Mac baren hh vintage syrian pipe tobacco

Per Jensen of Mac Baren properly defended his honor to deny the canard. From my perspective he is an honorable and honest man. And there's the rub. If anyone out there is looking for an unqualified Syrian Latakia opium jag, fellas, that boat has sailed. About a year ago, I found a tin of HH Vintage Syrian that dated to , and it was a whole different experience. It was not a "Lat-bomb" and thank goodness for that! But that tin definitely gave one a real idea of the charms of Syrian Latakia. This new tin simply does not. If you don't know what you're looking for, you're not likely to find it.

Now, for the positive. This is a very tasty smoke in it's own right. The tin aroma is a whiff of yesterday! The orientals are intoxicating. The Virginias are bright and sweet. And these come through in the smoke. So does the Kentucky But without it This is neither an upvote nor a downvote. Just a comment. I have long been amazed at the number of reviewers complaining bitterly about having to re-light their pipe. I am afraid I must now join them.

This stuff is ridiculous! After having smoked a pipe for nigh-on 50 years, if I don't know how to pack one properly This tobacco will not stay lit for me! It is a long shag cut. The ONLY way to keep it burning id to tear it apart and dry it out! I have never had to do that with any other blend. After smoking this for a couple years off and on, I decided that it was time to write a review, particularly in light of its impending extinction. This blend has an intoxicating mellow Latakia note from tin, balanced with the sweetness of Virginia and a little spice from the Orientals.

I find 45 minutes or so of drying time does the trick quite nicely. Upon lighting, you get a good thick creamy smoke, with a delicate Latakia flavor, despite the high percentage of Syrian leaf. It is woodsy, nutty, briney, and wonderfully spicy, in the incense-type of spice, not the piquant sense. I like it and have stocked up for the future, as it is now discontinued from MacB. If you like Syrian and like refined Balkan and English blends, I recommend you do the same. Solid 3. This is one of the finest English blends that I have ever smoked. Well balanced, no bite and burns clean to the bottom of the bowl.

The only minor issue: the tobacco comes in very small cuts and morsels, which makes it slightly hard to pack properly and because of the that it requires a few relights. Latakia doesn't take a dominance and Orientals and Virgnia mixed with it and bring up a pleasant falvor.

Nicotine is low. Another good tobacco from MacBaren. As a new pipe smoker , the only thing I knew is that I hate aromatics. My father smoked a coconut aromatic that I never knew the name of and I hated the smell. Love at first feel. THIS is tobacco! I cannot articulate exactly what is so good - it just is.

I may not know much about art , but I know what I like. I smoked a few tins , then bought a few pounds. Sometimes it tastes a little light , but then I'll smoke Nightcap and it seems like too much of a good thing. I like both but smoke much more HHVS. The tins seem a bit tastier vs the bulk pound bags - but that could just be my imagination. I do prefer it in a briar slightly more than my only Meer. Either way , I'll take it.

Apparently , I enjoy Latakia. For those who smoked Cyprian Lattakia and didn't like the overwhelming taste of it give this one a try you won't regret it. Well balanced blend all day smoke. The only thing I didn't like is the burley! The secret of this blend is the mysterious creaminess that is pleasingly peppery rather than being excessively sweet. Perhaps that is the direct result of aging the Syrian Latakia, of which Mac Baren still has a generous stock. This is the most natural tasting tobacco among all other Mac Baren's blends.

A natural beauty which forms an inimitable pleasure on its own. Highly recommended. I recently started smoking my pipes again. Mostly all I smoked until about a weekend ago I started really loving all of the English blends I had cellered for a few years. I found this and opened it up to day and found the tin note to be intriguing This tin is dated Dec I packed it up and it actually was amazing! The Syrian latakia is another breeding.

Very complex blend without being too much. I am a lat fan atm but not lat bombs. I'm still rather new to English blends on my pallet again. And I found this blend to be very satisfying. I can see my taste buds craving this tobacco. Will try to find another tin to jar and hopefully our beloved Syrian Latakia will be around for a long time.

Otherwise at least I'll have a few jars. If your a latakia lover like me and more specifically Syrian Latakia this is one of the few blends that actually has Syrian Latakia. Oh that sweet smoky baked bread flavor is there with the slight vinegary kick.

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian | Tobacco Pipe Blog

The opening is glorious with the smoky Latakia aroma. Light up is a breeze and burns very cool. The flavor and taste are what you would expect from Syrian Latakia with a bit of spicy kick from time to time but not really distracting from the overall taste. Burns very cool throughout the bowl and taste continues for the entire smoke. This is also great for mixing with other blends to enhance the smoky flavor of just about any blend.

I mix about one quarter total weight with McClelland Just Plain Nuts blend and get a wonderful nutty smoky taste. Today finding any Syrian Latakia is like finding Gold.

