External ssd boot mac mini

This is easier than it sounds, but you still need to but the suction caps to do it. It requires some mechanical skill. So how fast is it? You can turn it on anyway no problems.

No pressure, honestly

Read this article for more information. Read this post for info on how to get around this.

Also here is another very good article on this. You can use your old Internal Drive as a backup drive. Seriously fast boot-up and excellent system responsiveness compared to the 1TB internal hard drive. No need to pull the Mac apart to upgrade the boot drive just leave the internal spinning disk in place as your data drive, it works fine as an APFS volume, provided its not the system disk.

Installing an internal SSD may give you optimal performance but using an external USB boot SSD still gives a much more responsive system than the old hard drive, for minimal upgrade difficulty and minimal cost. However, during the night the Mac reboots and establishes the Mac HD as the default start-up….. How do I remedy this issue? Follow-up to my prior comment. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system.

He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. I am unable to see my drive after I updated my Mac to Mojave. Should I try Stellar Mac recovery tool? However, you can free try Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac for file recovery from Toshiba or other brands of external devices. How can I retrieve the data?

Is your drive recognized under Disk Utility? Your data from the unrecognized hard drive can be retrieved using Stellar Mac Data Recovery software. Download the software and scan the unrecognized drive to recover data from it. Your email address will not be published.

Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. You do this process for several times. Max February 12, Vishal February 13, Michael Crawley March 28, Thank You. Hi Pawel! That means you can move the app anywhere you like and it should still run without issue. Let us know how it goes! Hey there, great article, and great that your spend all that time answering questions.

My question relates to back up strategy. I currently create a bootable clone, and use time machine. Will I have to create clones and time machine back ups for both the internal and external drive? Thanks in advance, nick. You can, but only if you want to. Thanks for the reply.

Is anyone running a 2018 Mini from an external SSD

So if I understand well, a back up strategy for this system external SSD for the system and internal HDD for files is more complicated. Am I getting it right? This page was the only guide I needed, so thank you very much for posting these instructions, Robin. Thanks for your article Robin. I read this a while ago when considering booting from an SSD. I now do so from a Lacie Rugged and the pick up in speed is amazing. Do you have any ideas why this may be happening? Hi Polly! If verification fails you might get an option to Repair Disk, which should resolve the issue.

I tried the verification but it seemed fine. I ended up digging around and found that the errors can be due to a kernel panic hence a software thing rather than a hardware thing. I switched off all my start up items and it seems to be going ok so far. Just putting that in in-case anyone else has similar issues. Thanks again for your article and time. Long story short, it is preferable for me to buy one in store and save the money with an HDD at first.

Buying a fusion drive or not is purely a price point thing. Also, fusioon drives will be slightly slower than pure SSDs. Hi Robin, most informative article. Will this work for my late Mac mini — 2. Hi Peter, it will work! So, a real SSD is 3x faster than the flash drives. I suppose that as long as Disk Utility can see the drives, all is good. But I read elsewhere that coreStorage, used to create the logical volume needed in a Fusion drive will only work on internal drives.

I just bought a brand new iMac most recent generation. I have to hold option down at startup to get it to start as the SSD. It looks like others have had issues with getting it to boot directly from USB 3. Do you have any solutions? Third, Apple has remained very quiet on fixing the bug.

I had been using an Anker case which would not allow me to startup from it. Hopefully that will continue to hold true. Thanks for everything!

How to add a fast new SSD to your old Mac or MacBook for only $ - 9to5Mac

Thanks excellent news! Knowing a enclosure that does work out of the box for USB 3 is a great boon. Robin, Thanks for the great blog. I have finally started booting from an SSD and I am very pleased. I am still using the internal drive for the storage of my Home directory and keep it up to date in case of an SSD failure. I also put together a Thunderbolt SSD on the cheap. Robin, It is very kind of you to be so patient with all these questions. Many of the comments are admittedly way above my head.

