Vnc mac connection closed unexpectedly

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Getting started with VNC Connect remote access screen sharing software

Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL What type of firewall is it? It is configured properly, either with port forwarding or NAT to allow inbound traffic to your computer? Utill you can ssh to your remote computer don't even try connecting with VNC. LVL 9. Hi, Are you sure the ssh Daemon is running on the server pc? On the server machine open a console and type the following ps-Af grep sshd See if its running.

If its not the type sshd and then try again. If it is then try typing ssh If it does then ssh is running correctly on the server and you can try again from putty. Also make sure that you select the ssh protocol in the putty settings otherwise it probably wont work. If you cannot connect to Only once that is running correctly can you move on to checking your firewall settings.

LVL 1. I put in localhost:1 and hit enter, but I don't get any message. It just vanishes and doesn't display the password dialog or any error message. It just goes. Any reason for this? It wouldn't be something like the firewall on the other end blocking VNC would it? I figured in that case it would give me some sort of error message. Learn More! All the firewall should see is SSH. You also have to make sure that you have putty on your box configured to do port forwarding for the same port number.

Then on tunnels I have: port to destination Do you wish to attempt to reconnect to localhost:1? I also tried connecting to Always the message about the connection being shut down. That's with VNC viewer 4. I also tried with another version 3. I don't even get the message about the connection being closed in that case. In Putty you need to configure it to forward port X to port X to the remote host.

Say the remote host's IP address is 1. You need to configure Putty to listen on port or or anything you wish and to forward that port to 1. When you open VNC on your PC, you need to tell it you want to talk to localhost or or When you start VNC you want to tell it to connect to localhost:X. You can code any port you want for "X" as long as you do not have anything else on your comptuer listening on that port. Once you have created the tunnel, type the following in and see if it connects.

If it doesnt it will say something like "Could not open connection to host". This is to verify that VNC is up and running and that you have the correct port configured. Let us know what the outcome is. BTW, giltjr is spot on. So when youve have tested the vnc server using the telnet command above and you know VNC is running and that it is listening on port or then set the whole thing up like gilt said and it should work.

Think i may just have spotted the problem. You said "on putty I have something like: server IP This wont work! You need to change the Would have been easier if I just read the Question properly :.

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LVL 3. RiDo78 Commented: Tunnelling over SSH is pretty easy, once you get the catch. The two localhost make it quit hard to understand what you are doing, so let's say you've got 2 additional machines, 4 in total. So now we are going to build the tunnel. Once logged in, right-click on the putty title-bar and select Eventlog. Otherwise you can continu. The setup is basically the same, although you don't tick the 'Local ports accept connections from other hosts'. Furthermore, you can use 'localhost' in the destination field, making the SSH daemon forward the requests to it's own local VNC service.

So to rule that out, try not to use the 'default' ports.

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Since it can be any port you like as long as the client is able to connect to it. I went through those things and I get "the connection closed unexpectedly. If I try to connect using another port it will say that the connection has been refused as expected. But every time I try to connect with the suggested parameters, it gives me the closed connection message. I was talking to the network administrator on the other end where the server is and he doesn't seem to be blocking anything and can see the SSH connection coming in successfully.

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Is there anything he has to allow besides the port 22 or does all of the usally VNC connection stuff get passed through this port? This message usually appears when an SSH connection is terminated. It has nothing to do with the tunnels. And port 1 localhost:1 means localhost port 1 and is the tcpmux. So if you wish to connect with SSH, first fill in the 'connection' sheet and set the hostname or IP address and select the SSH protocol, but leave the portnumber intact.

Next you have to login to the system. Without login, no tunnels. For the tunnels, it is generally not smart to connect to ports lower than So since you have a choise the VNC client can connect to any port , use a port above For example of Did you change the Ipaddress as I suggested?

Then I'm minimizing the SSH and opening VNC and using localhost:1 or localhost and both give me the 'connection closed unexpectedly' message. Posted on Jun 1, AM. Page content loaded. Jun 1, AM. Jun 2, PM. I also tried to deactivate firewall but same result. The problem is always when in sleep mode, when machine is awake connections work properly.

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Jun 3, PM. When in sleep mode computer don't lose the IP and I checked all other devices for duplicated IP, no other devices are grabbing that IP. Jun 4, AM. Jun 4, PM.

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Tried all the above solutions but none of them worked for me. I'm wondering if there's a way to awake the computer throught SSH, maybe this could be the solution, first awake the computer then try to take control via VNC. Jun 6, PM.

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  7. I'm able to wake my home machine from broadbandreports. Jun 8, AM. The reason sleep behaviour is different in previous versions of Mac OS X was that the undocumented mechanism we used to reliably wake up the Mac no longer works on Lion. For Lion, we had to use an alternative mechanism as published by Apple but this only supported display sleep and "lighter" sleep options as can be configured from System Preferences Energy Saver preferences pane.

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    Jun 8, PM. On Mac OS X Apple Screen Sharing does wake up the display. This problem is fixed in the v5. In the meantime, we recommend trying the following workaround: Ensure Remote Login is checked on the Mac. Run pmset -g to find out your existing power management settings and make a note of them.