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian ... in rainy autumn weather

If you love it you must grab some of this loose or in a tin. Four plus stars for me. Similar Blends: No blend seems to give you as much Syrian Latakia as this blend. Nothing out there right now can match the Syrian flavor of this blend.. The best Balkan mixture I've ever tried in my life, I think this is the worthy heir of the legendary Balkan Sobranie, which I was able to appreciate, because among the treasures of my grandfather. Light up:- using gas lighter ;a zingy peppery incense bomb right up my nostrils ,had to resort to cooler matches to back it off a bit.

Difficult to stay lit. Taste :-Pan fried molluscs,earthy oysters with soy sauce , developes into a spicy HP brown sauce,rose wine and faint Turkish delight with peppery fruit pickle and smokey burnt spices and herbs on a yeasty bready bread. Has faint perfumey incense factor like those Djarum cigarettes with clove. Smoke performance needs to be smoked cool otherwise all the subtleties are lost in mud,but this also makes it have a propensity to extinguish. The extinguish factor and cold drawing is quite tasty in its own right, sort of smoked stewed strawberries with burnt herbs which gives me cooking ideas.

Relights were muddy poor crap until it heated up again into the complex sweet and sour zone,then it would over heat. The tobacco seemed dry enough to smoke strait away so I did but it seemed to be an inconsistent performer. Compared to the Cyprian HH Latakia Flake which has a more sooty, coaly, beefy, meaty, salty latakia ;-this Syrian mixture is obviously different in an exotic kind of way. I think I must say that while a delight to taste I prefer the HH latakia flake due to its cool burning,easy to keep lit and burn forever nature.

I think I probably prefer Cyprian latakia as well in fact due to its gothic funereal atmosphere;the Syrian tastes kind of mystic temple in my mind ,nice,naughty and different but I wouldn't over rate it,its more feminine in taste than the Cyprian in my opinion. I have never smoked it before. Remedies:- this stuff is quite coarse cut and rough ribbons compared to contemporaries like Dunhill; combined with my small bowl this was probably why it wouldn't stay lit or burned too quick.

Dried some out a bit and chopped it smaller with scissors so it would fit enough quantity in the bowl sorted it out where it burned consistent. I think the cut more was the issue more than moisture reasons. The taste in subsequent bowls has since stayed consistent in the goldilocks zone as well rather than alternating between mud and perfume due to relights.. Would I buy it again? Would I buy it a 3rd time? Its something I will savour for those obscure moments when I am in the mood where its a welcome surprise again.

Deserves 3 stars because its top leaf and so uniquely exotic,only the cut itself held it back in my pipe. Smoked about 10 bowls of this so far, and it's very enjoyable to Latakia fans. In research of this blend, it seems the recipe is very old, as are the Syrian Latakias used. This Syrian leaf is indeed a bit different than most Cyprian, leaning a bit towards the incense side and less of the leathery side. As many have said, the dominant taste is the Syrian and overall the blend is Latakia smoky, sweet, slightly sour, slightly tangy, and decidedly fragrant of exotic incense.

Something I've not heard said is that this blend has a syrupy thickness to it, I can only smoke a bowl per day for its potency of flavor, persistent mouth presence, and clinging aroma. Truly exquisite, I intend to stock up while it's still available.

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I'll initially rate it a 4, it's a delicious blend and has enough uniqueness to it to make it highly recommended in my opinion. If I were to critique it in any way, it might be that the Latakia is a bit too much of the blend. I've smoked straight Cyprian before and HHVS has much of the same effect: so much of an incense quality to it as to minimize the role of anything else. I like it a lot, but could not smoke only this. Once every couple days though, a delightful treat! Now, if they made a Vintage Syrian Mellow with normal condimental ratios of the Syrian leaf, it could well be a regular choice in my rotation.

I purchased this blend simply because it included Syrian Latakia. PnC had this on sale, so I grabbed a 3. While it is on par with AAB, it is a different animal altogether. At first the Latakia grabs hold and makes its presence well known. At around the midway point, however, it falls to the background and the Orientals and the Virginias really start to sing. The Kentucky Dark Fired is present, but in body only in my opinion. Getting down to the last third of the bowl, a very interesting flavor starts to emerge. Very strange, but enjoyable. I would highly recommend this blend to anyone wanting to try out Syrian Latakia.

It is balanced and enjoyable all the way down to the heel. Tin note is smokey and woodsy. Loose ribbon cut, on the dry side. Has some sticks in it that need to be picked out here and there. Packs very well, lights well, burns well too. Very tasty. Smokey, slight bitterness like green olives. Sweetness comes through midway and the flavor becomes more complex, spicy even. Taste improves to me on a relight. Burns to a fine ash. This is a great blend. I like the taste of most macbaren tobaccos, even though they bite me.

