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Whenever I am feeling lazy, I like to pop out a box of frozen Stouffer's or the like and cook it up with ease. But too many burnt mac and cheese and lasagna meals have told me that my convection oven cooks faster than the directions. So why aren't these products coming out with convection oven directions now, since they are becoming more and more popular? Stumble It! Try putting an oven thermometer in there.

Microwave works wonderfully. Even if I just cooked something at degrees. It cools its self off quickly and cooks evenly. Try what Boom suggested Quiznos - Discussion by cjhsa. I'll have a Bud Do it! Making this for a wedding this weekend. Would I adjust the time? Would like to include a panko crust. Instructions for baking this way? In a smaller pan, you can maybe plan on knocking 15 minutes off the cook time?

Adding the crust shouldn't affect anything if you're reducing the cook time too long and it might get overly brown. I used velveeta queso blanco, skipped the cheddar, scaled to It filled more than 2 eighteen qt oven roasters. It served over guests with plenty left over. The pasta was cooked, drained and placed in a clean cooler while the sauce was made stovetop.

The pasta and sauce were combined in the roasters to keep warm. Was great! We always try out a new recipe in a small amount just to make sure that our collegiate athletes will like it and that it comes out tasting good. I did a trial recipe for 8 people. Super easy to make and it was delicious. Based upon the other comments, we will be feeding 75 athletes and are going to make this recipe for , knowing that it will fill 4 full steam table pans 11" x 20".

Those boys can eat! Thanks again! Great recipe! Absolutely can not go wrong with this recipe. I made this for people and I was asked afterwards for the recipe many times. Thank you for a great recipe! It will definitely be on the table for Thanksgiving! BUT I was wondering, if this can be frozen and then baked later. Have made this for 25 to people.

I use butter in place of margarine. I also make it ahead of time and freeze it. I take it out the night before and bake it the day of. Makes it so much easier. One dish I can do ahead of time!!! There is never any left by the end of the night! That will depend on the size of the box! If it's a one pound box, then it will take 8 boxes. Sizes vary by brand so unfortunately you'll have to do the math yourself when you know what size boxes are available to you.

Fabulous recipe! Does make more than expected but better to have too much than not enough. Modifying it is simple also. Adding meats or veggies tweaks it now and then. The recipe provides oven directions. Cooking it in a roaster oven is outside the scope of what is provided here.

Some previous reviews mention cooking it in a roaster oven but we haven't made it that way so we can't provide guidelines for it unfortunately. Our best advice is experiment or find a similar recipe that you could convert the cooktimes from. Made a small batch last night and it was very good, creamy and cheesy. My family and friends loved it. I have a question about making ahead of time, has anyone tried doing that? I want to make the day before my son's graduation party and then put in roasters. Will it stay creamy? My concern would be the pasta absorbing too much of the sauce and becoming mushy.

You could try undercooking the pasta a bit but you'd probably have to add more liquid when reheating. Unfortunately I don't have an exact answer for you but it's probably 1 cup or so since the pasta alone once cooked will yield approximately 64 cups. How do I keep this from getting "sticky" if I have it at a graduation open house over 3 hours?

Should I have extra sauce on hand? How did it work for you others for graduation? I would like to make two full steam pans of this recipe. If I adjusted it to 50 servings, would this be enough? Thank you!


I'm not sure what your question is - do you want to serve 50 people or are you asking how many people two steam pans will serve? I scaled this recipe to 75 servings. I cooked the macaroni and the cheese sauce the day before the event and stored the completely full, presprayed, 17 qt electric roaster pan very heavy!

I baked the covered pan in my regular oven at did not preheat for 1. Then I added the 8 cups of shredded cheese I used the Mexican blend , covered it again, and baked for 15 minutes more. I placed the pan back in the electric roaster, took the whole thing to the event, and kept the roaster on warm for the 4 plus hour event. Everyone commented how good it was. I probably used about 2 cups less milk than the scaled recipe called for simply I didn't think to make the sauce in two batches in the first place and my stockpot just wasn't big enough.

As full as the roaster pan was, I'm not sure it could have handled much more liquid either.

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The macaroni and cheese was still creamy and held up well during the event. I make this recipe for our High School football team. The boys absolutely go crazy for it. My son cuts this recipe in half adds 10 lbs of diced ham and 8oz of hot pepper cheese for 35 professional athletes.

Has fresh fruit and it'd a meal. Always a big hit. FYI he uses 4 cups of shredded cheese on the top. Made this two years ago for my daughters Grad party. Now I am making it again for another daughters grad party. Everyone loves it and it was a main dish as a Mac N Cheese Bar with fixings, and a salad and fruit. I just wish I remembered how much I made because we had so much left over. It freezes great!! And many took some home. I will be putting it in my roaster again.

