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Final Smash: Blue Falcon. Captain Falcon calls his vehicle the Blue Falcon which crashes across the stage in front of him, knocking anyone in it's path into the air.

The opponent will then land on an F-Zero track dazed and unable to move while Captain Falcon bears down on them in the Blue Falcon, crashing into the opponent and launching them and sending anyone caught in it's path flying away. Little Mac has several powerful moves in his arsenal, including his incredibly powerful Power Metre Uppercut but for the most part his light weight and small stature mean that his standard attacks are quite weak, to enable him to combo more effectively. Captain Falcon backs up his powerful Special attacks with a heavier hitting set of standard moves and his larger size gives him more weight to throw behind his attacks.

Both of these fighters are very fast, both in movement speed and in attack speed. They are the 3rd and 2nd fastest characters in dashing speed respectively and both also have some lightning fast neutral attacks which can combo well and wear down an opponent. Captain Falcon moves the fastest but Little Mac has the quicker attacks and his special moves are quicker to pull off so it gives him the edge here.

Little Mac is an odd case for this catagory. If this was simply based on ground agility then he would be in the high eighties, as his quick movement speeds and dodging allow him to manoeuvre around his opponents with precision. When it comes to aerial ability however Little Mac really suffers.

He is abysmal in the air and his awful recovery and severely limited aerial attacks make him easy to juggle.

Will Little Mac be banned from tournaments?

Captain Falcon is agile both on the ground and in the air and showcases this in a more acrobatic way, with gymnastic kicks and attacks. Both of these guys are masters of close range combat especially as they have no ranged attacks at all. Little Mac adopts a standard boxing approach, weaving in and around his opponents with tricky footwork and making use of lightning fast punches and counter attacks to take down an opponent. Captain Falcon is an in your face fighter, using a combination of speed, agility and raw strength to keep his opponents on his toes and give him a variety of options.

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Both are effective and both fighters have perfected their styles and so I give call it even. Neither of these guys show any abnormally high levels of brutality. Little Mac is a boxer and therefore is not trying to use lethal force and as such is unlikely to go for the kill. Captain Falcon is a good guy and apart from ramming into opponents while racing he doesn't show any brutality when he fights. In order to counted as full votes must be at least 5 lines long or have been done in an edges format. Anything less than 5 lines but which is competently argued and thought out will be counted as a half vote.

I will inform anybody if their vote is considered a half vote and allow them to amend it to bring it up to a full point. Remember this tourny is based on the fighters on how they are portrayed in the smash bros universe so take that into consideration when you vote. Attacks will only be as damaging as they are in the smash universe regardless on how powerful they are in the universe they are from. Remember the moves listed are not the only moves the characters are using in this fight, they are merely there to make it easier for people to give edges if they so wish to.

I have given a brief description of each standard and special move but have also linked to each characters respective move-set list for more detailed analysis if you so wish. The crowd cheers as the announcer speaks into the microphone. The noise in the stadium rises to deafening levels as Little Mac hurries down the walkway, his hoodie pulled up over his head and Doc Louis behind him. He slides off the jumper as he reaches the ring and crawls under the ropes, sitting down on the stool as Doc Louis starts massaging his shoulders.

He takes his time to bask in the glory of the crowd as he moves at a snail's pace, his hand cupped to his ear at regular intervals as the Mute City theme blasts out of the speakers. When he reaches the ring he turns to the crowd and salutes to them, leaping into the air with a back-flip and landing on the post. The crowd roars in appreciation and as he leaps onto the matt he turns and bows. The two fighters walk to the center of the ring and bumps fists respectfully before returning to their own corner as the bell rings out.

Mac is immediately out of the blocks with his hands raised, weaving around in an attempt to confuse his opponent. He throws a punch which is simply blocked by Captain Falcon but this is merely a cover for a second strike to his gut with Mac's preferred right hand, making him double over. Another punch rocks his head back and he stumbles away, with Mac advancing on him to give him no time to recover. He throws another couple of punches which connect but Captain Falcon has regained his composure and he tenses up the muscles in his gut to better absorb the blows. He then lunges forward with a shoulder barge which catches Mac of guard and lets loose a flurry of quick jabs but Mac is too experienced of a boxer to be caught off guard by such an attack and effortlessly blocks or dodges the attacks.

He waits for his opponent to tire before placing a perfectly timed jab to the bounty hunter's chest which knocks him off balance which he then follows in with another attack which sends him sprawling to the floor. The Captain twists back to feet gracefully but is immediately set upon by Mac again whose punches continue to force him back. He ducks under a swipe and strikes out with his leg, catching Mac off guard and winding him which allows him to follow up with another kick to the face which knocks his adversary to the ground.