This one only bites a bit on the charring light. I couldn't smoke it all day bc it has a lingering aftertaste that is great. It gets in the way of whatever else I'm smoking that day. May be better in the evening in a larger bowl. Finally reviewing this tobacco 4 years after buying the tin. I knew I was going to get something special. And something special I got!

Heterogenous coloured thick cut ribbon. The smell of the Mac Baren virginias is dominant with a faint smoky perfume. I was expecting a Latakia bomb smell. I couldn't wait any longer for drying so I picked a beautiful Jepessen pipe and filled it. Let me begin by saying I've had blends containing way more Latakia than this one, but none had such an irresistible special taste as the Latakia this blend has.

This is a supreme marriage of the senses with excellent virginias covering all the taste buds and a superb injection of concentrated Syrian Latakia flavour. Keeping in mind I've had only Cyprian Latakia blends, this being my second Syrian blend the first one being the mountain blue syrian , I can now definitely tell the difference between both. And I have no preference! The Syrian Latakia lingers in the palate for a longer time but has less of a smoky taste. This has it all, dare I say is perfect, and is the best Latakia mixture I know of as of this writing.

It only took less than an ounce to appreciate the greatness of this blend and it has become my go-to tobacco. When I look at the handful of open tins I just reach for this every time, although once the honeymoon is over I will surely have a couple other blends in rotation, more for curiosity's sake, but since I only have about a bowl a day it's so great to find something that consistently satisfies. This discovery started with my fondness for Ashton's Artisan Blend, which I'm very fond of and is one of my favorites.


Fast forward a bit and I figured I'd try more blends that are known to contain the Syrian product. HH Vintage Syrian seemed like a gimmick, given the diminishing availability of the leaf as of this writing. But I was trying to determine the difference between blends with the two different Latakia's so I bought a tin. The answer to that query was that the two are subtly different to me, almost to the point that I wouldn't be able to tell in blends where it's used lightly, but blends high in Latakia portray the differences more clearly. Most importantly, and this may seem obvious to many, I learned that it's the the mixture that makes all the difference, followed by the quality of the batch of Latakia itself and that batch's qualities.

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian 3.5 oz Tin Rare & Discontinued Tobacco

In other words, there are many Latakia blends with the Cypriot variety that run circles around most of the blends currently available that contain Syrian Latakia. So this is definitely not an issue of one Latakia being "better" than the other. My conclusion is that this particular blend is more the result of a masterful harmonizing of tobaccos rather than it being Syrian Latakia. That is the strength of this wonderful blend. The Latakia is huge, very present, clean and cool. The exotic, fragrant note dominates throughout the bowl. The supporting Virginia is excellent, achieving what for me is a maximum sweetness without becoming saccharine, but balancing the smokiness of the Latakia culminating in the incense quality many describe.

The Orientals are tucked neatly in between giving the experience a third dimension, especially in the taste. The description notes the use of Kentucky, and I can't say I can pick out that note but it probably plays a role in the luxurious feel and weight of the smoke. It's a medium strength and medium-full flavor that satisfies, and is never too much or too little in any department. I can't say that about any other blend. Bought a tin over a year ago after reading raving reviews here, smoked a couple of bowls, and was slightly disappointed.

Coming back to the blend now, it was a very different experience: delightful! Faint memories of way back when I started pipe smoking and was hooked on aromatics except for the occasional Balkan Sobranie came to mind, and if these memories aren't totally illusionary, this is the closest to Sobranie that I ever found. A well-balanced, medium strength blend which does not bite your tongue and palate, holds enough flavor to make your mind wander, and has just enough sweetness in the room note to make it acceptable to the Mrs, the HHVS made it to my personal top group.

Found it in Prague, bought two tins, and smoked my first bowl tonight. The Latakia is more in the background, the formerly faint memories of Balkan Sobranie have now faded away. However, it is overrated in my opinion. It may get hot but no infamous Mac bite noted. As to those who want a taste of Syrian tobac, Three Oaks Syrian may be a much better recommendation. Hope every ones doing ok today. Pipe: Peterson p-lip bent smooth Tin size: 3. Tin note: Smokey, campfire aroma, Rich, some natural sweetness and roasted nut notes. Taste: Richness from the Virginia as well as slight natural sweet notes, nice Smokey campfire aromas from the Syrian Latakia, Peppery goodness from the Oriental leaf, with a nice roasted nut taste from the Burley.

Well balanced blend with a lot of great complexity and richness with out being very strong and over powering. Room note: Nice billowing clouds of aromas that remind me of a summer campfire. Great roasted nut notes with a nice hint of incense of sandalwood or cedar. Very pleasing aromas for sure. Notes: Out of the tin is ready to pack into your bowl, nice loose cut ribbons. Used the 3 tier method. Has a good amount of Syrian Latakia which produced a good amount of white smoke.

