset to implement these types of animated effects means software will become more intuitive. PNG file. In fact, some tools were created specifically for designers because Apple has long catered to the creative professional market indeed, it sustained Apple during their darkest times. More built in tools include:. As any student of design knows, consistency is one of the most important principles to adhere to, and it is clear the OSX UI was designed with this in mind.

Because of the strict user interface guidelines provided by the Apple software development tools, applications and utilities on a Mac feel like they are all part of the same system. The menu bar, which for some switchers can be a difficult feature to get used to, adheres to this unification by standardizing the location and layout of the menu options. Drag-and-drop functionality is ubiquitous. Being able to do things like drag an image off your web browser directly into your Photoshop project are a boon to productivity.

If it feels as though you should be able to drag-and-drop something, you probably can. If you are on a Mac, at least for the next few more years, you can pretty much rest assured your days of worrying about virus and spyware scans are a thing of the past. There is no shortage of text editors available to developers, but one that seems to keep coming up in recommendation after recommendation is Textmate , the lightweight GUI text editor for OSX.

Nested scopes allow users to create their own syntax highlighting which is important in the ever changing world of web development. In addition to Textmate, there is a whole host of other beloved applications that seem to have been created by people who truly understand and want to emulate the Mac experience, like the quick-launch solution Quicksilver , the system notifications app Growl, and the chat client Adium.

These are pieces of software of a caliber that is sometimes difficult to find on Windows. It seems that quality, not quantity, is the best way to describe the Mac software library. Furthermore, if a group of icons are highlighted, they can be expanded into a gallery view.

OSX is the only OS you can get that can virtualize all three major operating systems out of the box. This is a must have for checking browser compatibility. That makes choosing a new Windows 10 PC a challenge on occasion. Windows includes a numerous Microsoft tools and safeguards to prevent and clean viruses and other threats, and third-party tools are also available. The wide variety of Windows hardware can cause problems as well.

Zorin OS - Your Computer. Better.

For that reason, Windows is more difficult to administer for the typical user, although the Windows update infrastructure built into Windows 10 does make things easier than they were in the old days of scouring the web looking for updates. Windows is in a must better position than it was just a few years ago.

The newest version, Windows 10, is more elegant and easier to understand than past editions, and it receives frequent updates. The problem of complexity does remain. You will likely encounter more bugs with Windows than with its competition.

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard

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I will use my PC with Windows 7 because of my need for programming software, on the other hand i will use Ubuntu on my Laptop for general media usage :D. There is a plethora of Linux programming tools that work very well, ,maybe even better than windows. Ubuntu is excellent software. We have internet access at our institution so the Ubuntu software center makes it so easy to install software.

About a year ago we changed to the Ubuntu based OS Zorin 6 which the students loved because of its Windows 7 look and feel. It runs fast compared to Windows and provides all software needed for use at school. I have even installed it on my personal laptop alongside Windows and use it regularly. Zorin 6. WIFI, networking, bluetooth, video, sound everything, other wise it just installs a generic driver Video, sound etc just to make it work. Only very few computers, will it actually install the actual driver it take for you, and there is not that many out there.

AMD is notorious for this as I have to search there site and download there driver for mine to work right. So I installed it. With windows xp the computer crawled and it took forever to open websites and run programs. It was a used xp machine. After Ubuntu what a difference! His 9 to 10 year old computer with 80gig hard drive and 1. I easily installed flash with the built in orca screen reader to both install the OS and install flash, variety a wallpapers app, and the primary education pack.

Ever since I got him vinux or ubuntu he actually wants to use his computer. Now with ubuntu he actually wants to use his computer. He goes in, turns it on shuts off the screen reader clicks firefox and plays games. Installing adobe flash was a snap. Kennedy here. I am a musician — and Ubuntu works well for me. I use a variant called Ubuntu Studio — and have for a few years now. I also create microtonal works. The best program out there for this is Mus2, a Windows program. But, with Wine, this program works flawlessly on Ubuntu. There are also a couple of utilities that are Windows-only that run just fine through Wine.

Ubuntu is advanced but only if the user can customize the kernel to their hardware. Not so much in tweaking as in as much as updating the kernel. There was an issue with that. It takes them a while to get them. Ubuntu I have been using Ubuntu for over a year already and I feel very comfortable with it…. It really is not as confusing or complicated as I used to think about it before deciding to migrate from the other most used operating system….

I have been using both windows and Ubuntu machines for some time. Needless to say, I have to disagree with you on almost all of the points that you have made. I must point out that linux machines and ubuntu are not the same. The fastest computers do run Linux, but not Ubuntu or Windows. Ubuntu and Windows are pretty much toys these days.

Windows vs Linux: what's the best operating system?

Enlightened technologist you are not!! Also note: Ubuntu forum was hacked 2 days ago and is still down. Your comments are most welcome, However I am merely comparing the desktop experience of ubuntu and windows. They were probably looking at the port and seen it was used and went in undetected.

That is the only thing stopping me from using Linux. I like that Windows comes with the basics, it gives you more choice.

Difference Between Mac and Windows

The spyware you can turn off. Only adware that I have seen is in the software center when it is open showing what new software is coming out. These become hazardous when you have them, you dont know it and they are doing damage to your system and giving out personal information, in which case neither one of these do from what I have seen. There spyware is only trying to help you in the next search, its not digging around for any personal information.

