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This post is going to show you how to stick lots of movies together in a simple and easy to use way. There is going to be two methods shown, one using Terminal and one with Quicktime, where you can pick the best option for yourself.

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The first method I am going to show you is to use a couple of Terminal commands. This is slightly more complicated however in the long run it will process your movie files quicker. This options takes the individual movie files, sticks them together and then sorts out the header section of the movie file so it will play correctly. The method using Quicktime will involve it re-encoding the files and can take a long time.

To begin with this method change directory to where you movie files are located. Do this using the change directory command.

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You can either type the path out by hand or drop the folder into the Terminal window and press enter. We now need to stick the files together into one file. This process will take the second file, put the bytes on the end of the first file and repeat until it has gone through all of the files in the list. I like to think of it as putting a book together. You take your second book, spread glue on the cover and stick to the back of the first book.

When this has finished you will noticed to things. First the file size of output. Second, when you play the avi file it will only play the length to the length of the first video. This is beacause the header section of the first avi only knows its original length. Going back to our book analogy the contents page of the first book, only knows the contents of the first book and not the second.

Combine Videos On Mac Using QuickTime Player -

What we now need to do is rebuild the header file so it knows about the second video or second book contents. This will make sure when it plays it plays all of the video and not just the first part. To do this we are going to use a program called mencoder. Its from a site called mplayerhq , however we only need the binary for Terminal. To do this head over to stefpause and download the mencoder bianry located at the bottom of the page.

When you have downloaded the binary move it using the following command.

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Terminal will ask for your admin password. More information on install this app can be found here. Now that we have mencoder installed we can use it rebuild the header of our avi file. To do this write or copy and paste the following into Terminal.

How To Join MP4 Files Using MP4Joiner For Free

The command assumes you are in the same location as the file output. In a nutshell this commands rebuilds the header file. This saves a lot of time in building the final file. If you want more of an understanding of mencoder you can read the basic help. The last line removes the incorrect output file from the cat command. There you have it a video made from the sum of the smaller parts. Once you understand what is happening this command is very fast and very useful. If you want to learn more about cat and other unix commands I recommend Mac OS X Toolbox , if you want to learn more about mencoder amazon has thrown this book up, although I am dubious to it content.

I have found that it does a bit of re-encoding as well as converting the file from avi to mov. Save it. It will save the combined mp4's as a.

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Mind you, it is pretty fast to save even relatively large videos when combined this way. The conversion afterwards will be the slow part. Your can also easily use QuickTime Player 10 since you are running Yosemite, and it may be easier:. Mar 14, PM. Use the QT 7 Pro "Export" option to automatically "flatten" the merged audio and video tracks within a single file.

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