The aromas that came from the smoke is very enticing that continue on to the end of the bowl. Taste was also great, reminded me of roasted nuts and woody spicy notes with a hint of pepper. Noticed a natural sweetness coming thru which helped balance the whole blend nicely. This blend is very well balanced with a lot of complexity and richness without losing taste at all throughout the whole smoke.

Only took very few relights, burns cool thru it all. I highly recommend HH Vintage Syria to anyone that like full bodied latakia blends or who is interested in trying one for the first time. Taste is great thru out the whole smoke, aroma is pleasing, burns cool. Will make sure to keep this in my rotation. If you never tried it ,give it a try you wont be disappointed. I really liked this blend.

It, like the 3 nuns evoked a mental image for me, this time of the distinguished woodsman. It had a more raw, outdoorsy, woodsy smell than 3 nuns when I was sitting in the room with it. I personally have never been at a turn of the century, rich mans, woodsy retreat but that is what this pipe reminds me of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Ford. If they spent a weekend vacation at their sumptuous country estate and were sitting around together, this is what I imagine they would smoke. So give me a whiskey on the rocks and send me off for a weekend with this blend, please!

This tobacco shares the typical Virginias taste of many Mac Baren's, like The Solent Mixture, which makes it different to other English mixtures. The high proportion of Syrian Latakia makes it different in time to all other Mac Baren's, giving Vintage Syrian its unique and unmistakeable taste. First of all I wish to state I am an Aromatic smoker and love them.

To my surprise I ended up with a pound and a tin by mistake. So I loaded a bowl up and gave er a shot. I had heard about Syrian Latakia and wanted to give it a try. I will start with Room Note. Wife hates it and it leaves a mild cigar aroma in the room too. Now the taste. I like and dislike this. It has a definitive oriental spice taste to it which I enjoy very much. But also has a Cigar taste that I am not a big fan of. I assume that is the Latakia in the blend. It leaves a sweet aftertaste which I also enjoyed. It is a strong flavored tobacco and rather pleasant however.

Nice break now and then and I actually believe I will grow to like it as a now and then change. With the amount I ended up with I think it will take me the remainder of my years to consume. Perhaps I can trade a little here and there. But I will keep some around for those Break from the aromatic cravings.

Twenty years ago I was a very big fan of Mac Baren's tobaccos. I liked the sweetness, I enjoyed the quality, I loved the smell they produce, and I did not suffer from tongue biting. As a matter of fact I have never experienced this cause I just smoke two or three pipes a day. But one day, ten years ago, I began to be fed up with this House honey-topping. Always the same in every tobacco they produce.

And, my dear friends, HH Vintage Syrian is not exception: you can notice as soon as you open the tin. You know, some persons hate aromatics after smoking them many years and this is my case. The tobaccos mixed are good Problem is that it is to bland for me: in terms of Syrian Latakia subtleties I incline to heavier mixtures; Artisan's Blend, for instance.

Also in terms of Orientals -I am a big fan of them- this is quite bland I cannot feel the head-going effect I love in subtle orientals. IMHO i. I can recommend as a transition from aromatics to balkans or english mixtures. RdX Score: Lucky i manage to secure 2lb of this tobacco, I'm a latakia bomb lovers but when i first try this blend i overwhelmed with the taste and the aroma. The latakia is very strange but taste wonderful. Maybe this is the taste true taste of latakia tobacco. Very sad this blend must be gone. The most obvious impression is that this is a well-made blend of high-quality ingredients.

Unlike some other reviewers, I do not find the Latakia to be very strong, but I do find it to be at the correct strength for the classic taste. I go to my decades-old tins of Balkan Sobranie if I want more Latakia for a special occasion. I really like the restrained balance of this stuff, and I enjoy the dryness of the taste as a change from the creamier Virginias I habitually smoke during the day. For me, it's an evening smoke. The blend is very well behaved and smokes evenly and smoothly. A great reliable intro to Latakia blends for the newcomer, and a classic favourite for the old hand..

My this was love at first bowl for me. It comes with a bit of a story. Five or six years ago I had my 2nd go around with pipe smoking. My palette had moved beyond the cheap aromatics that caused me to stop before that into new territory. I found myself smoking tins the tobacconist recommended. As recently as a year ago I picked up the hobby again with renewed vigor and quickly developed a bit more of my palette and a substantial collection. I had a little bit of my Across the Pond left and when it was gone, it was totally gone. I did manage to find a tin that I vowed only to open on a special occasion since my old favorite had gone extinct.

