Fontina cheddar mac and cheese

The recipes sounded delicious but neither seemed to fit with what I envisioned making. It would need to be something creamier and saucier, but without sacrificing the cheese. There were as many comments on a variety of blogs that repudiate all homemade versions in favor of the boxed Kraft product.

5 Cheese Mac & Cheese

As the name suggests, this is not a humble, modest, sit-by-the-sidelines macaroni and cheese. First of all, the cheese-to-pasta ratio is pretty bodacious. Second, it calls for a combination of sharp cheddar and Gruyere or pecorino Romano, which means big flavors and a relatively pricey trip to the store. Was I expected to resist?

Some people seemed to dread making this white sauce which, I gathered, was either a Bechamel or a close relative of one , because you have to stand at the stove for several minutes whisking milk with a flour-butter mix. Keep going. The thickness you need is still several minutes away. That tiny degree of pastiness did not stop the crack-and-cheese. Nothing could stop it. Michael took it out of the oven when the bread-crumb topping had darkened to a perfect gold; it may as well have been emanating rays of light. I cut into the pan to find that while the crust was crispy, the inside was still a bit liquid, so that when a piece was served, the macaroni spread out a bit on the plate.

Solid enough to hold its form, but creamy. Michael, Dave — who grated all the cheese — and I ate nearly half the pan while playing Scrabble. But it certainly earned its nickname. I just use a fair amount of butter, some milk, the cheese usually a mix of cheddar and either gruyere or fontina , black pepper, a little paprika, and sometimes some diced bacon, which I pre-cook.

This approach produces a result which is not as creamy as the roux-based product, but it works for me.


The Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square has a three cheese macaroni and cheese that looked and sounded amazing. The only change I make is to add a little more milk or use a little less pasta so the mixture looks soupier than it should when you tip it into the baking dish; this keeps the end result creamier and less brick-like, especially upon reheating. I love the crack-and-cheese! I like to try different mac and cheese recipes. But I would switch out the nutmeg for dry mustard. One recipe I like includes a bit of chicken stock. Very creamy and another layer of flavor.

Maybe too creamy for Emily. My favorite version growing up was when my mom would bake it with tomatoes on top.

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It is distinctive because you cook the pasta in the sauce on top of the stove. I have to say, the lactose-free version I came up with for my intolerant of lactose, that is husband pretty much rocks.

Smoky White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Based on a James Beard recipe, and made with the regular incarnations of the lactose-free ones, it would still knock it out of the park. I served it at a potluck. It was devoured with not a morsel left. Creamy, delicious mac and cheese. I will try this recipe. I have tried so many. It was all I could think of for months and decided to try several recipes. Funny, I just made this last night!

I like to serve it with fresh chopped tomatoes on top. I always go for the gruyere instead of the romano.

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  8. Though sometimes for fun I do throw in about a cup of fresh grated parmesan in addition to the cheddar and gruyere and just cut those two back a little… Delish! The sauce is a cheese custard, with eggs as the thickening. It is made by layering cooked macaroni and cheese, then pouring over the egg-milk mixture, then baking. I use white pepper and nutmeg for seasoning.

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    I have never had as good a macaroni and cheese, as the one from my childhood. After years of living without my favorite mac and cheese, I finally asked mom for the recipe and now my kids can grow up with the best Mac and Cheese there is. Everyone raves about it. Stir lightly with a fork. To make sauce: In a saucepan over medium heat, melt butter; stir in flour until smooth.

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    Slowly add milk and salt, whisking to prevent lumps. Mix egg with leftover sauce and pour over macaroni. Sprinkle macaroni with remaining cheddar, fontina and paprika. Combine bread crumbs, Parmesan and olive oil in a small bowl and spread on top. Place casserole dish on a foil-lined baking sheet on oven's middle rack and bake 25 minutes, until bubbly and golden brown. Nutritional Information: calories, Related Video. Nutritional Info. The information displayed is Edamam's analysis of the recipe based on its ingredients and preparation, and should not be considered a substitute for professional nutrition advice.

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