How to set your browser to accept cookies on a mac

Blocking third-party cookies will usually have a minimal impact on your overall web experience. But there is another kind of cookie - Flash cookies. Flash is rarely used these days, however, and is not enabled by default in any modern browser. Most modern browsers will also delete Flash cookies when you clear your browsing history, so they are not the threat they once were. We will not cover Flash cookies in this guide, but if you want to learn more then please check out What are Supercookies, Flash cookies, Zombie cookies?

In our view, Firefox is the best choice of browser for anyone concerned about privacy, although its privacy settings do need some manual tightening up. One of these settings is its cookie management…. Firefox is essentially identical in Windows, macOS, and Linux. Privacy-focused browsers such as Tor, Waterfox, and Pale Moon are forked from earlier versions of Firefox. Details for changing the cookie settings of these are slightly different than described here but are be close enough that you should be able to figure them out from these Firefox version Firefox for Android basically brings the full Firefox experience to your mobile device.

Not all desktop add-ons for Firefox work on Android, but most do. This means it loses many features available on other platforms, including the ability to run browser add-ons. For reasons that are not entirely clear given that it used to be possible until recently, no browser for iOS allows you to block third party cookies.

Indeed, the only iOS browser that even allows you to disable cookies at all is Safari. The official advice from Firefox is to use Firefox Focus instead.

How to Enable Third-Party Cookies

This browser with optional Safari integration uses blocklists to prevent various types of website tracking, but in iOS even it does not provide the option to disable cookies the option is available to Android users, though. Google makes money by invading your privacy in order to better sell you stuff. In spite of this, Chrome is by far the most popular browser in the world…. Note that it is no longer possible in Chrome this guide uses Version To block Cookies entirely, touch the setting so that the switch moves left and turns from blue to grey.

Apple makes money from selling hardware, not your privacy. This makes it likely that Safari is much better for your privacy than Google Chrome. As with all Apple software, though, the browser is closed source so there is no way to know this for sure. Safari no longer supports blocking third-party cookies.

This all-or-nothing approach basically forces most people to accept all cookies if they want a useable internet. Not cool. As with all the other iOS browsers, it is no longer possible to block only third-party cookies in Safari for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can, however, disable cookies entirely. Bundled with every version of Windows since time began, IE remains the default browser for many people despite very much showing its age.

How to Block Third-Party Cookies in Every Web Browser

Chose how your cookies are handled. Unlike most browsers, IE can prompt you about how to handle cookies for each website you visit. We appreciate the sentiment, but reckon this would become very annoying very quickly! Much more modern than Internet Explorer, Edge is bundled with all copies of Windows Both Firefox and Chrome support various browser add-ons which give you greater control over how cookies are managed.

Our favorite is Cookie AutoDelete.

How to Manage and Remove Browser Cookies on Mac and iOS

This prevents tracking by deleting cookies whenever a tab or the browser is closed. The genius of this solution is that it protects your privacy without breaking or impairing any websites you visit. Cookie AutoDelete is open source, works with Firefox Containers, and allows you to whitelist sites. This last feature is great, as it allows you to keep preferences and suchlike for websites you use often. It also provides protection against Etags, and clears both DOM and local storage.

And like many stand-alone browser extensions, it can also be used to delete all cookies from an open tab. Cookie AutoDelete is available for Firefox and Chrome. Not directly related to cookies, as such, but if you are concerned about being tracked across the internet then you should use a Virtual Private Network VPN.

A VPN hides your unique internet IP address from websites you visit, making it hard for them to track you. Normal website usage of cookies is actually a benefit, but the way that advertisers use them could be regarded as an invasion of privacy.

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The dangers of cookies are overstated, but you do lose some privacy because advertisers know which website you are visiting. Is it important that you hide your activities from advertisers? Some people do not care. So what if an advertiser knows I watch YouTube videos, spend time on Facebook, and which sports team I follow.

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  7. Does it matter? All web browsers have cookie settings that enable you to allow them, block them, and sometimes selectively allow some and block others. Safari is no exception. The first option is to always block cookies. This provides the maximum privacy, but some websites do not work with this setting. It is best not to use it. The last option is Always allow and this lets anyone and everyone create cookies on your computer.

    Some web pages contain content from other websites. A good example of this that you have probably come across many times before is YouTube videos. You can view YouTube videos on the YouTube website, but sometimes people embed them in their own web page. A news site, a singer, a movie site, and others can all include YouTube videos on their pages.

    This means that a website can contain content from elsewhere, third parties in other words. The third Safari option, Allow from websites I visit, allows cookies from the website you are currently on, but not from third party content. This will block cookies from advertisers that host their adverts elsewhere on ad servers, but it might possibly block some useful third party content that requires cookies.


    For this reason, there is another setting, Allow from websites I visit. If you have never visited the YouTube website then the cookie would not be allowed. This third setting blocks some unwanted cookies, mainly from advertisers, but it allows cookies from websites you visit. It offers the greatest compatibility while offering some privacy.

    So to answer the question in the title, no cookies are not dangerous.

    How to disable third-party cookies

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