The culprit, Syrian Latakia. Cellar is a great and superb tobacco in its own right, and if I hadn't fallen in love with Across the Pond first, I'd likely prefer it, but that's not the way it was. I had become acquainted with the Syrian leaf first, and it just isn't the same. After searching aimlessly for a long time for something, anything, with Syrian Leaf, I had no luck, and no hope for ever getting any of the leaf in the near term future.

Immediately, I grabbed me 16 ounces given that it had stellar reviews and my favorite leaf. Wow, just wow. I'm so happy again to taste this exquisite form of Latakia.

Customer Reviews

It's a subdued Latakia compared to its Cyprian brother. It's like smoking dark chocolate, or a mellow roast dark bean coffee. It is the same Latakia that I had in the Across the pond, except dare I say, even better. I can't completely remember the former as its been so long, but it definitely has that same Latakia from Syria nuance and I taste the former glory again.

Glad I got a pound of this stuff and will be able to enjoy it for many years to come as its now a staple in my substantial rotation. Thank you Mac Baren for giving me the opportunity to cellar and smoke this lost love tobacco I truly thought I'd never get to enjoy regularly ever again. Pretty average kind of blend, mild more than medium but has that Syrian element as well as some other interplay which keeps it interesting and the Syrian mystique factor.. Definitely an all day smoke.. This is far from being a Latakia-Bomb!

The Latakia is present, but so smooth and unobtrusively charming in the background Tin note is dominated by woodsy, smoky and very slightly sour Syrian Latakia and has some honey-ish sweetness to it. Little nutty from the Kentucky and Orientals leaf. In the smoke Vintage Syrian has some decent Latakia to it, yet never obtrusive or overpowering. Smoky, woodsy, spicy slightly sour and creamy. The other ingridients offer some honey-sweet aroma, nuttiness, earth and round the blend so that even me, who doesn't like Latakia too much can appreciate it very much.

Great for Latakia beginners, wonderful for Latakia Fans who look for a smooth, creamy and full-bodied aroma. Insane how good Syrian Latakia taste Too bad it will be run out soon I have a sample of it at home If you love Syrian Latakia hoard this as long as you can! Albeit I smoke this only occasionally I'm teased to give it the whole 4 stars, as it's a 4-stars blend for me! It's just me who doesn't smoke english blends too often! From the aroma in the tin I expected a strong Latakia meal. First two bowls were straight out of the tin and into the pipe, was a bit wet, bowls 3 through bottom of tin I let it dry out for about 20 minutes.

This is such a joy to smoke! One of the creamiest latakia blends I have come across. The tin aroma on this tobacco could be an all day affair. It smells of rich smoky latakia and a sweet woody smell that can only be from the orientals and the kentucky combined. The smoke starts out very latakia forward, that rich sweet smoky flavor from the Syrian Latakia. As the bowl develops past the first third the creaminess balances the latakia in a way that I haven't experienced with other blends. I would almost say malty, like a malted milk ball. The flavor is something that I experience with other Balkan blends but it is usually fleeting and is a welcome guest during the smoke.

With Vintage Syrian the malty flavor appears early in the smoke and stays with me throughout the bowl. I have found it to be deeper and more complex in a briar preferred in the bulldog shape. The tobacco is ready to smoke right out of the tin or bag but I prefer my tobacco on the drier side and this is no exception, 15 minutes or so of drying time and this will burn to ash with one light after the charring light unless you decide to let it go out.

I have let some half bowls sit on my desk over night and on a morning relight this is one of the best smokes with a cup of coffee I have ever had. Fantastic smoke. Really high quality. This tobacco has a delicious, smoky, rich taste. Syrian Latakia is excellent and you can perceive a lot of complex nuances: earth with softer hints of musk, wood rich in special essences, incense, fragrance of wet pines and many other.

This is a very good Latakia mixture. So, well done to Mac Baren. In my opinion only a defect: a very mild strength! For this reason, in my personal system rating from 1 to 10 , my score is 9 and three stars. It's not that Cyprian-grown Latakia is bad, it's certainly good, but the Syrian variety is notably more refined smoother. This is simply a good, clean, earthy, woodsy Balkan tobacco blend that can be smoked all day.

Although half the blend is purported to be Syrian Latakia, it's certainly not a Lat Bomb by any stretch. All tobacco components are just in the right proportions My hope is that the replacement for this blend, using Cyprian Latakia, will be equally as top notch as this one. Time will tell. To my knowledge, I'm not aware of another Balkan offering by MacBaren as of this writing. If you like a good smooth Balkan As for me, I'm going to do some hoarding before it's all gone.

This is a delight. Creamy, spicy, incense-sweet, nutty, fragrant, smooth and cool. I only discovered this recently, but will be buying more. If you like Ashton's Artinsan's blend, or the Comptons of Galashiels mixtures, you should give this a try. J B Priestley memorably described the pleasures of 'lying in a hot bath, smoking a pipe … lost in steam, the fumes of Latakia and the vaguest dreams'.

