How to export imovie project from mac to ipad 2

Once you tap the transition icon between two clips, you can tap a two-headed arrow icon to open the Precision Editor an iPad-exclusive feature , to make sure your cuts are happening on exactly the right frame.

How do I share iMovie project files?

Titles are limited, but functional. One of my favorite actions while editing video, splitting a clip in two, is fast and easy if not obvious : you select a clip and then swipe down on the play head, and poof, one clip becomes two. Though I was able to get up and running in iMovie on the iPad quickly, the app actually has remarkable depth. In general, seeing iMovie on the iPad actually makes the design direction of the Mac version of iMovie start to make sense.

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The only thing that will really limit its use is the limited number of cameras that produce iMovie-compatible video files. Presumably the existence of this product will spur camera-makers to make sure their devices create compatible files, at least as an option. If you shoot most of your home movies on your iPhone already, though, you will have few complaints about iMovie on the iPad. These are my first impressions. We will have much, much more on iMovie on the iPad—including an in-depth first look and a full review—in the next few days at Macworld.

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Using the app

When you open the IMovie, open your project or create a new one. When you are done, click on Share and then on Export Movie. You will see the menu at the top of your screen. Type the name of your project and choose where you want to save it. You will see a pop-up menu. You can also click on an arrow and navigate where you want to save your project.

Now, you can choose the size of the movie. The table will show you the best size for a specific device. You should know that the aspect ratio affects on the size of your movie. For example, widescreen aspect ratio will increase the size of your project. After 2 seconds, you will see the video compression, the frame rate, the data rate and the size of the movie in megabytes.


Click export and you are done. Now, when you want to find your project, all you need to do is to navigate to the folder you choose from the pop-up menu. Every user wants to save unfinished projects at some point.

How to save iMovie projects on Mac

When you do this, you can edit the project on another computer, or continue editing on your Mac computer when you want. However, if you need help, you must save unfinished project and continue editing it on another computer, where a friend can help you. This is a useful feature that a lot of users use it. On the other side, professionals use it all the time.

Part 2. How to Convert Exported iMovie MOV to MP4 (4 iMovie Converters)

They cannot complete a project on just one computer. If you must continue editing your project on another computer, you should follow those steps. Remember that an unfinished project is made for Mac computers. If you want to save the unfinished IMovie project, you will have to follow these steps. You must know that the procedure is different than you want to save a finished project.

Go to the menu File-Open Library-New. Give a name to the new library and choose a saving location from the drop menu. It is recommended to choose your removable drive. Choose the destination folder.

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  6. It can be a removable drive, or it can be some other folder. When you are done, click Save, and your project will be saved. Now, you have two libraries in your navigation panel. Drag and drop your project to the library, you just created.

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    This means that your project has been saved. When you want to open your unfinished project, on another computer, you must follow these steps. You should know that both versions of IMovie, should be the same or similar versions.

    Can I move projects back to my iPhone or iPad?

    For example, if an IMovie on one Mac computer is latest, and on another is very old, there are some problems with opening your project. Launch IMovie and plug your removable drive in the computer. You can even use a memory card or an external HDD to transfer your files. Go to the menu File-Open Library-Other.

    Click on Locate button. You must do this in order to find your removable drive and open the project. Click on your removable drive. It is located in the left corner.