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Do you want a tree-making service that allows you to search extensive records collections that are integrated right into the program? How about one that provides you with helpful hints and matches that encourage you to grow your tree? Or one that syncs with Ancestry.

Would you like to be able to easily share your progress with others and invite them to collaborate with you on your tree? Do you need access to a selection of printable and shareable charts, reports and maps? What level of user support do you need? Would you like your tree program to include extensive help pages, free learning centers or peer-to-peer forums?

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Software MacKiev - Family Tree Maker

We have not chosen a favorite here because, the truth is, no single tree builder is perfect for everyone. Our top choices are listed below in no particular order. Start with the simple comparison chart of every family tree program on our list, and then scroll down to read all of the information in our detailed guide. Some of these family tree options are free, such as Ancestry and MyHeritage, but are so integrated with their own paid record hints and searches that is can be distracting or difficult to complete your research if you do not intend to consider a paid subscription.

You might consider taking advantage of a free trial of their record subscriptions before committing to their tree. Other programs, like RootsMagic 7 and Family Tree Maker , are available for a one-time cost but may require you to pay to upgrade to a new version in the future.

Keep this in mind when choosing the program that best fits your needs. Update: For a great free option we did not include in our guide consider reading our new review of RootsFinder. Please know that we have teamed up with many genealogy companies to bring you news and updates about their services. We may earn money to support our site if you make a purchase through links found on this page. This helps us support our work but does not influence our opinions in any way.

Honorary Mention: Since publishing this guide many of our readers have written us about their love of the Legacy Family Tree program, which we did not include in this guide.

The Best Genealogy Software

You can take a look at that option here. Well, Family Tree by FamilySearch is a collaborative tree: in other words, everyone works together on one giant, shared tree everyone can edit entries and only certain elements like details regarding living people can be made private. Some people love this, others do not. Additionally, the lack of the many extra features found in desktop tree programs may deter some users. Family Tree Builder, the tree making program from MyHeritage, is unique in that it offers users an online and downloadable version , as well as a mobile app, meaning you can easily sync across all devices.

They offer some very robust tools and an advanced way to integrate your family tree with DNA results. This is one of the most compelling reasons to use this tree program since their unique genealogy-focused DNA research system includes a beautifully designed and easy-to-use way to understand how you are connected to your genetic cousins.

Family Tree

MyHeritage also recently added a chromosome browser. This free offering from MyHeritage comes with a variety of features great for any family historian.

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For starters, it includes a private family site that allows you to share your research with family. It also syncs with their advanced DNA research center. The same kind of restrictions apply to the free family site, which will require a separate subscription to access features like their online tree consistency checker or to facilitate a larger family tree. Luckily, MyHeritage pricing is very reasonable when compared to some other subscription services and they have a 14 day free trial so you can take it all for a spin at no cost.

With strong privacy capabilities, fairly attractive layouts and easy syncing and sharing, the free features of the online, desktop and mobile versions will provide you with a solid foundation on which to grow your tree. Still, many people do happily use their trees without a subscription,. You can try a record subscription free for 14 days and get your offline or online tree all set up at once. If you decide not to keep your subscription you can still keep your tree for free, but will no longer be able to access new records.

As you may have guessed, the key here is collaboration: WikiTree is a community — users can view and even edit profiles from across the shared tree. At present there are over 15 million individual profiles. Another major plus? The method is quite different than the advanced family tree and DNA integrations you will find on MyHeritage or Ancestry however. And of course, the beauty of this large, collaborative family tree is that you get to benefit from the work of others and help them expand their own family trees in return.

The obvious downside here is the lack of complete privacy and control over your entire family tree, and the limited set of tools. The mission behind WikiTree is an amazing one: to create a free and accurate family tree that connects the whole world and is accessible to all: but an open, collaborative environment is not for everyone.

