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Firstly, the class names for a few ships are wrong. For example, the Royal Navy light cruiser Edinburgh is displayed as an Edinburgh-Class ship, whereas it should be a Town-class. Yet I know that Britain had a lot of air craft carriers and battleships such as the ark Royale or Illustrious and battleships like the Iron Duke and the Duke of York, I would really like for more ships to be added to the British tech tree.

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Great game all round, just have two issues and that is that the games could go for longer, 5min games generally forces destroyers to act quickly instead of hunting their prey and being stealth. Extend to 10min games i think would be good, or even 8min games. Have enough ships in port to cycle through while other ships are in battle. Being forced to buy premium to even have a chance at higher tiers. Just creates another pay to win game. Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback and impressions of the game so far.

Any feedback is welcome and we will send this on to the development teams. We hope to see you soon on the open seas! Requires iOS 9.

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Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Join real-time battles on the high sea, command your naval vessel and team-up to destroy your enemies in intense and realistic gunship battles. In-App Purchases See All. Weekend Pass. Monthly Pass. Get gold now, silver and Free XP daily. Weekly Pass. Size 2 GB. Incorrect technical characteristics are displayed when viewing the ship that was sold with upgrades.

Ranks are displayed instead of Tiers for tier XII players on live servers. Casemates armor is displayed for aircraft carriers though they are not there Disappearing reflections of high-rise buildings in the "New York" port Visual armor of the ship is displayed on the other ship during fast switching of ships in carousel Display available for conversion experience when a player has no doubloons.

CSM displays the message on expiration of Premium Account, while it is not expired. The option to close the channel window with password without entering it is unable. When minimizing the game window, buttons freeze Rank does not correspond to the current Ranked Battles Season of the inactive players.

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Promo screens about registration completion for Steam accounts are not displayed. In some cases, object description tips aren't displayed properly. In some cases, the Port interface freezes after a cross-realm Clan battle: Division chat disappears, all players of a Division have the "In battle" status including yourself , and buttons don't respond when clicked.

Sometimes, when mounting a signal, the corresponding tick jerks. Some players have the camera in the Flags tab turned in such a way that they can't see any flags. A list of contacts in a chat can't be aligned. The "Issued" sign isn't centered on the received awards in the giftbox. When players are able to mount two flags on a ship, a flag description window presents all ship types where two flags can be mounted, not only by flag and nation.

The automatic focus on modules when tips are available doesn't work. While hovering over a module, the context tip for purchasing and researching the module disappears when you scroll. Sometimes the tip about the open mode of Random Battles isn't displayed. Sometimes the "New" marker isn't displayed on the dog tag issued for a discount for logging in to the game. In some cases, when you log in to the game as another user, the ship display filters don't reset. Clan tag is not displayed in the list of ships destroyed in battle.

Sometimes, squadron's engine boost bar is not displayed.

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Particular effects beyond the camera border are not displayed. The reticle from the last airdrop of a squadron remains visible on the water's surface if players select the same aircraft type on the carrier. In Observer mode, the marker for capturing a neutral key area is displayed red when there are both allied and enemy ships within its capture radius. A cursor sometimes appears while controlling the free camera of an aircraft carrier. Japanese fighters loose all ammunition during the attack on enemy fighters without destroying any. From time to time, the icons of aircraft carrier's consumables blink when they are activated.

Damaged modules icons flicker when switching between post-battle stats tabs In some cases in post-battle stats in "Detailed report" tab ships that haven't been damaged may be displayed The displayed damage on the caused damage counter differs from the total damage caused by several points. During the battle some UI elements may disappear in some cases An error in incorrect rounding of rudder shift time upon mounting the Steering Gears Modification 2 upgrade.

Once the air group, which was destroyed prior to that, takes off, the attack abandon timer is displayed during the attack The "Thunderstorm Front" icon appears only based on the aircraft carrier position There's no torpedo range in minimap settings when the player controls a torpedo bombers squadron When the "Incoming Fire Alert" perk is used, the salvo indicator isn't displayed properly — the color of the salvo text doesn't match the color of the exclamation mark When the interface is disabled via the ctrl-g combination, torpedo bombers' prediction freezes in one place Damage values for the enemy air group, which is taking off, are shown if it has been destroyed prior to that.

Air group crosshairs do not take terrain into account during the aiming and prediction process Lost fighters and bombers are not counted in the post-battle statistics After an event battle, the "Missions" tab will be open on the loading screen of the next battle regardless of what tab was selected previously.

The speed value is 0. When first loading on a map with key areas, the key areas are not displayed on the minimap of the loading screen. Spamming of notification on the progress of completing personal combat missions. In certain cases ships that didn't deal any damage to the player's ship appear in post-battle statistics The icon for the battle type appears in battle for a short time. The icons for the team roster and aircraft carrier squadrons are blurry.