Ubuntu is the best. End of sentence,period,pens down…. Does anyone else have a doubt or question? All the articles about comparing Windows and Ubuntu are always stupid. They just compare look and feel and boot up times. But what about software? Clearly Ubuntu is shit when it comes to software. Its not like all Ubuntu lovers have eliminated Windows and they do need it time to time.

If Ubuntu is so best then why they need Windows? First, these comparisons are not stupid. They show you that there is an alternative to Windows, which is considerably growing both in stability and user-friendly-ness. Origin may be ported to Linux as well, alongside with BF4 these are just rumors for now. And all the applications that are very popular on Windows have their alternatives on Linux. I am a developer and run the entirety of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Yes, this is the circle that keeps windows alive at the moment. Then again, Linux is gaining popularity.

As far as i remember, Ubuntu had a spike of over 2. I can see Windows 8 causing a spike in Linus downloads but how many people actually kept using it after the ran into all the problems a new user faces when trying Linux. I run Fedora at the moment on a Badaxe Mobo with a quad core cpu and it does start and stop very fast but Windows 10 if you can agree to all the spy bs it has is very fast and works out of the box as I have installed it on two other computers in dual boot mode.

I would never have gone to win 10 if my win 7 distros had not quit updating.

Can the open source upstart really stand up to Microsoft's enterprise juggernaut?

I do like Linux for the fact that nobody is spying on you when you use it but after all these years its still not as user friendly as windows. There is no foreseeable future where Linux becomes a competent gaming OS. One can only play so much BZFlag.

I myself run windows 8. The Town of Turin has just decided to switch its entire administration to Linux as a cost-cutting measure. Libre office belongs to the stone age. And Mozilla crashes often in Ubuntu. Graphics quality is also found to be poor. Windows seem happy to tell you your Pc, is out of date and you need a new Pc to run there new software.

Thank you for such a concise comparison between the two — I have been very curious about Linux for a while. However, as someone who depends on Adobe for both school and work, I am forced to stick with Windows 7.

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I can tell you that drivers in general ARE far easier on Linux. The reason I went to Linux is proof of that. I was on Windows 8, the beta version. I had a backup DVD of Windows 7 and tried to re-install on my PC…little did I know that my daughter had decided to throw away the boxes containing my device driver CDs… I could not for the life of me get a driver that worked to get my system to recognize my hard-drives. Incorrect drivers… After trying nearly all possible Gigabyte model drivers my motherboard I got them to show up, but they would not let me install to them. So I decided to try Ubuntu.

CD in…setup… boom, all done. Highly recommend it. However, I do need to go back to at least dual boot Windows. Something I can run from linux, lol…. Find a MB with dual PCI slots, install two video cards, hook up or monitors of different resolutions, sit them at slightly varying heights, maybe put one above the other monitors. How difficult is it to get all four monitors working I their native resolutions and electronically lined up so that the cursor moves with minimal jumping around moving between monitors?

Is there any problem maximizing a browser on any particular screen? Can you maximize a video and have it stay on the monitor you start it? Of course you can. But at work, where I run Ubuntu, I use two. It worked immediately.

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  • Windows: 9/10.
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  • macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?.
  • Ubuntu: 7/10!
  • If you want a real challenge, go get a tower from Acer. Now, install Windows. See if you can boot without having to get the install disks out. I just built a machine in January that had a boot-up time of 30 seconds. Since then, despite my best efforts in maintaining it, it now takes a good 2mins to boot up.

    Is there any way to run Ubuntu and windows on the same machine without uninstalling the windows os. This is a late reply, but sure! You can dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows easily. You can also put the installation files on a USB Drive and install it with that. I have given a name to my pain.

    The infection. When i was using Windows 8 and 8. Linux, my fav, but the linux installation is so hungry to eat and partition my hdd and kill windows permanently.. Infection is gone now…. So linux is good only for adult webpages — the people who complain viruses are totally no skilled or adult content fans :. Ok so if I dual-boot ubuntu with win 7, will it stil have 1.

    For example, now my computer uses 1,71 GB with just net opened. Since you will only be running one operating system at a time, your RAM capacity will be the same. RAMis for processing. Its not permanent. Nothing is saved. Get a cheap Android tablet instead,which is much lighter to carry around and will save you lots of money too.

    I use Ubuntu I use Oracle VM virtualbox to run windowsxp for my windows applications that I need for work. This runs inside of the Linux host and the speed is great. I have a dual boot system with each OS on its own hard drive, but I rarely have to boot up in Windows because the Virtualbox runs so well. Best thing is that you can install it from the software center free. You will need a valid windows cd to install windows. Also another fact not known to many is that Windows 7 users are in a minority compared to Windows XP since many businesses and consumers have refused to move from XP to Vista or 7 because they are both slow, error prone and Windows 7 has a nasty bug which cuts you off from the Internet after doing updates.

    There are efforts to port a lot of older software to Linux. First there Quake, Half Life. There is a concerted effort to make a Creative Suite type software for Linux. So Linux is catching up and with all of the security holes in Windows and its server versions, many businesses are definitely talking about moving to Linux. What is scary is that Windows server is known to be full of security holes but banks continue to use it anyway. And we wonder why banks are losing our data! Linux is safer. You could sell Linux to banks,they sure need it.