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How to Clear Reading List on Your iPhone/iPad (iOS 12 Supported)

You will see a list of data types that you can back up to your iCloud account, Safari is one of them. Turn off Safari backup to iCloud, you will get the option to delete all Safari data from iPhone, see below screenshot. If you choose this option, you will delete all Safari data from iPhone and iCloud.

2. How to Manually Delete Safari Reading List

If you have not enabled iCloud backup on iPhone or have not enable Safari backup to iCloud, you can enable it now, then turn it off immediately to get the option to clear all Safari data from iPhone. Firstly open the Safari browser on iPhone.

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Slide your finger from bottom to top to display the page options bar at the iPhone screen bottom. See screenshot below. There are various options you can choose from above screen, for example, you can bookmark a page on your iPhone, add a page to reading list on iPhone, add the page to iPhone home screen, etc. Hello… I tried this many times but still It doesnt work on my phone… The red delete button shows up but when Im about to tap it nothing has changed.


I have tested it on an iPhone 4s, iOS 7. Can you capture your iPhone screen and share with us? Skip to content Reading List is a very useful feature of your iPhone browser. Part 1.

How do I delete reading list items on Safari on my MacBook?

How can I delete my reading list on iPhone? Part 2. How to mass delete all items from reading list at once on iPhone? Part 3. Add links and websites to reading list on iPhone. However, note that the Safari Reading List is different from bookmarks. While you get to keep the bookmarks for an indefinite period, Safari Reading list is used to mark important reading material and delete them after you have completed reading it. For example: you have added a film review to read later, it makes sense to delete it after you have read it. Bookmarks need you to be online when you try to access the webpage.

Step 3. This will save the article in your reading list. Step 4. Step 2.

how to remove reading list from safari

It is the one, which has the book icon. You will see your Reading List. Navigate the cursor on the page, which you want to delete. Then, right-click on it and select Remove This Item. How-to Mac. Dhvanesh Adhiya.

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