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This is where I end up deleting them. If I ever need them again, I can just re-install. AppCleaner also lets you pick and choose what files you delete inside an app. That being said, AppCleaner does an excellent job of helping you clean up unused apps that are hogging unnecessary storage. And whenever you add another piece to your workflow, it seems the duplicates always love to come back in droves. If you suspect you have duplicate photos floating around in your library, there are tons of apps available to help you clean them up.

Advanced Ways to Free Up Space on Mac!

One of my favorites is PhotoSweeper. Not only can it scan your library for exact matches, you have tons of options for customizing your photo triaging. For example, I can search for only photos of the exact same file type great for photographers who only want to search for RAW files , or only files of the exact same size.

Instead, you can stream them using iTunes in the Cloud. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have a cloud icon next to all of my movies.

Know How to Free Up Space in Mac Mail from Wasting Gigabytes Disk Space

To delete movies off your actual Mac hard drive, just right click the movie and remove it. It will still stay available for streaming via iTunes in the Cloud. This alone can free up tons of hard drive space. For example, I have lots of old photos and videos from college and high school. When I want to access them, I can simply log in to Dropbox from anywhere, or use the app on my iPhone or iPad.

On the Mac, you can dictate what folders sync from Dropbox and are stored locally on your Mac. And, other mail clients can access through the IMAP.

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To access the configuration dialog, open the Gmail account with a web interface. It will help protect the Mail application so that it does not display or download all emails. You can easily remove messages from the Mail and even removed from your desktop, but not from the server.

Usually, for the modern email system, POP3 mail is not really ideal. But, this will always give the email notifications via Mail app and allows to send emails from it when leaving the archive messages on your mail server. The multiple hard disk users may face several problems, it is the best time to clean the storage space in Mac Mail.

How to Free Up Storage Space in macOS 10.14

There are many junk files stored on the computer. So, users can not use the external hard drive correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to free up disk space on the Mac machine. Therefore, we have analyzed several ways to quickly manage disk storage space on Mac OS. If you are looking for a Solution to Backup Mac Mail email , then download this application. When your mac storage space is not enough.

Of course, we can use external disks to extend computer storage, but usually we use external disks to back up time machines. A macbook with two external disks will make everything even heavier.

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So I prefer to free up the startup disk storage space on macOS. With some tricks, we can always keep enough system storage space. This article provides 9 ways to release startup disk storage in macOS Mojave, which you can choose to do with or without third-party application tools. Click Manage Choose the Applications section on the left sidebar, all applications will be listed in the right list view.

How to Clear Disk Space on Mac [5 Top Tips]

Use the "Last Accessed" to sort the applications, choose the unwanted application, right click "Delete" , it will remove this application. But this operation only remove the application itself, not the app cache, document data. If you want to remove all app data, use PowerSuite to uninstall app completely. Usually Documents section will take up lots of startup disk storage.

Optimize Storage

Select "Large Files" button and sort all files by Size in descending order. You can view the largest document files in your computer, delete unused large files, or copy them to the external disk then delete them. Sort all file by "Last Accessed" in ascending order, you will view the old document files, then delete the unused items. Remove the old and unwanted download files will free up the disk storage. Select "Download" button, the macOS arrange all the download files by download date: Older than 1 year , Older than 6 months and more.