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It would not show me the account settings to decide which one should be deleted. If you are are unsure on which account to delete you may need to uninstall the email client you are using and re-install it. This will remove any local settings in place such as accounts that have been setup before. Then you can add your IMAP account. If I change to POP3, will my subfolders be transferred also or will they be lost? Thank you for contacting us. But, they will only be available on the computer you are using to connect via POP3.

This is because POP3 does not store emails on the server by default. HI I am trying to set up my wifes email account Tiscali on Office Outlook will support IMAP. So, my proposed solution is to keep using POP3 on the main machine, and leave messages on the server for 20 days. But, some people have said that using the two protocols on the same email account may cause problems with the index??

Is webmail basically IMAP with no local storage? Or is webmail something different all together? I ask, because we want to replace webmail acces with eM Client access since your interface is so much nicer, and still have the POP3 account keeping incoming mail.

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Check out How to Find my Email Settings. And how can I then keep and see it all in my usual email address? Or can it be the same email address? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Additionally, while you can leave a copy of all emails on the server, your email needs to be downloaded first. IMAP allows you to create folder structures so that you can organize your email.

The other 2 email clients you mentioned — Outlook and Thunderbird — have a variety of options. You can use them to also get email from Gmail or other accounts. You can also use their built-in functionality to create filters that automatically move messages to certain locations. The main desirability of the clients will be their ability to work offline.

So in terms of changes for your email, take another look at either Outlook and Thunderbird. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. I am using POP3 accounts on my domain. I have also enabled Email Archive option of the cPanel and I am getting all the incoming and outgoing messages stored in a imap account.

I have configured the imap account in my outlook and it has syncyed all emails. Now, I want to take a back of these emails and stored them as POP3 since the IMAP account is configured to delete all emails older then 7 days to save disk space. How can I convert all imap emails into pop3 emails in my outlook wihout usign the export feature as it creates a backup file.

I want to use the option as a daily feature and it should keep storing all emails in the folder. This article was written using Thunderbird as we do not use Outlook in house. Other than helping with settings to connect to email, we do not give support for Outlook. It may be that the backup file is necessary for Outlook to perform the switch. You may need to contact Microsoft support for the exact answer on that, however. What will happen to any emails I am storing in archive folders currently as POP3 emails? Do I bring them over as you say to bring over any emails sitting in the IN-Box?

While it is possible it would have to be on different devices. Also, if you have multiple devices connecting to an email account, using POP3 on any of them would not be advisable. This is because the POP3 device would pull all the emails off of the server onto itself. I have recently had my computer serviced which has removed thunderbird. When I set up the exisiting account again I only had emails dting back a month and not two years. When using email clients such as Thunderbird there are two different setups. The one you had your Thunderbird set up with will determine whether you can get your emails back or not.

One is called IMAP which syncs with the server. This means that the Thunderbird is like a window to the server and the emails actually live up on the server. Once you reconnect to your account to the server, the emails should resync from the server and it should appear the same as before. The other setup is called POP3. This format pulls the emails off of the server down to the computer. In this case, if the emails are deleted they are not recoverable.

First of all, thank you. This is an outstaning forum. I have a myriad of computers I am responsible for and am faced with a delema. My ISP switched today from a pop3 to an imap. I am using Thunderbird due to security reasons as a an elected official, so I can store emails in folders privately off line and need to change eerything over to an imap.

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  • 1. Check with your email host?

I set up a new account on one computer and it downloaed everything on the server? My question is: It I leave non vital messages on the server for future reference will I continue to download everything that is on there every time I check my email? Is ther a way to establish a way to just download new mail only but keep the others on the server for reference?

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Thanks in advance. Thank you for your question. You are only changing the port and server settings. Unfortunately, POP is the only solution for reliably storing messages for offline use. Every time you connect using IMAP, the folders are synced and the messages are gathered from the server. While I understand the copy procedure mentioned above I just want to confirm that the emails within folders in my inbox will copy over to the new IMAP as well before starting this process. Thanks for any help you may give me. Thanks for the question. POP3 email accounts are centered around the INBOX and they typically are set to download the email to a client like Outlook unless you have set it so that a copy remains on the email server.

This can be done in Outlook.

Difference between POP3 vs IMAP

I hope that helps to answer your question. If you require further assistance then please let us know. It may be difficult to improve it. I can import my emails from the cpanel email account however I have two questions.

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Do you know if the correct IMAP setting will allow me to send for outlook. Thank you for contacting us with your email question. However, if you are using a free Outlook. Microsoft is recommending that you move to Office for your custom domain. Keep in mind this is a paid service. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul.

Individual clients, however, have their own interfaces. Actually yes! Seamonkey is made by Mozilla and the interface is very much like Thunderbird. PrestaShop 1. My concerns: A I tried it on my iPhone 6s running most current OS with a test email account and it didnt work. This was a great help.

Perfectly written up. Thanks in advance for your help-I hope it made even a tiny bit of sense. Tap on the Email Account from the list of Accounts. Tap on Account. Sincerely, Carlos E. This is the background: The original account IMAP was deleted by accident so the only backup of the emails is in the iphone.

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Yes, IMAP will show on all devices since its stored server side and not locally. Thanks for your help.

Hello Belle, Thank you for contacting us today. Many thanks for this post. Hello James, I found direct instructions on how to backup your local email in Thunderbird which can be recovered. Best Regards, TJ Edens. Thank you. I am still grappling with the problem. If I do as you suggest, I will lose all my current stuff? Is there a way of saving what is in all the folders I set up, stored addresses etc.?

Kindest Regards, Scott M. Hello James, If you are are unsure on which account to delete you may need to uninstall the email client you are using and re-install it. Hello Kate, Thank you for contacting us. Hello Andygb73, Thank you for contacting us. Otherwise yes, you should be able to switch to IMAP by following the guide above. Thanks very much!! If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C. How to configure Shaw email account in Outlook? Having trouble syncing shaw email with iPhone Nowadays, problems are everywhere.

Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network. Please use the following steps to sync your Shaw email with iPhone: Tap the Mail app on your device. Or on the main screen of your device, tap the Settings icon. Scroll down the page and tap the icon that says Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

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Then tap Add Account placed under Accounts. A new screen will appear. It will show you the list of email services. Please select Microsoft Exchange option from the list of services. Make sure to enter the complete email address. Please enter Wm. For the field of Domain, please leave it as default. Then enter your username without shaw. Please check the password and description. Please ensure to turn off the Caps-Lock, and then try to enter your password again. It may be possible that web browser is taking the old password stored in its cache.

Please clear the browsing history and saved passwords in the cache of a web browser. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and you are using the latest version of web browser. Try to sign in to your account from a different device or browser. Visit the Shaw email Sign in page.

Scroll down the page, and then click on Visit My Account link. Click on Forgot password link. Then you need to enter your account number, phone number and postal code in the fields provided. Hope these tricks help you login to your email account. Susan Young I cannot access my e-mail through Chrome.