She uses very little storage and mostly surfs. Can we simply have TM back-up to the new external HD since we have room to spare? Or is there another strategy we should employ. Thanks so much for replying to what must seem to you like very basic questions. Does either drive have a USB connectivity option? Trying plugging one into your Mac and the other into your second drive and see if both spin up.

Otherwise, yes, do the process as you described. PocketVault, on the other hand, has been a disaster, and just ate up about three days of my time. Thanks for posting the detailed instructions. I am having some trouble though. Any ideas how I can migrate MS office over? I appreciate any help you can offer! Your best bet, if you can, might be to install the trial version of MS Office and activate it using your existing key.

Hope that helps! Thank you for posting this write up. I am not a computer expert by any stretch and was able to do this conversion on my mid The SSD is connected to the Thunderbolt port. Everything starts up much faster and no more beach balls! Well I may have spoken too soon. I shut the iMac down for a week while on vacation. Not sure what happened…. Ran great for about a week then a very odd thing started as i use safari mostly with windows and tabs each window, i thought i had internet issues, changed the modem the airport express tried using direct connect and nothing fixed it.

Mail outlook keep going but even the app store stops. Tried to erase the safari cache, and some plist files but nothing seems to fix it except going back to the old drive to boot. It sounds like something is wrong with your cache or connection. Hi Robin, I have a imac Generally If this upgrade it standing for me? Thanks Sorry about my English …. Hello, Thanks for the post. I was planning to follow your advice and use it to boot my iMac. Unfortunately the iMac has USB 2. I got a samsung evo with gb and connect it through the thunderbolt port i my mid iMac.

Then I erased my iMac internal hard drive. Now I Want to move some of my folders like Documents and Downloads to the internal drive. To do that using symlinks I need to delete first those directories, after of course copying them from the boot drive ssd to the internal HD. Can you understand why I not being able to delete de download? I suspect those are magic folders that are hard coded into the OS. After some looking at various support communities, the generally consensus is if you want to move those data folders you should move your whole user directory to the other drive which OSX supports natively!

It should work as a boot device too, although the initial investment from looking at the product on Amazon is quite a bit higher. Let us know if you use one of these with your Mac what your results are! Thanks Richard for putting this together. I have used carbon copy to take a full backup of my hardrive. Hello Robin. Thanks for the great article and all your answered questions. I have a imac 2. I know my computer is old but it still does the job. I would connect this using the provided firewire ports and cable.

I have read all the comments above and have yet to read of anyone doing an external boot on a machine as old as mine. So my question is do you think your procedure would work on my machine and would I still see a great increase in speed even thou I am using firewire Either way, let us know the result! Hello Robin! Great Article! Are you familiar with the issues that arise after OS Yosemite? First and foremost, most drives no longer need TRIM to the extent they used to. So, in 9 out of 10 cases TRIM is not going to affect your experience.

Doing a brief bit of google searching will tell you if your SSD has firmware to keep the drive happy without TRIM your Evo, for instance, does automatic garbage collection. Almost any modern drive is going to have it. Ouch, firmware updates can be a bit of a pain regardless of platform. Ultimately though, yes, your drive should be fine with working garbage collection.

For example Aperture, my photo library is quite large and would take up a lot of valuable space on the SSD. Hey Danny! Libraries are just folders that OS X prevents you from looking inside of yourself easily. Hi Robin, excellent article Am new to things like this but does the ssd and the hdd work together for example if I had a gb ssd and 1tb of internal storage on my imac would it have a total of 1.

I may be sounding a bit dumb.

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Dont know how it works exactly yet. Hey Adam! Hope that explains it for ya! Do you have any ideas? The Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter should actually be what you try first. The alternative is a shoe like this one where you can buy a shoe for Thunderbolt or USB 3 which if on your MBP is likely going to be much cheaper for you and another for Firewire I followed your instructions several months ago and installed my OS on a gb LaCie thunderbolt ssd to use with my iMac.

