Mac mail search not working properly

I imagine they must use the same database on the backend. Exchange, Google and iCloud all have Notes as a part of the account; back in the day when we ran our own Dovecot imap server, Notes objects were stored in a specific account folder on the server as ordinary mail messages.

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When we transitioned to Exchange we had to download the notes and re-add them into the new account. I suspect the same holds for Google and iCloud accounts as well. It worked! Thanks so much for letting us know. I even have to move my Sent mail to a folder and back in order to search that, too.

Seriously, thanks a million!! This is crazy, but dam, it works. Thank you for saving me from losing my mind!! My email is really my management system, frail as it is, its the most convenient way to track all my clients and projects. You saved me! Let them sit for a bit, then move them back. Hi Rob, Just to clarify, when I do this does it force a reindex of only the messages that I move, or does it force a reindex of all messages?

Just tried it and I can answer my own question for the benefit of anyone else reading this: every mailbox and sub-mailbox has to be done separately. It only reindexes what you move.

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This is going to be time consuming seeing as I have a ton of sub-mailboxes, but at least this is a hack that works. Thanks a lot! I just ran into this problem and I was desperate. I cannot use my mail without a reliable search capability.

Mac mail not working

The suggested fix worked. At least this worked for me. Why cannot Apple fix such a really bad bug like this one in one year? I was ready to switch to Outlook, which could have been a big job. I have Office and it works well. The only remaining Apple SW products that I still use on my Mac are Mail and Safari, which I am considering replacing because of its terrible Bookmarks that cannot be sorted and searched. This gave me some time to decide if I replace Mail w.

A massive big thanks. I have just updated to I created another mailbox on my hard drive and shifted the messages into it and then back into the Inbox. Worked like a dream and I can suddenly find what was previously invisible. Thanks Rob — worked for me too. After much pulling of hair this has been only solution that has worked. Well done. Total PITA but a reinstall over the existing install did the trick! Mac OS is rapidly becoming terrible. The latest re-install finally got my machine to accept I had the same problem and was getting desperate so many thanks for finding this fix.

In my case it was enough to move just one message at random and the problem was solved! So it might not be necessary to move everything…. Mac Mail reindexed those folders and their contents as if they were new. This will ensure that your folder structure is maintained. This can be a bit confusing based on the instructions under the above link. Mail was working fine yesterday; what went wrong? This guide will show you the problems that can cause Mail's Send button to be unavailable, and then help you fix the issues, so you can get back to sending that important email….

Transferring your Apple Mail to another Mac may not seem like much of a troubleshooting-related issue, but the process includes steps to repair your Mac's keychain, which can fix forgotten passwords. It also includes the steps for rebuilding an Apple Mail mailbox, which can fix problems with incorrect message counts or messages that won't display. Perhaps you've also noticed that Mail is no longer able to add events and invitations to your Calendar program. It appears this may be a bug in how Mail transverses an alias to a cloud storage or syncing service.

Repairing Windows™ was Never Easier

While Mail will work just fine with iCloud and its services, if you've decided to use Google , Dropbox, or other cloud-based services, then you may run into this problem. Junk mail seems to plague just about every mail account I've ever created. It seems within a day of using a new mail account, the spammers will find the email address, and gleefully add it to their mailing list.

Of course, once you're on one spammer's mailing list, you're soon on everyone else's. That's why I like Mail's built-in system for dealing with junk mail. Mail's junk mail filters work pretty well out of the box, but you can get much better spam recognition with just a few tweaks to the settings, and a bit of encouragement by telling the junk mail system which messages are correctly identified as spam and which ones aren't. Spending a little bit of time with the junk mail filter can really make using Mail a better experience…. They include syncing browser bookmarks, syncing login credentials, and an iCloud-based email system.

Instead, you can use your Mac's Mail app and send and receive iCloud mail just like any other email account you may have.

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Even better, setup is easy. Mail already knows most of the settings an iCloud mail account needs, so you won't need to search for obscure server names to get iCloud mail up and running….

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  • Apple Mail is popular and easy to set up and use, but one place that seems to invite trouble is setting up and using Apple Mail rules to automate the Mail app. With properly configured Mail rules, you can have Mail sort your email messages, putting important messages in a must-answer-right-away mailbox.