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It is uncontroversial that international law recognises the general right to accede to and withdraw from international treaties as a function of the sovereignty of states, however international law also recognises that where states have agreed to regulate matters in a particular way, particularly in the terms of an international treaty, the treaty provisions will be applied over general international law. As such, Art. Thus, the general point about international law is subject to the Art. Another tack taken along these lines is recourse to Art.

However, it is not clear that this is completely relevant to Art. Not all EU member states are signatories to the convention Romania, for example, is not a signatory but more significantly, the EU itself is not a signatory. Therefore, the legal question invariably turns to the interpretation of Art.

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Two issues in the text of art. Only a formal and clear act of notification can provide the requisite certainty and clarity which the law is called upon to provide in the withdrawal procedure.

It is notification which starts the clock ticking on the two year time period under Art. Relatedly, the arguments based on the difference between Art. Put another way, if notification and withdrawal were synonymous under Art. The legal effect of leaving the EU is that EU law ceases to apply subject to whatever agreement is put in place between the parties in its lieu.

This is covered by art.

There is nothing here to suggest that Art. Therefore, it is submitted, that the evidence on the text of art. However this is not the only reason why notification cannot be revoked.


Arguably a more significant reason against permitting revocation is the moral hazard risk involved. Moral hazard is a familiar term in economic theory which entails the idea that an actor can make a risky or potentially costly decision knowing that it is unlikely to bear the cost of that decision based on past behaviour. It may suggest that this is a political matter and, if everyone is in agreement, then such revocation would be valid under EU law.

There would probably be a lot of peeved EU Member States; annoyed that the UK is playing games with its own economy, its international standing and the EU project. They might be tempted to not accept the revocation and force the UK out. Revocation of notification will be accepted and everything will return as it was to 22 June However, then think about the long term implications of this acceptance of revocation.

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