I think he would have enjoyed dreaming over a pipe of Vintage Syrian, had it been around in his day.

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian - Year 2017 - 100g Tin

The name of this blend suggests that I may expect a heavy, old style English blend with a high dose of lush Syrian Latakia in the lead. Unfortunately it does not meet my expectations. It does not get near a traditional, old style English blend. Moisture in tin is perfect. Tin nose is promising. Stuffing and lighting is easy. It burns hot. Leaves back an almost white ash. No aftertaste. The tasty Orientals donate some body, but it does not dig deep at all.

This blend is too mild in taste. Although all ingredient tobaccos can be singled out, the lack of power does not leave enough for all flavours to develop entirely. Sweetness is about ok, I would not like more. A soft carpet of scrumptious Latakia and scrumptious Kentucky provides a decent woody smokiness and accompanies you throughout the bowl. Kentucky is more prominent than Latakia. For my personal satisfaction I would appreciate to have all Kentucky replaced by additional Syrian Latakia. Never mind, regarding many laudatory reviews it remains a light English-style mixture with its own merits.

I am very impressed by this blend. It is I think the first blend with Syrian Latakia I've ever had, and first impressions are good! Out of the tin it has the typical Latakia smoke, but with a little more going on than some other Latakia heavy blends I've tried. There's a little sour and sweet, likely from the Virginia and Orientals.

I don't really pick up on the Kentucky as much, but more about that in the actual smoking. The taste is excellent. No two ways about it, this blend is an exceptional one. If you like Latakia at all you will more than probably like this. The flavor follows much the same path as the aroma, with Latakia being present but not as overpowering as some blends.

The Kentucky is present, but co-mingles with the Latakia. The Virginia and Orientals have their typical characteristics, adding a slightly sweet and sour note to the overall taste. Everything blends together for the most part and forms a wonderful and intricate taste I found myself analyzing through the whole bowl. Might buy another tin to stash for future use. Been smoking this blend on and off. Got 2 tins as a gift The tin note is just perfect,sour,smokey,sweet Good quality leaf as MB usually have Good all day smoke.

More strength so this blend would be in my top 5 now it's on the top This was my first ever taste of Latakia, and it set the bar very high for me. The Syrian stuff, to my taste, is far more flavorful than the cyprian variety. A deeper flavor with a lighter body, more incense notes than just 'smokiness. They create a creamy base for the Latakia to dance on top of. When I want to smoke something with Latakia, this is the tobacco I go to every time. While I do appreciate "English Blends," none fulfill the flavor craving that this tobacco does.

It's a shame it is on its way to extinction :. A ribbon cut mix of pale green thru to black tobaccos. Predominantly mid brown. Altho Latakia is the dominant tobacco here both in composition and aroma, it is surprisingly subdued. There is sweetness from the Virginias and herbal notes from the Orientals. Straight from the tin this is a little on the moist side, but takes a light fairly easily and will burn with few relights. I didn't find it burnt to a fine white ash as others have reported.

Towards the end of the smoke there was some wetness in the bowl. It burns cool. I thought the tobaccos in this blend were very well integrated giving a balanced flavour profile. This is not imo a tobacco in which there is a strong expression of any particular component at the expense of others. It is not therefore a Lat bomb, despite the large proportion of that leaf. I can't tell whether the sweetness comes from the Cav or the Orientals or the Virginias; a little of each I suspect. This sweetness is married to a lemon zestiness and the smokiness of the Lat which, overall, reminds me of Keemun tea with a slice of lemon.

I think the sidestream aroma of this tobacco is the best I have ever encountered. Unlike aromatic tobaccos, this one tastes better while smoked than what it smells like when the tin is first opened. It packs well, and despite some residual moisture, it lights quite well straight out of tin, without the "fireworks" commented on by others. Depth and flavour both develop slowly, and so it is not a blend for impatient smokers.

I was surprised by the complexity and mildness, absence of any bite, and also by the gradual change in flavours as you progress down the bowl.

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  6. Produces very fine white ash early straight from the top which does not darken. The tobacco stays lit and does not overheat, produces a long-lasting and cool smoking experience. Unusual experience for me a straight aro smoker and definitely well worth trying for a change of pace. Worth the price. Similar Blends: possibly Bald-Headed Teacher by 4noggins, although BHT is less complex while of course also much cheaper but a top blend on its own merit. So, you think of Mac Baren as a mediocre brand and the best they could do is a "bearable" tobacco blend? Well I thought the same.