When switching to the free camera view from the tracking camera "Z" , any further attempt to return to the ship freezes the camera along with the tracking effect. Weather change timer doesn't appear after re-connection when a Cyclone has already set in. Distance displayed in the main guns binocular view differs from the distance displayed in the gunsight after switching back to the third person view. After a battle is over, if they hold the H button, the "null" values are displayed in the ship characteristics window.

On the Minimap, the values flicker in case the different types of armament have the same firing range. Sometimes, in battle, ribbons are displayed one above another. Lexington AP bomb drop cycle under defensive AA is abnormally big In battle results, in the Detailed Report tab, the damage from aircrafts in the Operation mode is not displayed. The color of the clantag in post-robust statistics does not match the color of the tag in the section "Composition of Teams" When you shoot allied aircraft down, the ship that was carrying them is not displayed in the post-battle statistics screen.

After reconnection, the Division chat is not available. In Operation Dynamo, markers of mines that were near the ship before disconnection cannot be seen after reconnection. On the event operations maps Halloween and , the torpedo aiming cone may overlay elements of the surrounding environment There are cases when the Detailed Report tab is not displayed in battle results. Incorrect operations names in replays A player does not receive the achievement for the completion of particular conditions at the end of a battle.

The effect of full screen fire is displayed after reentering the battle provided their ship was destroyed. The camera may keep moving in the same direction when pressing W and Esc simultaneously after being destroyed The weather change icon of may appear after being destroyed In battle results, in the Detailed Report tab, in the window for aircraft that were destroyed, no information is displayed about who shot down them in case the aircrafts were shot down by the player or by an ally.

In some cases minimap circles distance numbers may be displaced There is no indication of a target lock on the Tactical Map The timer of a consumable delivers incorrect values after re-entry to the battle A rare issue when the UI elements of enemy ships icons on the Minimap, hit points indicator, name, etc. If a player gets into battle too late, the cyclone timer continues to display the cyclone approach time even after the cyclone effect has already kicked in A standard detection icon is displayed after switching from the salvo icon, in case the ship was detected by special devices.

In some cases enemy base capture timer is not updated In particular cases torpedoes can travel beyond the map boundaries. Forced torpedoes reload icon is displayed when main caliber guns are chosen In some cases aim lock is not displayed on a minimap There are rare cases when the capture progress remains unchanged after leaving the control point. Rare incorrect display of battle interface in the Training Room. The player still can send attention to a square on the Minimap by double-clicking it after reentering the battle provided their ship was destroyed Capture timer is displayed for a short period of time after an area has been captured In some cases if there are enemies in the capture area base capture timer may disappear Help text hint is twitching when changing minimap transparency The Smoke Screen radius does not correspond to the the effect size of UK cruisers.

Become a Commander and plunge into global naval history!

Hydroacoustic Search hint values are not rounded when the Vigilance skill is mastered There are cases when the allied ships clutch during ramming and cannot declutch. After restarting the game client and reentering the battle, the Minimap becomes empty and transparent. The button "Battle on! Upon the first display of the air squadron icon, the icon is first displayed in the top corner of A1 sector. In some cases, the sector of the review goes beyond the minimap.

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An incorrect icon is displayed upon picking up a consumable item in the Savage Battle mode. Sometimes the camera shifts to an aircraft carrier while players are still controlling a squadron. It's possible for a destroyed ship to show as having full HP after the observer has self-destructed. In observer mode, it's possible for the HP of a ship to be displayed incorrectly.

While changing the size of the Minimap, islands sometimes disappear. The icons of ships are twitching while moving within the Minimap. While planning a route for the autopilot with route intersections, movement of the camera in the game can cause the route lines to "hop. While controlling a squadron, it's impossible to report or complement a player through the context menu within the lists of commands.

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If some airplanes have been destroyed, the reticle of a bomber shifts during an attack. The markers of ships which are close to each other are hard to differentiate. Data in the Credits and XP tab can sometimes go missing. Sometimes the audio of Kaga's attack aircraft is too loud while launching rockets.

Incorrect Roman numerals on the waterline of the ship on her right side. On some ships, the flag hits the superstructure Only the right-side turbine pipe trembles on the Savage Battle mode's ships. The armor layout of destroyer Z lacks the barbette armor. Ship names are displayed on the minimap even if the tick is not set in the options On the Risus map in Space Assault mode, the tops of the island in G7 sector can be shoot through. After ship was destroyed, there is no option to switch to another player using the team panel.

In the Port, edges of the ship shadow are displayed as flickering lines On the Estuary map shadows from hanging objects are displayed incorrectly [Glitch] There are cases when island parts appear in the air. On the Hotspot map, the frustrum is cut on the top right corner of the Minimap. On battleship Yamato, the length of the torpedo bulges is less than the length of the citadel's armor belt. On German cruiser Graf Spee, gun barrels of the mm secondary armament rotate separately from the turrets.

