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Some time later, Ann, traumatized by her experiences with Venom and the Symbiote, commits suicide after seeing Spider-Man pass by her window in a black costume, believing it is Brock returning for her. The story follows U. Army communication specialist Patricia Robertson. It is revealed that the Ararat Corporation is run by an alien colony of miniature spider robots led by an entity named Bob, that have infiltrated the American government.

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The Ararat Corporation has cloned Venom to facilitate the extermination of humanity, but the clone ravages its hosts. The clone is responsible for the death of the outpost crew. Robertson finds an ally in the Suit, a mysterious individual made of the same miniature robots as Bob, revealed to have been accidentally brought to Earth by Reed Richards. The Suit sabotages Wolverine , the clones favored host, forcing it to bond with Robertson. One of Bob's agents convinces Robertston to kill the real Venom to save humanity, causing her to free the incarcerated Venom.

She and Venom fight, but Venom escapes. Bob remotely deactivates the technology allowing Robertson to control the clone forcing her to rely on willpower. Later, Robertson and Venom again fight, and Venom absorbs the clone.

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  8. The series did not continue and the plot remained unresolved as of The Venom Symbiote would later regurgitate and expel the clone from its body, allowing it to bond with a teenager named Andrea "Andi" Benton. Taking the name Mania, Benton became Agent Venom's partner for a time. Angelo is the son of Don Fortunato , a prominent Mafia capo. His frail physique and shy attitude leave Angelo frequently bullied and humiliated by his father. Brock warns Angelo of the Symbiote, but Angelo rebuffs him, saying that he has nothing to lose.

    Spider-Man ultimately defeats Angelo and when he tries to escape, the Symbiote abandons Angelo for his cowardice while he is leaping between buildings, leaving him to fall to his death. Spider-Man tried to save him, but he ran out of webs. When they separated Mac from Venom, the symbiote briefly bonded to Carol and started flying away. But Carol gathered her powers and detached from the symbiote which rebonded to Mac. When Red Hulk came crashing into to Flash's apartment so he can recruit him, the symbiote sensing Red Hulk as danger, briefly bonds to him so he doesn't do any harm to Flash.

    Then when Red Hulk calms down, the symbiote returns to Flash. When Flash Thompson with the symbiote was infiltrating into the Crime Master 's men, Superior Spider-Man came attacking the criminals who was then confronted by Agent Venom. Doc Ock thinking that Venom was still evil attacked Flash with Web Shooters filled with burner fuel and in the process injured Flash. While Flash was recovering, Superior Spider-Man put the symbiote in a canister and gave Flash a pair of prosthetic legs. Then the symbiote broke out and instead of bonding to Flash it bonded to Superior Spider-Man since it was still connected to Peter's body.

    After bonding to the symbiote, Otto called himself the Superior Venom and went solving crime in a much more brutal way. But the Avengers proved to be no match to Superior Venom since he had the abilities of Spider-Man powered by Venom with the mind of Doctor Octopus combined. In the fight Otto realizes that the symbiote was messing with his head and with the help of Peter's consciousness and Flash's who had arrived in an Iron Man suit he separated himself from Venom which returned to Flash.

    When Flash was part of the Guardians of the Galaxy he got separated from the symbiote and his team mates decided to send him to Earth. While traveling Groot accidentally bonds to the symbiote and started attacking the others. Then Rocket tried to save his friend, but the symbiote left Groot and bonded to him. Then he tried to convince them to leave "his" ship, but Drax grabbed Rocket by the tail and started bashing him to the walls until the symbiote bonded to Drax and defeated the whole team. Now the symbiote possessed Drax took control of the ship and went to a planet formed from symbiotes named Klyntar later revealed to be Knull 's cage where the symbiote got purified and rebonded to Flash.

    Agent Venom as Venom Space Knight foils the Gramosian's attempts to steal resources from the home planets of the P'qui [77] and the Wugin, [78] and to acquire chemical weapons derived from the blood of kidnapped Vvexians. Mercurio forces a Ruu'lto named Pik Rollo, whose child he is holding hostage, to try and assassinate Agent Venom, but Rollo instead betrays Mercurio, and joins forces with Venom.

    The reformed Agent Venom and his allies proceed to dismantle Mercurio's forces, but Mercurio himself escapes, and swears vengeance on both the symbiote and Thompson. A bout of temporary insanity that the Venom symbiote subsequently experiences is eventually discerned to have been caused by its brief fusion with Mercurio, whose evil had undone the mental "cleansing" that the creature had earlier undergone. In the mini-series Symbiote Spider-Man in which explored the time when Spider-Man was still bonded to the symbiote, Mysterio blackmailed Black Cat into stealing a piece of Spider-Man's suit for him.

    When he had his friend, the scientist of Kingpin , examine the piece, the symbiote controlling Peter's body came to retrieve it, however, after clashing with the men of Kingpin, was unable to find it and fled.

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    Kingpin then had Mysterio tied up for inerrogation, but the severed piece bonded to Mysterio which allowed him to overpower Kingpin and his men. He then went after Spider-Man in order to steal the suit and use it for himself. Though it requires a living host in order to survive, the Venom symbiote has been shown to be adept at fending for itself independent of a host.