    Now I don't think that way anymore. Mac Baren may have a lot of crapy blends, but when it comes to HH Vintage Syrian, they've reached their top. I am about to forgive them for all the shitty blends they come up with, just because of this one. Syrian Latakia is something very subtle, with mild taste but very strong and powerful when in larger quantities. Here it's just the right amount. Mac Baren case and stove their Virginias in some bad way, and they all have that "honey" Danish note and tongue bite, here it's not an exception.

    You can smell that familiar and hated note in the tin, but it's not that noticeable when you smoke it. It does however give to the blend a certain unique freshness along with the Syrian leaf. Nice burning, stays lit without any problems, doesn't change much as it advances through the bowl, it's not picky, tastes pretty much the same dry and wet, and in different pipes. I was about to give it 2 stars, just because it's Mac Baren, but the smoke is good, and I will replenish my stocks, so to be honest, 4 stars for the blend, highly recommended.

    Couldn't wait to get my hands on a tin of this blend based on the consistent high reviews. Opening the tin I was hit with a strong smokey BBQ smell that got my mouth watering. I loved the presentation of dark tobacco sprinkled with much a lighter shade. I also noticed the generous amount of tobacco for the price. My next impression was this tin oozed quality and attention to details.

    It's obvious the crew at Mac Baren put alot of work and thought into this blend and it shows long before the first pinch. This is a premium quality tobacco. It's moist but lights very well out of the tin. Dense sweet smoke. On the hard light, the heavy bbq smell vanishes and I tasted the Latakia with a now subdued smokey fire cured base. Little to no tongue bite. The only draw back I can say about this blend is it tends to really mello out and wash out near the middle and end of the bowl. I found it hard to pick up different varations of the blend when I get to the middle ways or bottom of the bowl than the first few mintues after the hard light.

    However, I love this tobacco and I highly recommend it. I have permanently added it to my tobacco carrying pouch as my out and about companion. This is my no. The first thing I noticed after I lit the bowl was the lack of the typical MacBaren flavoring. The taste was a good blend of latakia and virginia with the latakia dominating but not overwhelming the blend. It burned great in all bowls and the smoke was good to the bottom. Very good tobacco. Before I offer a review, I like to dedicate a pipe to a tobacco and give it at least five bowls or so before rendering a verdict.

    With this I gave it around ten before coming down on it. Overall, I'm teetering between 2 and 3 stars. The tin aroma is rather nice, good latakia balanced by the VA's and the others. A nice "campfire" scent, with a little spice in the background. Smoking though, I'm left wanting a bit more. More latakia, more VA, more everything. It's just a little bit flat for my taste, even when it's the first of the day. Smoke it after anything else with latakia in it, such as my typical daybreaker Frog Morton, and you'll really ache for more flavor.

    This isn't to say it's a poor blend, it's not, but it's just missing something. Good for a change of pace now and again, but not in my normal routine. But look here, what a nice surprise! An almost-traditional English mixture from the Danish brand! Sadly, the smoking experience is a bit less satisfactory. Mind you, it has no big flaws or nasty traits. It is consistent in flavour, burns great, it is not marred by weird flavourings, and it is classic enough not to turn away lovers of true English tobaccos.

    My only complaint is that it can be a bit underwhelming at times: the Syrian Latakia is fragrant and with a clearly different note than the one found in most other blends, but the balance leans on the lighter side. In spite of the heavy percentage of Syrian leaf, this one is clearly less spicy and rich than Bohemian Scandal which had a lesser dose of the precious ingredient.

    Probably the trick is in the Orientals: no one finds good ones like Mr. Pease does, or blends them as skillfully with the Latakia. The result, in this MacBaren blend, is a bit monochromatic, and tends to get boring on the long run. Still very pleasant and smokeable, and certainly better than most other modern English mixtures especially the now crappy Dunhills. So, would I recommend this tobacco? Definitely give it a try, as it is a quality product, honestly priced and with many interesting traits, but I probably won't buy it again. It doesn't offer the level of complexity, richness and flavour I want from a Latakia mixture.

    If I hadn't tried GLPease's Bohemian Scandal of which I still have a few tins , I would probably give it and extra star, though, for the pleasant and fragrant use of the Syrian leaf. I've put off reviewing this stuff. The initial hype around this release had me thinking that God himself had blended this. Therefore, I was disappointed when I actually smoked it. That said, I am now at the bottom of g tin, over a period of six months or so. The final verdict: This is excellent pipe tobacco. The syrian latakia is nothing like the cyprian or macedonian we are used to.

    Completely different animal, and a rather gentler one. When this blend first came out, people said all kinds of things, all based on the Syrian half of the can contents. I'm not an expert, but I think what makes this tobacco truly charming is the virginia half, which is blended with real skill. The big helping of Dark Kentucky is particularly welcome. In the pipe, this stuff is a bit spicy, with hardly any of the usual smooth greasy smokeyness from "latakia", which I think some reviewers miss. The underlying flavours are myriad and subtle - cactus or lime - certainly a citrus note that is separate from the Va sweetness.

