Is apple mac pro good for gaming

Killian: Well, whether the Mac business crashes or not, surely Apple would want more sales if it can get them? What if Mac Pro sales fall because those buying them decide that can get a more powerful PC and an Oculus Rift for half the price? Virtual reality is taking off, and Apple is yet to do anything about it. You can buy a Google Cardboard headset for iPhone, but very few apps are available for it.

Which Mac Is Good For Gaming?

And if Apple could position it in between the iMac and the Mac Pro, many of those buying the former might consider paying extra for the machine that is capable of playing the latest games at respectable settings. Would you like Apple to offer a Mac you can game on, or is it unnecessary? Satechi dual HomeKit plug makes your outlets smarter [Review]. How I kept my iMac running for a decade.

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The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

Apple explores dual-screen MacBook with tactile keyboard. Microsoft is working on mobile Xbox controllers for iPhone. How Ross Perot changed the course of Apple history. News Top stories Tell us, Apple! The new model looks more like the company's previous "cheese grater" design, which offers far greater customizability than the "trash can" aesthetic of the Mac Pro.

The version features a stainless steel frame and aluminum case that, when removed, provides unfettered access to the Mac Pro's interior.

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That makes the new Mac Pro distinct from most modern Apple devices, which are designed to be upgraded rather than easily modified or repaired. The new Mac Pro is easily the most powerful computer Apple has ever sold, and will compete with high-end Windows-based PCs optimized for handling hardcore video-editing and multimedia applications.

Hailed for its elegance and power in , the previous Mac Pro delivered cutting-edge components and performance at an extremely premium price. The configuration we tested at the time ripped through our benchmark tests, besting the highest-end Windows machines of the day.

2018 MacBook Pro For Gaming!?

But it was the Mac Pro's cylindrical case — sometimes referred to as the "trash can" design — that came to be seen as its most fateful limitation in a world where creative pros would seek increasingly powerful and hotter graphic cards and GPUs. We tested 5G speeds in 13 cities. Here's what we found : Faster speed versus more coverage. That's the most important issue for 5G networks today.