Ref did you see that" Doc Louis protests angrily to the ref but he just shrugs his shoulders as Little Mac gets to his feet. Captain Falcon launches himself forward with a cry of "Falcon Kick" and slams into Mac sending him hurtling back into the ropes and ricocheting off to lie face down on the edge of the rink. Captain Falcon throws himself forward with Raptor Boost but Mac is prepared for him this time and swerves his body out of the way just in time and counter attacks with a powerful jab which knocks his opponent away.

He presses his advantage with several punches but Captain Falcon leaps over his head and his leg snakes out, cracking him on the top of his head. He lands gracefully and swings his foot around in a roundhouse kick, smacking Mac as he lunges forward in anger and putting him on his backside.

He gets to his feet and backs up to the the edge of the rink which gives him enough room to launch perform a Jolt Haymaker. As he throws himself forward Captain Falcon rushes to meet him, jumping with his knee outstretched and the two connect in the centre of the arena. A viciously painful sound accompanies the clash and both of the fighters are sent flying away with a cry of approval from the bloodthirsty crowd. Captain Falcon lands flat on his front and rubs his face, feeling several of his teeth have loosened. Little Mac has not fared must better and while he manages to land on his feet, the electrical shock from the knee shot has shocked him enough to make movement painful.

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The Crowd falls silent for a moment as the arena is a bathed in a multicoloured glow, followed by frantic shouting as they try to give encouragement to their preferred fighter. The two of them get to their feet gingerly and head towards the glowing sphere which is circling the WVBA Logo in the centre of the rink. Little Mac quickly falters though as the electricity courses through his body.

Only by sheer force of will does he manage to continue by which time Captain Falcon has already closed the distance rapidly. Little Mac musters up all the energy he can and charges up a straight lunge and releases, lunging forward to completly shatter the Smash Ball and land a solid punch on Captain Falcon which staggers him. He wastes no time in activating the final smash and all his weakness and pain is replaced with vitality and raw power as he transforms into Giga Mac. The crowd roars in appreciation and he turns his gaze to his much smaller opponent who takes a step back in surprise. With a primal growl he charges his fists swinging wildly and Captain Falcon ducks and twirls to avoid the powerful attacks.

He leaps over the head of Giga Mac and lets out a cry of "Falcon Kick" which propels him downwards in a flaming kick but it does appears to have effect, he doesn't even flinch. All it achieves is leaving him vulnerable to attack and the punches that hits him sends his rocketing into the ropes on the other side of the rink and bouncing right back, only to be hit with another walloping blow which knocks him high into the air. His opponent licks his lips in anticipation and swings his arm around in a circle, ready to finish the fight for good.

He feels a change and when he looks down he sees that he is shrinking rapidly and lets out an anguished cry before turning back into his normal form. His weakness and pain returns and as he looks up he sees Captain Falcon dropping from the sky, his feet curled up into his body.

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Just as he reaches the ground he slams down with his heels and squashes him into the ground. He pushes away and lands on his feet, lifting up his opponent by the collar to look him in the eyes. The unique gimmick of the Ice Climbers being two characters at once meant that players used to work hard to find ways to abuse their potential and given them an advantage in battle. Snake's ground attacks have seen a lot of nerfs to their damage and knockback, while the Cypher that he grabs onto for his recovery can now be destroyed, which makes it easier to dispose of Snake when he is off the side of the stage.

Cloud players would often store their Limit Charge in case they needed to use a powered-up Climhazzard to get back onto the stage. The fact that Limit Charge can't be relied on as much means that Cloud is now far more vulnerable when he is off the stage. The increased speed of Pikachu's attack and movements mean that he now has amazing combo potential, which is bolstered by a faster Thunder Jolt that helps it to edge guard and an improved Skull Bash that is harder to punish due to how it knocks Pikachu back after a hit.

Rool's dominance is overshadowing Bowser's place in the game. It also doesn't help that Bowser's recovery move has been nerfed and his flying slam has been given extra lag and is now more punishable. Bowser may have issues, but he could easily be brought back up to speed in a future update. However, the new version of Pichu is a huge threat on the battlefield, due to his small stature making him hard to hit, his incredible agility, and a few powerful attacks that are difficult to avoid.

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Pichu's down aerial is now one of the best spikes in the game and his Skull Bash is far more dangerous than it used to be. Pichu also shares Pikachu's benefit of having an improved recovery move, making him far more effective when off the stage. The fact that a lot of Ridley's moves are inconsistent and easy to punish means that he is one of the riskiest characters to play as, though Ridley's popularity means that we will still see many players attempt to turn him into a force to be reckoned with in Super Smash Bros. Are there any others that should be avoided?

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Super Smash Bros Tournament Reboot: Little Mac vs Captain Falcon

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