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Access to Dashlane is efficient, as it is done by a single master password, which is never recorded nor transmitted. Data is stored using AES encryption. Other features include automatic password generation, two-factor authentication, secure backup, a dashboard, and security breach alerts.

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Together with the password manager, the app provides a digital wallet, where the user can store credit card information, bank account details, IDs and several other personal details, which can later be used to automatically fill in online forms. Its efficiency and ease of use prompted the New York Times to describe Dashlane as one of the best password managers for Mac.

Concisely, Dashlane is an excellent option as a Mac password manager.

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Both, its combined features and efficiency stand out in a very competitive market. It is a commercial software application that it is offered for free, with a Premium paid option for many computers. This Mac password manager has several interesting features such as the capacity to auto-populate passwords in web sites, and personal information in forms.

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This is complemented with a site sharing option. In addition, it comes with a password generator, which helps the user to find more secure combinations of characters. It also has the capacity to check if a password has already been used. On the downside, the developer was admittedly hacked in , and some master passwords stolen.

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Later in , some anomalies were found. Overall, this is a good free password manager Mac that can be used in a computer with confidence and efficiency.


KeepassX is probably the best password manager for Mac that is open source and for free. In addition, it has certain built-in extra capabilities, such as password generation, and the capacity to add third-party plug-ins and tools. This feature has generously extended its functionality to many devices, browsers and platforms.

Thus, this password manager, has profited from the open-source community-based approach, and although being originally primarily for Windows and named Keepass, it has extended its domain to OS X supported devices, and has become a multi-platform app.

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It is basically a database that contains passwords, private keys, certificates, and secure notes. Passwords of different types can be stored, such as for websites, FTP servers, SSH accounts, wireless protocols, encrypted disk images and more. A nice feature of this password keeper for Mac is that access to the database can be done by the login password.

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