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Master the command line: Copying and moving files on the Mac

Mind the slash at the end of the target folder or the target folder itself will be overwritten by the contents. With number 1 only the file descriptors will change internally, but no file will be physically moved. With 2 and 3 the files are physically copied over to the new location with step 2 doing a second step and deleting them from the original location after each copy. If you copied over the files using sudo , you can modify the permissions of the target files using chown and chmod.

Since it is not required, you can omit to leave it as is hence the square brackets.

How to Show Hidden Files on MacOS with a Keyboard Shortcut

The advantage of this method is that it works for folders, keeping the permissions of each file, the folder can be of any size and it can work with different file system formats, for example I used an external hdd with exfat to copy my tgz from a mac to a linux without any problem. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Copy recursively files and folders, but preserving everything while gaining ownership?

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How to Show Hidden Files on Mac - Apple Mac Tutorial

I would like to copy files and folders recursively from an external drive to my internal SSD. Is there a way through Terminal I guess to copy the files: while preserving all the files and folders details i. I forgot about it!

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French user here also…. MacOS So yes you have to have the bleach low contrast interface to use this tip. I tried this trick and the file has completely disappeared.

Keyboard Shortcut

Where could it have gone to? The really strange thing is that it put a screenshot of the file in Dropbox at the same time. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

A key combination to show all hidden files on MacBook

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Michal says:. January 14, at pm. February 13, at am. John Greer says:. David51 says:. Ckermo says:. February 14, at pm. Pole says:. You can also write scripts in separate files, and run those commands. Nonetheless, we recommend using Funter to hide and unhide files and folders. It is more convenient and easy to use. Moreover, Funter is preferable due to the ability to search for hidden files and hide files. Free Download. You are here: Home 3 ways to show hidden system files on Mac Most Mac users rely on Spotlight to search for files and folders.

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  8. Method 1 Show hidden files on Mac via Terminal 1. Method 2 Show hidden files on Mac with a special script 1. Here is how to use it step by step: 1.