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If your Windows Outlook data is very large or you are using Outlook for Mac, see below for some further considerations based on your operating system. This approach has a low impact on system resources and is fully supported by Microsoft. For more information, see our full article about Understand and troubleshoot backing up open files with Windows VSS.

To ensure the database and all Outlook data can be recovered, we recommend exporting your Outlook data to an Outlook for Mac Data File. Outlook's Main Identity folder contains a database of Outlook data and many separate data records for emails, preferences, contacts, and other information.

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Microsoft provides instructions for recovering the Main Identity folder , but it may not fully recover all of your Outlook data, which is why we recommend recovering from an. The default location of your Outlook Data File depends on your operating system and Outlook version. To do that, I need to know where Outlook stores its data.

To view the location, you need to first unhide the Library folder. If you need support relating to the third party technology, please contact the manufacturer directly. Regards, Violet.

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Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. A Personal Folders file. This is the most common file in which information in Outlook is saved by home users or in small organizations. The ISP also provides one or more email accounts.

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All three account types use a. Your items can also be moved or archived to an Outlook Data File. Because a. By moving items to a.

Outlook Data File Types & Locations

Outlook can be configured to deliver new items to a. This includes being unable to work with your items when you are using Microsoft Outlook Web Access with the Exchange Server email account or when you are working on another computer. Your ISP or Microsoft cannot recover your e-mail or other items if the file is lost.

Typically, when you use a Microsoft Exchange Server account, your email messages, calendar, and other items are delivered to and saved on the server.

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You can configure Outlook to keep a local copy of your items on your computer in an Outlook data file that is named an Offline Outlook Data File. This allows you to use Cached Exchange Mode or to work offline when a connection to the Exchange computer may not be possible or wanted. Offline folders are replicas of the folders found in your mailbox on the computer that is running Microsoft Exchange.

Import Gmail Contacts Outlook (Mac)

They make it possible to take a folder from a server location, work with the contents of the folder when you are not connected to the network, and then, when you are connected again, update the folder and its corresponding server folder to make the contents of both folders identical.

This process is known as synchronizing folders. You can add, delete, and change the contents of an offline folder exactly as you can for a folder on a server.

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  7. For example, you can change and move items between folders, send messages that are included in your offline Outbox , and view the contents of your offline public folders. Meanwhile, new messages are kept in your Inbox on the server, and other people might add, delete, and change items in public folders. You will not be aware of these changes on the server until you synchronize. You can also specify that updates to the Address Book be downloaded during synchronization.