The Tactical Expertise achievement is granted regardless of the number of completed missions. The hint that entering a Ranked Battle in a Division is impossible is missing. Interface can be loading with a delay in the Port. Icons are cut in the "Upgrades" and "Ammunition and Consumables" tabs. When enemy aircraft spotting aircraft or fighters is destroyed, the visual effect of aircraft crashing is reproduced at the location of the enemy ship catapult.

Custom music playback does not work with the option "Use my music" Crosshair hitches if the "Adrenaline Rush" skill is mastered. Sometimes at the moment of the last squadron's flight attack, the camera teleports to the carrier without F having been pressed. There's an error in the description of aircraft carrier Enterprise: the ship in the series cell states 2, while the correct number is 3. Sometimes the post-battle statistics aren't displayed. In some situations, the soundtrack of the player-selected Port can be heard in battles.

The icon for the permanent Type 9 camouflage for Diana is too dark. The camera twitches when enabling the sniper mode. Sometimes AI ships fire at already destroyed enemies.

Collection elements are not divided into "New" and "Duplicate" if the element hasn't been obtained before, when all containers are opened together. Squadron control can be lost in battle. When escaping the dogfight using the manual attack, the fighters that were escaped with this maneuver do not receive the full freeze movement and attack for 5 seconds, but are able to move.

It's necessary to support the flooding effects in the additional content filter. Space sound effect of voice chat remains in the Port after a battle in the Space Battle made. In the conditions for getting the "Aircraft Carrier Commander I" emblem, Tier IX aircraft carriers are mentioned that are currently not available in the game. Ship ropes are drawn behind smoke screen and other visual effects. From time to time, a flight that has delivered attack doesn't return to its aircraft carrier and gets frozen in the air. Old WoWS logo is displayed on the rotating gear icon. On IntelHD-based devices, there's a red bar on the water when playing on a destroyer.

A torpedo that was dropped next to the island disappeared, but caused damage to the ship. Add the option to select the battle type in the mission window. The giftbox displays absolute values instead of coefficients. The torpedoes penetrate through the ship without causing damage.

When one of master servers is shut down, waiting screen for switching to a new master server cannot be closed A drop in speed is possible when a squadron is getting down after flying over a mountain. Problems with control and sound may occur if Free Camera is used when controlling a squadron. Video can be played in fast mode on log-in screen if the game client is minimized and PC is sent to sleep mode, and then, when the PC wakes up, the game client is maximized.

When rendering spotted and destroyed ships, some lags that resemble freezes may occur. Ship icons may not be displayed in the matchmaker window when entering a battle in a Division consisting of 3 players. The "Detected" icon is not updated in the hint in the "Ship Controls" tab. The music layer playing in the Clan tab depends on the previously selected tab the first layer is heard if the player switched to the Clan tab from the Port tab, the second layer is heard if the Clan tab was selected from the Modules tab, etc. Squadrons maneuvering by themselves during take-off The duration of consumables on aircraft isn't shown during replays When holding the Alt button the timer showing the readiness of the next aircraft isn't displayed The crosshair and the prediction point aren't displayed during replays Bombs on Midway cannot be dropped with the last flight of the squadron The explosions of AA gun shells cannot hit the aircraft flying above the mountains The aircraft model is standing on the catapult when all consumable charges are used and the aircraft were destroyed.

After leaving the battle, in the Dragon Port, the animation of waves correspond to to the state when the ship is moving at full speed. The left arrow button acts as a button that switches between the tabs when the player tries to assign a function to that key The effects of bombs and torpedoes aren't replaced with a skin When a rocket hits the citadel, the corresponding ribbon isn't given to the player Shells and shell tracers during poor weather conditions appear farther than the acquisition range allows An error message is missing in case of the lost connection when using Pmang client.

Squadron control can be temporarily lost during the takeoff. An ellipse similar to the aircraft crosshair may appear near the player's aircraft carrier when playing on aircraft carrier Indomitable. The small picture representing Type 18 — Lightning camouflage pattern contains the red color, which is not present in any color scheme of this camouflage mounted on a ship. The voice message "The enemy is about to win" is played many times until a battle ends.

When switching to the Binocular view into the distance aiming the camera to the maximum up position , if a torpedo tube is selected and any ship is in focus, the camera twitches once more. The model of an allied spotting aircraft disappears once it is launched. Teleportation of an aircraft carrier after she is destroyed. In death camera mode, shells don't get rendered after a salvo from battleship AllDestroyer Incorrect main battery reload time is displayed when the number of ship's hit points is reduced and Commander skill Adrenaline Rush is mastered.

Entering the game client can take longer time. The effect of foam on water when ship is sinking accelerates at large distance. The camera goes inside the ship when the module overview stops AA guns models stop following the target if it was behind the terrain for a certain period of time During the "Cherry Blossom" operation, the "Destroy 50 aircraft" mission cannot be completed if the enemy aerodromes were destroyed before the aircraft took off.

In certain cases audio messages are played simultaneously rather than one at a time Incorrect name of the check box "Open the Daily Shipments window on login".