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The key trick is to completely ignore Monthly Assumption Reports No. The exact approach to use is explained in the online help or manual. Click thumb opposite to see multiple sales groups within a monthly assumptions report. Ultra and Ultra Plus project monthly for three years whereas Super and Super Plus project monthly for just one year and quarterly for the next two years. All four versions generate less detailed projections for further years.

Check here for a more detailed description of the differences. Which version? Bear in mind that you can ask Exl-Plan to suppress the printing of unused rows in its output reports so resultant printed reports are neat and concise.

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You might also wish to acquire Basic or Micro for very small, simple businesses. We are a very substantial manufacturer with seasonal sales and variable inventories. Super and Super Plus project monthly for one year and quarterly for the following two years whereas Ultra and Ultra Plus project monthly for three years and quarterly for the following two years.

I'm new to business and financial planning and need to do very basic projections. Go for Exl-Plan Free. It's free and very straightforward to use. Alternatively, get Exl-Plan Basic or Micro. You can always trade up to a more powerful version at a discounted price at a later date - full details. We need to do a lot of sensitivity analysis and scenario planning. Super , Super Plus , Ultra and Ultra Plus have several special facilities which can assist these tasks including:.

When should I use the Free version of Exl-Plan? Exl-Plan Free is ideal for high-level projections for cashflow and profit planning. It is also an ideal introduction to financial planning and to the entire Exl-Plan range. Exl-Plan Free is free to try and use. What is the catch with Exl-Plan Free? There is no catch! You can also register via a form here. Can I use Exl-Plan to help prepare a business plan? They make the number crunching much easier and allow you to focus on the contents of the plan and ideas for the development of the business. The page Textual Summary Report automatically created by Exl-Plan is, in effect, the financial section of a business plan.

For guidance on other issues to be covered in a business plan, refer to the white papers entitled Writing a Business Plan and Developing a Strategic Business Plan. The main differences between the two editions relate to spellings labor vs. US Letter.

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Can I changes the currency symbol and denomination supplied with Exl-Plan? Click thumb opposite to see Basic Model Information dialog.

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Can Exl-Plan handle different taxation regimes? For corporation taxes, you specify the effective tax rates after taking account of any losses forward, capital allowances and other adjustments. Payroll taxes and social insurance type charges are expressed as a percentage of payroll costs. Can Exl-Plan handle mixed currencies? Yes - up to a point. When setting up Exl-Plan, you specify the base currencies to be used in all assumption and output reports. However, because Exl-Plan is operating within an Excel spreadsheet, there is unlimited scope to use multiple currencies and to convert data to the base currency for incorporation into Exl-Plan's reports.

Need more help to select the most appropriate version of Exl-Plan? Use this Contact Form to send us an outline of your needs. ZIP - k. PDF - k or view it as a web page. PDF - k which can also be viewed online as web pages.

How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast using Microsoft Excel - Basic Cashflow Forecast

Where can I find a cashflow planner with roll-forward facility? Have a look at Cashflow Plan , our range of fully-integrated cashflow planners which generate projections for 12 months ahead and incorporate a roll-forward facility to simplify regular updating of projections. Details and trial-version downloads.

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The following table shows the equivalent versions of Cashflow Plan and Exl-Plan:. Where can I get quick instructions to load and run Exl-Plan?

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  • For additional guidance, you can watch several How to Cashculator is the simplest way to manage your finances! Familiar spreadsheet concepts make Cashculator easy to use, visual and straightforward Interactive tutorials teach you every aspect of using Cashculator Cashculator is not yet another personal finance application It is different from complex personal finance applications which focus on past transactions. It is designed for those who want to have an easy way to keep track of their budget.

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    It is NOT for people who want to maintain a detailed, daily records of their spending. Features Video. See the big picture Benefit from high-level overview of your spending and income Visual analysis View your income, expenses and balance with easy-to-understand graphs Predict your cash flow and balance Do you have surplus cash flow? Prepare financially Estimate expected changes like a newborn baby Efficient keyboard support Enter and change amounts quickly with keyboard What-if analysis to compare alternatives Can you afford to purchase that gadget?

    This version is perfect for all kinds of digital and recurring revenue business models, such as subscription models, Software as a Service SaaS , mobile applications Apps , membership website models etc. It comprises of all necessary assumptions upsell, churn etc. The easy way to plan, launch and run your business! Individually adaptable. Easy-to-use with quick results. Convince investors and shareholders.

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    Compatible with Excel for PC and Mac. Reasons to use Excel-Financial-Model. Ease of use Detailed and professional Excel solution, yet simple and fast to use, enabling quick results.