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Same with terminal apps. Karabiner is the go-to tool for key remapping, but there are issues with Sierra Karabiner-elements is the next thing, but still a work in progress. Hope that helps. Thanks, Damien! Hey, thanks for this! Any suggestions. You saved my efficiency. Here is my file:. Nice, works like a charm for High Sierra.

Restarting finder should be sufficient. Software engineering. Now… how the hell can I get these keys to work in textedit.

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AND Home and End keys do not work in my browser address bars. Is there a modifier? This is driving me nuts. Works fine on windows if I want to jump to the end or beginning of a url in the browser address bar.

Sublime Text 2 - End and Begin of Line in Mac OS

If you find that this does not work on your command-line, keep in mind that your shell may just not know what to do with those command, but all those key sequences work pretty well in VIM editor. For you to tell your shell how to interpret them, you either need to create a matching custom termcap entry, or use an existing one with a lot of matching capability.

Thanks alot mate. Thanks……worked very well on Lion for me… it was driving me nuts, Ubuntu seems to include a lot of VIM functionality…. I try all the above suggestion, but does not worked to my macbook pro parallel.. Thanks for posting! Mac OS X Francois: it would be nice if you updated your post to reflect this, since it is the first result in Google and I doubt many people are going to read down the comments this far. I updated for Mountain Lion and I also listed all possible escape sequences that were recommended here.

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I highlighted the ones that seem to work everywhere. When you only have one space setup the default , it is not easy to tell this is what the keys do.

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  • These shortcuts overrule the Terminal keyboard settings, so you need to change or disable them if you want to use those key combinations to navigate in Terminal. Thanks you for this. I love that you wrote this up with the alternatives and explanations and it was only a google search away! Really thanks!! Worked on mavericks connecting to another server and using vi… finally!!! Form is loading Comment feed for this post.

    The most important shortcuts

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    Massive Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Video #30DaysOfVideos

    December In order to change this, double click on each of the relevant lines and select Action: "Send string to shell:" You then need to enter the correct string to send to the shell. Here are strings you can use for each key: As of OSX This entry was posted on Dec 21 at by admin and is filed under Mac stuff. Tags: howto , mac os x , terminal. How to get AC-3 5. Comment from: Jorge Lobo [Visitor]. Comment from: Brian [Visitor].

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    Comment from: theman [Visitor]. Comment from: Mirek Rusin [Visitor]. Comment from: Pedro [Visitor]. Comment from: Paddy [Visitor]. Comment from: Richard P. Spillane [Visitor]. I believe this is the optimal fix. Comment from: Jaap Blom [Visitor]. Comment from: mihai [Visitor]. Comment from: Alex [Visitor]. Comment from: Warren Houghteling [Visitor]. Comment from: Davis Chord [Visitor].

    Sublime Text 2 - End and Begin of Line in Mac OS (Example)

    Comment from: norman [Visitor]. Comment from: Adub [Visitor]. Thanks for this. I had to copy and paste the text but it worked flawlessly after that. Thanks again! Comment from: C [Visitor]. Comment from: the donco [Visitor]. Regards, -the donco LiveCloud.

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