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  • 88 Palettes, 120 Palettes etc... Are they safe to use??!
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  • There is a Venomous Villains waterproof mascara.. Mac only makes 1 waterproof mascara and it's not Venomous Villains! The following are the REAL collections. Cruella de Vil Collection. Facilier Collection. Wonder Woman Collection. Hello Kitty Collection. Perhaps you should consider contributing if you haven't already done so. Message 2 of Sep 26, AM. But I was one of the ones that didn't do enough research in time and actually bought this product with "free brush set".

    The quality isn't the greatest, but I guess that's what I get for being a dummy lol. I am currently trying to get the place that sold it to me to take it back! Thanks for the warning though. People should know this!! Message 3 of Sep 30, PM. The original palette is of the brand Manly. If you do any searches of " palette" either on a search engine or on eBay or on my listings , you will notice it looks exactly the same as the supposed MAC palette. You will also notice that there are many different brands for the exact same thing.

    Sarah Confesses: The Fakers - Fake MAC & Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette - D-bate & Review

    This is because the manufacturer of the Manly palettes offers a retailer's option that, if bought in bulk, they are willing to place ANY LOGO on the palettes. That's where you get the many different brands from, and also why you see the MAC logo on some of them. Message 4 of Mar 26, AM. HELLO EVERYONE you are right mac has never ever made no palette and im so sick of ebay allowing these people to keep selling fake mac on here if i have to i will keep reporting to ebay all that i come across you bet youre butts i will.

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    Re: 88 Palettes, 120 Palettes etc... Are they safe to use??

    You can file a SNAD claim against the seller and get your money back for the fake. Message 6 of May 9, AM.

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    • I feel really bad for you. I was taken by a seller who advertised a real Mac and sent me something entirely different and it wasnt even the color shown.