M dash shortcut on mac

Insert an Em or En dash using shortcut keys.

Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes: When to Use Them and How to Type Them

Insert an Em or En dash using the Symbol menu. Insert an Em or En dash using copy and paste. Remove an Em or En dash. Note Num Lock must be enabled and you need to use the Minus key located on the numeric keypad.

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  • 2. Use the Symbol option to bring up Character Viewer;
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Note If the En dash is not offered in your Symbol menu, you can still use another method to insert it. Additional information See our Em dash and En dash definitions for further information and related links. Typically the writer is telling the reader that the information being set off by em dashes is important. The en dash is slightly longer than the hyphen but not as long as the em dash.

How to Create an Em Dash or Hyphen

Many people were not even aware of the distinction between the en dash and the em dash until the advent of word processors, when software programs enabled us to use marks of punctuation that once had been available only to professional printers. When using the hyphen, the en dash, or the em dash, most style books advocate putting space neither before nor after them. One exception is, of course, when the hyphen is used as a minus sign.

How do I insert an en dash or em dash in Microsoft Word?

By definition, a hanging hyphen will have a space after it but not before it. Computer keyboards lack individual keys for either of the dashes. The symbol above the hyphen is an underline, not a dash.

How to type x-bar & p-hat in Excel, Word for Statistics (Windows/Mac)

Before word processing, we had to make do by typing two hyphens. Now we have options.

Keyboard Shortcut

Note that not all keyboards around the world are the same. We have heard from our readers in countries outside the U.

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  8. That said, here are guidelines for typing on many keyboards:. The only exceptions are en-dashes used to mark a break in thought and change in sentence structure.

    Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes: When to Use Them and How to Type Them

    Your email address will not be published. English Language Help Desk. Skip to content. It is used to break a long word into parts so that the word can continue on another line. The en-dash — The en-dash is a bit longer than the hyphen; its length is equal to the width of the letter n , whence the name. The n-dash simply means through. It is used for any kind of ranges, typically. Word will automatically convert it to an en-dash. The trick will not work if you press the hyphen-key on the typewriter section of the keyboard.

    For PC-laptop : since laptops do not have easily accessible numeric keypads, the en-dash insertion is a bit trickier. Type space followed by a hyphen like -this. You can also type two hyphens.