Was wondering if I could just dump it all in there to cook and skip the stove step other than precooking the noodles. A top favorite for our Cub Scout Pack when we go camping. We prep before we go and then heat trays in a box oven on site. Is the serving size as a main dish or as a side? For example 8 of macaroni noodles serves as a main course or people as a side? I cut this recipe to 10 servings to give it a try prior to the reception. I covered the pan with foil when I put it in the oven for the first 50 min and removed the foil for approximately 5 minutes to avoid the cheese from browning.

It turned out awesome and like others have posted, it looks like it will serve more than the 10 the recipe states. Great recipe, thank you. I made this to feed Homeless at the shelter tonight. It was the main dish so I adjusted the recipe for servings AND I added 24 pounds of cubed ham to the macaroni. So I ended up putting this in 6 steam table pans with 4 lbs ham in each. Without the ham would have had more like 4 steam table size pans for this recipe for I made it cheesy and used about 4 cups of shredded cheese on each of the pans.

We had one full pan left over so the measurements were just right - each steam table pan fed about 25 people. Served with a tossed salad and rolls with butter. Home made pies for dessert. It was a very popular meal. This looks really good. How can I make the recipe smaller for my family in a 9x13 pan?

You can change the number of servings in the upper right corner of the recipe. Baking time should be the same. The shredded cheese is just for the topping so exact measurements probably aren't crucial. The bags that have 2 cups of cheese should be enough unless you want it cheesier. I made this recipe for our wedding reception an informal bbq affair as we'd had a destination wedding , and everyone absolutely RAVED about it. Months later, people are still asking for the recipe.

I did all of the steps up to heating the milk on the stove, and then transferred to a large electric roaster. I think I accidentally used more Velveeta than recommended, and less milk - it seemed frighteningly watery for a while but my panic was unwarranted, and everything came together beautifully once the cheese had enough time to melt it took awhile in the roaster, but we just stirred often and it came out great! Best recipe for mac and cheese ever!

I have several questions that were asked in the reviews: 1.

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  • Five Cheese Lasagna;

May I make a prepare a day ahead all steps of the recipe or partial steps in advance? What size large foil pans should I use? I was super nervous about cooking for a large group because I'd never done it.

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I cut this recipe in half to serve 50 we were expecting 40 people. It worked out perfectly! Thank you!!

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What is the amount of cheese for this recipe? I don't know what a large bag of cheese means. Making this for 75 and want to get it right. Anyone know? How many lbs of cheese? I see the velveeta in lbs I need the cheddar cheese lbs. I fixed this for a 4H banquet for people got lots of raves on how delicious it was. I thought so too Great receipe. This was the best macaroni and cheese I have ever made. We made it for our backyard wedding, and everyone raved about it.

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I made half of the recipe and cooked it all in a large roaster pan. I placed the cooked macaroni in the roaster,then added all ingredients. It was a huge hit and everyone wanted to know how to make it!

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I took the word of the other reviews and made a double batch for my son's grad party without ever tasting it before. It was a huge hit! I have referred several of my friends to this site for this recipe! Have sized it down for everyday use. Search no further--this recipe is a keeper! This recipe made servings in 4 shallow steam table pans. I baked them at in a Commercial convection oven for 1 hr. I should have baked them for approximately 35 min then added the chedder cheese on top and bake for another 10 min. It was a big hit, and the leftovers reheated well in a microwave.

I want to make it again for another event, but timing will be a little difficult because of work. Just wondered if the pasta remains solid and the Velveeta cheese and milk mixture remains okay. Thanks for any input. I made this for a work Thanksgiving where everyone needed to bring a dish. Made it for 40 people and there was a lot left over but everyone LOVED it so much that they took home the leftovers. Everyone was raving about it and a few people did not believe I actually made it myself because it was so good.

I will definitely be making this again. It was a HUGE hit! The pan size and cooking time for larger pans would have been helpful, I have the aluminum catering size pans and dont exactly know how long to cook for in bigger pans, is the time the same? How many pans do you need for this recipe. Thanks , love this site. Made this for a graduation party and nothing but good comments! Made it for 75 and filled my 20qt roaster. Will make again. It really helps if you melt the Velveeta in the microwave prior to adding to the sauce. This reduces the chances of a sticky mess on the bottom of the pans and makes cleaning up so much easier.

Had my aunt make this for our wedding. Guests went on and on about how yummy it was!!! Made this for a church supper last night and received great reviews. They were cooked in 3 large pans and I really think we could have added the cheddar cheese during the last 15 minutes and it would be better. Cheese got over-browned. Other than that - awesome, inexpensive and easy.

Question - I am searching recipes for our school Fun Day. Your recipe looks really great and easy to make. I am in Australia and was wondering if you can provide me with the exact weight of the 3 large pkg of shredded Cheddar cheese. What would the weight of one package be?

I modified this recipe using 6 lbs. I mixed everything together in the pan that fits my electric roaster and baked it in the oven at for about 2 hours.