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I was so happy with the performance boost. So I did a fresh install of everything. I use the internal iMac drive as a storage drive and boot from the ssd. Now, it is so bad, it is essentially unusable. Opening an app like safari causes the spinning beach ball. I have looked into TRIM but I read your responses indicating this is not as much of an issue anymore.

It scares me that it will maybe not last as long as an internal SSD. Please try again in a moment. If it continues, you may need to re-install OS X from scratch. NO WAY. If the issue persists with all original hardware you can get at least the hard drive replaced. After setting up an iMac my sister, brother in law and I went in on for my nephew I was underwhelmed by the speed of the rpm in the stock top tier The system now runs like it should.

First time ever using OS X and now I want this system! Then built a little christmas house with a train and the works.

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He is going to flip out! Hi Robin, I hit a snag in the process. I partitioned my new ssd and download Maverick again, no problems. I continued with the install wizard and was never offered a chance to load the OS on the new drive. I continued to hope for that opportunity but…. Oh, no, the darn thing installed Itself on my iMac where I am already running So now I have to recover from that and try again. Making an install USB is likely the best option to accomplish that. My MacBook Pro Motherboard tried. Connect both hard drive and a third time machined one to a computer at the Apple Store 5.

Restart the mac to boot from my old hard drive. Do I carbon copy the old hard drive to the new one or do I use my third time machine hard drive and do a clean install on my ssd and use time machine to get my old stuff back? Is there an advantage to use the time machine method versus the carbon copy method?

How to Add an SSD to a Mac Without Opening the Computer

Is my entire plan a workable one? It seems complex. Do you have a simpler idea how to get my OS X onto the ssd given my situation? What I can ask, is please let us know how it turns out!

Setting Up External SSD On Boot Drive iMac

I went ahead with it. Loaded the latest Mac OS X on a gb usb 3 ssd. Have been running in on my girl-friends macbook air at home and a Mac Pro at the apple store with no problem. I am in the process of setting up. You may, depending entirely on how the drive is formatted by the manufacturer. I went ahead and setup an external SSD. What is the best way to delete the old OS files, boot up etc..

Great article, I am about to go down the same route of using a external SSD as a system drive. What I wanted to know, if I format the internal drive so that I can use it for data. Is the recovery partition available for future use if I want to use it again? Additionally, if you have any of the following models or newer internet-based recovery is possible without a recovery partition:. Thanks Robin for your reply, my current model is 27in iMac late This weekends project is up-grading to a external SSD Lacie gb thunderbolt drive.

My brain explodes onto the web focusing on Bible software, preaching and ministry.

Robin, thank you for this article. I already sent away to OWS for a SSD and their special upgrade kit so that I could try and install the new SSD behind the optical drive in my 27 inch iMac and make it my boot disc then I found your article — finally a use for my thunderbolt port! And no need to to dis-assemble my Mac. Can you suggest a cheaper option? Kind regards and thanks again for this article Robert. I am still finding that when I do anything on the SSD drive the internal drive spins up which is annoying.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? I previously followed these instructions to set up an external SSD boot drive on a Mac Mini, and it worked great. I thought I was being really smart, to get such a cheap Mac which would run blazing-fast based on my experience with the Mini. At first, it was a disaster. It would choke on just about anything — opening an app, playing a video in iTunes, opening a website which had Flash elements. This is great information. Thanks Stephen. Do you know if this is true? Yes, this is the trade-off. You have to disable the new Kext signing restrictions which Apple introduced in Yosemite.

If you do it, you should be sure that you only install system drivers which you trust. Plus, my computer was literally unusable before I did this. Apple may implement OS X upgrades which prevent this workaround in the future. So for me, this is a temporary repair until I have the time to set up a new SSD boot drive. So in theory, you could then re-enable the kext signing restrictions until you experience a slowdown.

Again thanks for the great info Stephen. In that case I will probably stick with Trim Enabler that I already have. It does the same thing as Chameleon only its meant to be a little safer in avoiding grey boot ups. Let me know if you come across one. Brilliant, works great. I have one issue.