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When you launch Rosetta Stone for the first time and click on one of the activities you should see the following box:. Another possible reason for unsatisfactory recognition rates is when the microphone signal is too low or too loud. Please make sure that Skype or any other VoIP software is deactivated when you are working with Rosetta Stone as the audio protocols may interfere with each other and cause problems.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, please check the Google Voice settings. You might have seen videos of studio recordings where singers have a black disk between their mouth and the microphone. If you do not place your microphone in front of your mouth but next to it your recordings might sound significantly better.

If it doesn't just double-click the Rosetta Stone application in your Applications folder. If you open the program and it prompts for an update, follow the steps below. If not, skip to Install Languages. When you start Rosetta Stone for the first time or without having installed any languages, the program will open a screen where you will see the option to add a language level. A window will automatically appear. Double-click Rosetta Stone Language Training. Read the License Agreement carefully and click Continue. If you agree with the terms, click Agree.

Click Install. Click on the mounted updater package and run the updater application. Once the updater application finishes, quit it. In the Spotlight or Finder, search for "rosetta stone kind:app" without quotes. You will be prompted for the activation key.

Enter the activation key that came with your Rosetta Stone Software. Drag the "tracking.

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Rename the "tracking-backup. It should launch with the user progress that you had before you upgraded to OS I was going to install Rosetta Stone Spanish onto my Macbook I have an external WD hard-drive, and I was wondering if it is possible to put the application onto the external hard-drive to save space on my Mac? I think you're confused about how much hard drive space you have. At the bottom of any Finder window, how much space is available? If you're actually running low on space, you should move documents to the external drive, since many applications want to be on the system drive.

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Hi, Can i move my rosetta stone software from my imac which runs I haven't yet bought the ipad but i want to take it with me while i travel but want to make sure that this is possible first. I bought the software legally and have all the discs. It isn't an app. Also is there any way to plug in an USB connector into an iPad 2?

Can someone help me please? Thank you.

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As Demo said this isn't an Apple thing. It is the way the world works. Software for one platform doesn't generally work on another platform. It is something to take up with Rosetta Stone. They do make a Total Course HD application which is free. However it looks like you need to pay for some kind of monthly subscription to hook it up with your account. Which also makes sense.

Nothing is free. Rosetta is a company that needs to make money to pay its employees. I'm going to be on an overseas flight and thought I'd learn Spanish during the 13 hours.

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Seems like all Rosetta Stone app require Internet access. Some flights have Internet. Check with your airline to see if Internet is available and ask how much it costs.

Rosetta Stone won't open. After seeing that the installation was successful, I try to open the app by double-clicking the icon, but instead the icon just appears quickly on the dock and then disappears. What should I do? The disk has been used previously by a family member, but only briefly. I haven't even tried to activiate the product yet.

I've attempted to live chat with Rosetta Stone support, but it didn't work. Yes, now I've tried and at first the icon was bouncing but then it did the same thing as before and disappeared. Rosetta Stone Mic Delay. Is there any way to keep the internal mic from going to sleep while I work in Rosetta Stone? The program does recognize the internal mic on my computer, but if it has been a few moments since the lesson last asked me to use the mic, the mic seems to go to sleep, and I have to repeat myself times before the mic picks me up. Sometimes this happens in the middle of me saying something, so Rosetta Stone marks it wrong when I've said the right thing times.

This is annoying, not really a bug, but it would be great if there was a way to keep my mic "awake" during my Rosetta Stone lessons. Any suggestions? Mine is a different problem. And this is with a Mac Pro desktop. First off, the USB headset never works.

I tried the Rosetta Stone-supplied headset and a Logitech G normally used for in-game chatting and they did not work in the Rosetta program - versions 3 and 4.

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I used an external mic and opted for the line input. Rosetta worked perfectly. I went all the way through Level 2. Until two weeks ago.

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The line input is now kaput. This might have been related to a recent software update they made. The software update has now broken Rosetta and I cannot use any inputs at all. And "kaputt" is not a German word I want to keep learning about Rosetta's software!

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Already called technical support.