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If your concerns about privacy — or a desire to have the final say on each entry into your tree — are more pressing than the possible benefits, you will want to look elsewhere. Do keep in mind that privacy is a complicated matter, and the fact that WikiTree is noncommercial, like FamilySearch, means less chance that your data will ever be sold for profit as happens on many paid subscription sites. You may not be able to keep your tree private but you can know that at least it is free and open to all. If the idea of working together with other family historians on their trees — while at the same time welcoming them to help you expand your own — sounds appealing, WikiTree is the perfect place to do just that.

Get Started with WikiTree. Namely, the inclusion of RootsMagic Essentials: a pared down — and completely free — version of the popular software which provides many of the basic features included in the paid version.

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You can compare them here. When it comes to the high points of RootsMagic, there are almost too many to name. And, of course, as with any desktop software, users must have a device running on Windows or Mac to use RootsMagic 7 — a major drawback if you primarily use a tablet or Chromebook to do your genealogy research.

They do offer a mobile app but it is read-only so there is no editing your tree, and the Android version is known to not work properly on many devices. It also does not sync with your offline tree, showing changes in real-time. Rather, you will need to upload a file from your offline tree to view it on mobile each time you make a change.

For this reason, you will only be able to do research on your computer unless you choose to sync with an online tree from another source. Consider trying out a basic version of the software RootsMagic Essentials completely free. All in all, with RootsMagic 7, expect a feature-rich package no matter your budget. Perhaps the most well-known provider of online family trees, Ancestry. Ancestry currently hosts over 90 million trees and features over 20 billion records most of which are from the U.

In addition to billions of records from 80 countries, Ancestry will scan their millions of public family trees from other members and give you hints to help you grow your own tree. A very attractive and modern layout is easy to read and the convenient mobile app and an array of features round out this solid offering.

As with MyHeritage, seeing hints that you cannot access can be frustrating and every aspect of their site in designed to encourage you to subscribe. Their prices are also more expensive than some other genealogy research sites, but access to so many records is often worth it. Family History Daily offers an unofficial online course on how to make the most of Ancestry and its family tree here.

This well-known genealogy software has been used by family historians for decades. Since then, the road to a new version has been long and winding — but in MacKiev followed through on their promise after months of careful testing and released FTM FTM builds on its former incarnations by refreshing existing tools and debuting some new ones — including a new Ancestry tree syncing feature. Overall, Family Tree Maker is an easy-to-use and comprehensive tree building software.

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It goes beyond the basics with many extra features like a built-in, lightweight photo editor, a helpful color-coding tool and themed backgrounds for printing. As with RootsMagic, you will only be able to do research on your computer unless you choose to sync with an online tree from another source.

Buy Family Tree Maker They have an attractive, powerful tree that provides hints from records on their site subscription required. Sign up for a free family tree here , or they also offer a free trial subscription to their record collections. They are worth a look. While we did our best to cover all the major features of each family tree program, this is not an exhaustive breakdown of each program or its capabilities. Please visit the site for each individual family tree program for complete details on features and capabilities.

Stay up-to-date with Family History Daily's newest genealogy articles by subscribing to our free weekly newsletter. Thank you. To begin receiving the free weekly newsletter please take a moment to check your email and confirm your subscription. Why was Legacy Family Tree left out of the comparision? It is one of the top and best software programs. Legacy Deluxe 9 is fabulous. Again, NO way to remove that title….

I saw that too. Delete other ways child is related on both adults. This should totally wipe the slate clean on both connections. Next, I make sure both adults have all their spouses attached first; and that the computer knows they are married. Because when the popup comes asking which is the mother or father you should have a choice to pick if there are two spouses. Play around with it. I do not see my previous comment, posted less than an hour ago. It was in reference to Reunion And since you can include live links in those fields, that is a way to link your online DNA results. I agree with Murial above.

I chose Reunion years ago after trying several other apps. One more thing: they are very responsive to requests for help. Purchased the download of Legacy last week and it has fantastic charts to print. Learned a few things like always put a period after an initial. I liked the colorful reports, charts and many features and hope they can make some agreement with Ancestry. The program walks you though step by step how to parition the hard drive although I do recommend that you print out the instructions before you begin.

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