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The easiest way to start really djing. CuteDJ is the perfect DJ mixing software which enables you to mixing audio, videos, and host karaoke shows. CuteDJ combines intuitive user interface and powerful mixing engine that takes digital DJing to the next level for beginner and professional DJs alike. Beat-matching is just one-click away and also are seamless beat loops, sync, crossfader, pitch lock, hot cues, key detection, FX, VST effects, sampler and many other features.

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Auto-beat detection allows you to instantly match the beats BPM of two tracks for a perfect beat mix. Instant access to your playlists and songs from iTunes, automatically ready to go for your next live DJ performance. Automatic key detection, keylock MasterTempo , key matching, and pitch scaling, All of these are good for harmonic mixing.

CuteDJ gives you comprehensive hardware control for your DJ mixes. The world's most popular DJ mixing software, I was impressed with the sheer number of controllers that come pre-mapped for CuteDJ, which makes setup quick and easy. One of the best features of this DJ software is its ability to mix both audio and video, which makes it an attractive software programs for video DJs and disc jockeys alike. Introducing CuteDJ The easiest way to start really djing.

Listen to the sound of the songs together to make sure the songs mesh well together. Make a note of the tempo of each song to determine if one should be sped up or slowed down. Consider the key of each song to make sure they are harmonized.

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Listen for complimentary parts where both songs can be played together. Switch between the two songs. In a good musical blend the sound flows from one song to the next. Try to alternate starting and stopping the two songs to hear how they sound one after the other. You can save time once you begin to blend by listening for the natural transitions in the songs between verses, chorus, and bridge.

Make a note of when these transitions occur. Choose an MP3 file of a song as your starting point. Import the song into the mixing program.

How Do I Merge Two Audio Files?

Depending on the program you choose you will need to start a new project or file to begin mixing. Follow the software prompts to import the original track. Set the tempo of the song. Speed up or slow down the song if you are mixing with another song that has a different tempo. Import the second song. Add another audio track to your project and import the song you would like to blend with the first. Add instrumental tracks to combine with a vocal original. Combine multiple songs to create unique remixes. Create your own mash ups by combining two songs. Match the tempo of each song.

Use the BPM adjustment tools to change the tempo of the second song to match the first.

Mix millions of songs instantly.

Harmonize or match the pitches of the two songs. Listen carefully to each song and adjust the pitch up or down depending on the sound of the song.

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Make sure that the pitches match or the two songs will not sound good together. Line up the drum beats on the two songs. Make sure that your songs are playing the same rhythms by listening for the heavy drum beats and adjusting the songs so they are in the same place. Adjust the volume levels of the two songs with the software. You can fade between one song and the other, or let both songs play simultaneously. Make the mix your own by bringing each song in and out of the mix.

Save your project. Some programs will allow you to export your finished song as a new MP3. Check the software you are using for available options to save.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Yes, they would sound great together.

Introducing CuteDJ

Maybe change the BPM of one of the songs would work better though. A good app for this is edjing it's free and you can I use it on a Windows pc. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Surely, especially if you have a dj-ing program that has a "match bpm" feature. They are the same or at least very similar chord progressions.

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