How to reduce pdf file size mac free

You can access the Applications folder through LaunchPad and your Finder.

How to compress PDF files on Mac

Type the scale, resolution and minimum and maximum pixels you want to apply to any images in your PDF. Open the PDF you want to resize and apply the Reduce File Size Copy filter as described in the steps 6 and onward of the previous section.

Click the location on your hard drive where you want to save the PDF, such as "Desktop" or "Documents. Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since Her writing has been featured in "JPG" magazine and on Zlio. Skip to main content. About the Author Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since That leaves us with Image Compression. Go ahead and click the triangle to expand the settings.

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Now you have your filter, what do you do with it? You used to be able to access these filters from right inside the Mac system print dialog, so you could apply them whenever you created a PDF. They took that out, Lord knows why.

How to Reduce File Size of PDF on Mac

Click on None , and pick your previously created filter. Click Apply. The preview updates live to show you the effect your filter is having.

How to compress PDF file on Mac | Reduce PDF file size on Mac

Go ahead and select some other filters to see what they do. Now, with your own filter applied, go ahead and save the new file.

[How-To] - Reduce PDF File Size (The Easy Way) Using Mac OS

Not bad, right? If you use this trick often, you might consider keeping ColorSync Utility in your Dock for quicker access. Now, go ahead and enjoy people no longer hating you because you keep sending them huge PDFs.

8 Best PDF Compressor for Mac and Windows

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