    The Symbiote is capable of shapeshifting abilities, including the ability to form spikes or expand its size, [85] as well as mimic the appearance of other humanoids after it has obtained a host.

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    7. The organism can additionally use its shape-shifting abilities to conceal itself by altering its coloration or by becoming completely invisible. It also contains a small "dimensional aperture", allowing its hosts to carry items without adding mass to the costume. The Symbiote also exhibits telepathic abilities, primarily when it needs to communicate with its host. Because of its contact with Spider-Man, the Symbiote grants all of its subsequent hosts that hero's powers and cannot be detected by his spider-sense.

      As Spider-Man's fighting style is partly dependent on his spider-sense, his effectiveness was somewhat hampered when he battled Eddie Brock. Retaining its memory from the time it was bonded with Spider-Man, Venom is also capable of producing webbing similar to Spider-Man's own variety created from itself. The Symbiote greatly enhances the physical strength of those it bonds with. Its hosts experience a vastly larger size and musculature. The Symbiote displays non-human teeth, which are very sharp, and commonly protrudes a long tongue from its mouth.

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      Venom is depicted as being physically much bigger than Spider-Man, as well as having more brute strength. Venom exhibits some immunities to the supernatural powers of others such as the Penance Stare of Ghost Rider or Spider-Man's extrasensory spider-sense. Some incarnations of the Venom Symbiote have shown it able to replicate itself.

      This ability is shown in the — miniseries Spider-Man: Reign , when Venom recreates his own Symbiote to combat his loneliness. The Venom Symbiote is vulnerable to fire and sonic waves, causing it great pain and exhaustion if it sustains enough exposure. The Venom symbiote is shown to form giant Web-like dragon wings when it was in contact with Knull.

      As a fictional character, Venom has appeared in various adaptations, from comic books to films and television series. Each version of the work typically establishes its own continuity, and sometimes introduces parallel universes, to the point where distinct differences in the portrayal of the character can be identified. This article details various versions of Venom depicted in works including Marvel Comics' Ultimate universe and What If issues.

      Venom's first appearance in a motion picture was originally planned for a titular film written by David S. Goyer and produced by New Line Cinema , in which Venom would have been portrayed as an antihero and Carnage as the antagonist. By , the film rights to Venom had reverted to Sony Pictures. In the film, the Symbiote, after being rejected by Peter Parker, joins with Brock after the rival freelance photographer is exposed by Parker to have used a fake photograph, which ruins him publicly.

      In the viral marketing campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 an article by Eddie Brock one of the most notable hosts of Venom detailing the capture of Cletus Cassidy who later went on to become Carnage was featured, with Anne Weying , who in the comics became the Bride of Venom, being mentioned in another article; these articles coming from the fictional Marvel universe's The Daily Bugle.

      In March , following the introduction of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe , it was announced that Sony was moving forward with a standalone film by hiring Dante Harper to write the script, and Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal producing. The film was initially reported to have no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe , nor have any relation to Spider-Man, and that it would be set in its own continuity. Variety reported that Kelly Marcel would write the script with Pinkner and Rosenberg.

      Venom is a playable character and boss character in a number of video games across several platforms.

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      Comics journalist and historian Mike Conroy writes of the character: "What started out as a replacement costume for Spider-Man turned into one of the Marvel web-slinger's greatest nightmares. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Venom disambiguation. This article is about the Venom symbiote character. Main article: Spider-Man.

      Christophe Gin: 6th Laureate of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award

      Main article: Eddie Brock. Main article: Mac Gargan. Main article: Flash Thompson. Main article: Malekith the Accursed. Main article: Ben Reilly. Main article: Anne Weying. Main article: Patricia Robertson comics.

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      Main article: Doctor Octopus. Main article: Mercurio the 4-D Man. Main article: Mysterio. Main article: Alternative versions of Venom. Main article: Venom film. Retrieved Comic Book Resources. Byrne Robotics, accessed July 2, March 10, Marvel Comics. November 29, Archived from the original on October 4, Byrne Robotics. Retrieved July 2, Venom: The Final Confrontation! Archived from the original on Caleb January 10, Comics Alliance. Ultimate Spider-Man.

      Season 1. Episode 4. April 15, Disney XD. July 18, Archived from the original on August 31, Retrieved August 31, Avengers Assemble. Season 4. Episode January 14, Guardians of the Galaxy. Season 3. Episode 3. March 25, Dark Horizons. The Hollywood Reporter. March 6, Retrieved May 19, Retrieved December 14, Retrieved September 16, Retrieved March 5, March 16, Retrieved March 16, March 27, Retrieved March 27, Retrieved October 5, Roots your Device: You can also root your device using Xperia Flash tool.

      Customize Device: You can customize your device using Flash tool. Flashtool developer Androxyde has updated the must-have utility for Xperia owners to build number 0. The big feature in this latest version is that it supports all Xperia devices. If you remember, the last Flashtool version 0. Therefore, if you were using an older Xperia model series and older it was recommended to use the prior Flashtool release 0. Flashtool 0. Flash Tool For Sony Without further ado lets move towards the download links and a detailed review of the Tool.

      Flash Tool For Xperia Flashtool developer Androxyde has updated the must-have utility for Xperia owners to build number 0. Star added. Quote saved.