Renaming home folder in mac lion

I'm new to the Mac world I used Windows for years Changing the name of a folder remaps everything? The concept is almost, not entirely, unheard of. In fact, and although it causes less of a headache, renaming the "My Documents" folder in windows can cause headaches as well. So, when setting up my Mac Pro I inadvertantly left my shortname named "User".

No big deal. So I did. I have noticed that Mac users, in general certainly not referring to everyone , are very content leaving things "AS IS". When I don't want to I get a lot of responses along the "Why do you want to change that I'm just not up to speed. It was what I considered an innocuous and trivial edit Funnily enough, I did this on Saturday.

How to Change Mac User Account and Home Directory Name

I actually wanted to depersonalise the machine, I'd prefer a folder called home rather than my username next to a picture of a house. The folder I'm after is my home folder, the fact that the underlying OS named that with my username should be irrelevant. I assumed I was changing a label the name I changed wasn't represented as a folder, it was an icon on the sidebar next to a picture of a house.

I also fixed it by creating a new login as described and so far I've found no issues. As for the comment about entering the password, that isn't really much of a warning, it's not like the system warned "You're changing the name of your home folder, this will remove all personalisation and settings". The password prompt was for changing the folder name, exactly the procedure I wanted to perform, am I sure? Of course I was, when not informed of the side-effects. A minor annoyance, but I imagine it could trip someone up, so it will be good if tiger corrects this e.

In an effort to network a pc to a mac, and following the pc protocol to have the profile names match, I tried it on our Macmini OSX. I right clicked on the home icon and chose the option: "rename Thomas" -- I renamed to "Finch". Seemed fine, but mail disappeared. Tried to rename it back to "Thomas" and I was told that name was taken. Rebooted because that's what PC people do when they are scared Back on as thomas -- but ALL preferences, files and mail are gone. Like starting from scratch. How to I get back to what I had on my husband's computer?

How do I get all of the files back to Thomas can see them? Please help. There is a deathly quiet silence in the house right now. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I didn't realise this was possible, but it happened to a friend. She must have inadvertently clicked the trackpad while typing on her MacBook, and overtyped the home folder name -- which is indeed possible, without so much as a warning!

On the next reboot, she had a brand new user account, with all her stuff apparently gone! I helped her to put things back by simply renaming the new user folder which appeared in her correct short user name to ',' then renaming the 'good' folder with her short user name and re-logging in. All was good again! But what a bummer that this is possible! I wonder how many people had this happen and had to give up living You can indeed really ruin your day by renaming your user's home folder then restarting.

The fix shown here is the one I've used with friends in the past, and it seems to work with no ill effects.

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Full disclosure: I work with Dan Frakes at Macworld. Caution: Do not rename a user's home folder 44 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. There actually is a warning Authored by: paulio on Jul 20, '07 AM. Same thing more or less from Apple. I did have a client that did the same thing last week.

So if you the only user on the computer and havent done any special with your netinfodatabase its pretty safe to run. I had this happen to a friend who was a proud Windows switcher. In my troubleshooting I indavertently did it to my computer too! I'll add that if you saved any folders or files on your desktop, you will kiss those goodbye once you get everything else switched back. Unfortunately, my friend quickly quipped "this would have never happened in Windows" and immediately took the iMac back to the Apple Store.

Talk about going back to your abusive husband. If you create an account with the short name of "admin" -- the full name is irrelevant -- OS X does not allow admin privileges to be removed from it.

To hide that it exists from casual perusal of your machine, either switch the Account Preferences so that it displays username and password fields to fill out which provides a bit more security against casual attempts to access your machine in general, since a potential sneak has to guess both a username and a password or use a utility such as lwn to enable hiding of accounts with admin privileges. Authored by: sjk on Jul 23, '07 PM. Whatever you want to call it, I can't think of any good reason why it should be possible for anyone to rename their own home folder while logged in normally.

At worst it seems there'd only be possibility of some minor, obscure inconvenience to restricting that, not widespread negative side effects. I'm curious how you'd categorize and handle, as much as possible the general issue of someone understandably and mistakenly believing their data is irretrievably missing after they've unwittingly renamed any folders or individual files, for that matter primarily accessed and managed with specific apps like iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, etc.

Authored by: beepotato on Jul 23, '07 PM. I would call it badly designed apps, not a problem with the OS.

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Oh, and btw, everything is present in the OS to allow these apps to hide some files from the user if their developers wanted to. But they shouldn't do that. Authored by: sjk on Jul 24, '07 PM. Seems to me one misbehaving app could spoil the party.

How to Change a User Home Folder Name in Mac OS

I picked file in visibility as one example of how to make parts of the system less vulnerable to disruptive changes because Apple's happens to do it. ACLs would have been another possibility. Authored by: jet59or on Oct 07, '07 PM. Long name, short name Authored by: beepotato on Jul 25, '07 AM. If you aren't able to save system settings and finding that programs and system services are behaving oddly, then it's likely that numerous system files have permissions errors. You can remedy this by running a basic permissions fix routine on the drive using Disk Utility.

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To do this, open Disk Utility and select your boot volume, followed by clicking the Permissions Fix button. Another area where permissions problems might seem to be happening everywhere is if they are rampant through your home directory, which can happen if you have copied files to your system from a backup, migration, or via Target Disk mode. Unfortunately Disk Utility's permissions fix will not address the permissions in your home folder; however, Apple does have another way to fix these issues.

When in the OS X installer, in versions prior to Lion select Reset Password from the Utilities menu, and in Lion select the Terminal and type "resetpassword" to open this same utility. With the utility open, select your hard drive and your account from the pop-up menu, followed by clicking the button to Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs. After this routine is performed, reboot the system and see if you can access your files again. Happening for one file or folder If you are only having problems accessing one folder, such as one you extracted from a ZIP archive, or one you copied from another computer, then you do not have to address the problem by resetting the permissions for all files on your system.

Instead, you can tackle those for the file or directory itself. To do this, select the item and get information on it by pressing Command-I on the keyboard. Then click the plus button at the bottom of the window and add your user account to the list it should say "me" next to it , and ensure that your account has both Read and Write permisisons.

Checking this box will ignore permissions on an external drive and avoid permissions errors on it. Screenshot by Topher Kessler With the permissions set so your account can access the file, close the window and open the file. Doing it that way may cause various problems with file permissions and directory ownership. Apple recommends only one method to rename the Home Folder on Lion. Follow the steps below but remember to back up your important data beforehand. The entire process should take no more than minutes.

Important: these instructions only apply to OS X Before you can rename your Home Folder, the first step is to enable and use the Root User. The Root User has special permissions to carry out administrative tasks, but should be used with extreme care and is normally disabled by default.

How to change the home folder name macOS Sierra

Only the computer owner should have access to the Root User. In this case, the Root User is used so that the Home Folder and its file permissions can be updated correctly. Selecting Open Directory Utility launches a separate program that allows you to enable the Root User. There are several additional ways to change the Home Folder name, but the method described below is by far the easiest and also the lowest risk option.