    Some dry woodiness and some cigar-like notes. It manages to maintain a fairly heavy presence though, for all that. Not everyone's cup of tea, but taken for the blend it is, rather than the blend one might expect or for another Penzance, or whatever , this is a fantastic tobacco. My wife absolutely hates the room note, however.

    The tin aroma is a wonderful bouquet of Virginia sweetness and Latakia smokiness. The cut is perfect and packs well into the bowl. This is a nice medium bodied European mixture I have a hard time calling something made in Denmark an? For a blend that is described on the tin as being almost half Syrian Latakia, it is the natural Virginia sweetness that stands out on the palate, with the Latakia providing a smoky background and the dark Kentucky providing a rich depth of flavor. The room aroma is pleasant but not overpowering. And as was stated in many reviews, there is little to no aftertaste - once the bowl is done, the flavor is gone.

    It burned evenly to the bottom of the bowl, leaving nothing but a mottled gray ash. Overall, this is a very pleasant mixture, but as a Latakia fan, I have to admit some disappointment? I expected the Latakia to be the star of the show, and both the tin aroma and the flavor were more Virginia than Latakia.

    I find the tin aroma musty, not smoky and somewhat underwhelming. It packs and lights easily in my Ashton LX chubby billiard. The mixture is mostly dark, there is some Latakia there along with plenty of Kentucky; I would like this better with more Turkish and less Kentucky. The tin aroma has changed in the almost 3 years since I last visited this and the Syrian Latakia has become more pronounced and the VAs seem more fragrant.

    The blend has been kept in proper humidified condition and seems to have aged well just as I suspected it would. Packing is simple and straight forward, the cut of Mac Baren's blends is always excellent. The flavor and aroma at first light is mostly Latakia, the Syrian is excellent, as I progressed down the bowl the VAs seem much sweeter than 3 years ago.

    There is some Turkish there, perhaps not as much as I would prefer but it is pleasant. The bitter Kentucky I didn't care for previously has now mellowed and provides some interesting depth to the smoke. I had purchased 5 tins and only smoked a dozen bowls from just this one tin, I'm certainly glad I have four more tins to look forward to. I think I'll grab a few more for future. I was simultaneously thrilled and hesitant to try this blend. Thrilled, because I wanted to sample the world renowned Syrian latakia in a fair amount, and hesitant, because what little experience I'd had with Mac Baren was yucky, to put it colloquially.

    It involved a cotton candy flavor and hellish tongue bite. Admittedly, I have relatively limited experience with Syrian latakia, as I only began smoking latakia blends in --and that was Lane's HGL. Aside from this one, I've also had McClelland's Rose of Latakia, which is, as many of you know, a rather mild blend. This one is a bit stronger, but not tremendously so.

    I found upon smoking it for the first time that I liked it so much, I wanted to devote a pipe to it exclusively. The orientals in this are of a similar quality to those in Balkan Sasieni. The room note, likewise, has tones of the above mentioned spices and is likely the most pleasant latakia blend to innocent bystanders To add a spicy note…Turkish Oriental has been added. The above is a mere abridged version of the verbose full-paragraph details printed on the back of the tin.

    Love it. It is also available from several other major online markets, and I would imagine prices going up as supplies dwindle. From what I can gather, the blend is still being produced, however it will probably be discontinued in This particular tin has been jarred for about a month. The note is smoky but acrid, with a sour tang that sharply pierces the musty forest-floor undertone.

    There are hints of spiciness and citrus. Yes definitely, HH Vintage Syrian smells tart, very tart, like warm wine. The varietal imitated is a dry white of some kind, maybe a sharp sherry or an earthy white Bordeaux. The faintest dark fruit awaits those who really fill their lungs with the bouquet. The cut is quite gnarled and stringy, like roots or random lengths of thread and yarn mixed together. Because of the dark color palette, it is difficult to tell which leaves are which. Of course, one can safely assume the Syrian Latakia dominates the landscape here.

    This particular batch is medium dry, no more or less moist than when the tin was first opened. Almost perfect, but some minutes in the open air will make a wise investment. The first light is earthy and round, but with a noticeable tang. Peppery and spicy flavors emerge early but the musty nature of HH Vintage Syrian keeps everything very balanced. The retrohale is big and spicy, with a coppery flavor in the back of the throat.

    That mustiness, though. Its counterpart, the tannic wine flavor, provides brightness and flourishes with lots of body. Even so, one is left with the impression that the heavy Latakia usage here may have eroded some of the nuances of the other components. The second half provides more minerality and wood flavors.

    Honestly, the sour and smoky flavors mix together very well here, but they never become very complex. Should you stock up on this one? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.