Ps3 controller on mac 10.6.8

For factory-supported devices like the Logitech F Gamepad and the Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad , drivers are available from their manufacturers; however, for unsupported devices like Wii Remote, PS3, and Xbox controllers, you will have to use a third-party driver package.

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The easiest of these unsupported remotes to configure is likely the Xbox controller, which can be physically connected directly via USB or with a relatively cheap receiver for wireless Xbox controllers. If you have a PS3 controller, you'll need to follow a quick procedure to establish a connection to your Mac. First, connect the controller to your Mac, and then open the Bluetooth system preferences and make sure Bluetooth is both on and discoverable.

Next, hold the PS button on the controller for a few seconds, then unplug the USB cable, and the controller should appear in the Bluetooth system preferences and be available for use in a number of games and programs. A Wii Remote can also be connected via Bluetooth. Once the gaming controller is connected, you can use one of several software driver packages to configure its inputs.

The first is Joystick Mapper , with which you should be able to configure most gaming controllers. The second is the Tattiebogle driver for Xbox controllers, which should work for both wired and wireless using the receiver noted above controllers. For Wii users, the program DarwiinRemote and the Wjoy driver should allow you to crudely connect and configure the motion-sensitive Wii Remote, but if you have trouble establishing a connection using these drivers in OS X These last tools are useful especially if you have a controller that only has driver support for Windows.

When connected to the Mac, the button inputs will be registered, and universal drivers like USB Overdrive should be able to recognize them and allow you to assign global or application-specific settings to them.

Have a fix? I can't take credit for Steps 5.

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I've been looking for the post, but I've been to so many forums looking that it would take me quite some time to find it again. Nevertheless, this worked like a charm for me. Apr 22, Much thanks vino17, the extra steps you added solved my issue using that workaround, same model and version of lion, and using a sixaxis ps3 controller.

Playstation sixaxis controller

If you do not, I found that the controller kept "resetting" so to speak every time I disconnected. I also highly recommend the gamepad companion he is referring to. Don't be afraid of the negative reviews, once you get it worth the 7. FYI, I think you have to have some sort of gamepad driver or mapper to make the controller work at all, I could not make it do anything until I did. One note, the controller seems to drain a bit faster, the four lights flash continuously while in use, FYI. May 4, 1: I have done this exactly, word for word, as fast as I can 10 times now, and yet nothing, after I go through all the steps exactly, and in the right order it again asks me for the password, I have already turned off the ask for password setting, so imagine my chagrine.

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And follow up, can I use the controller plugged in and forgoe the Blue tooth, I just want to play Deus Ex on my 27" iMac, and I'm used to controllers. May 6, 3: I do not understand what is going on under the covers, but I have a suspicion. I have two different sixaxis dualshock controllers, one when I got my ps3, and another a few years later as a gift. Might be the controllers behave a bit differently as fair as the pairing is concerned.

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Not sure which one I paired originally, but this is another way you can try it. I had accidentally deleted it from the bluetooth preferences menu thinking I was disconnecting, duh , and then a couple days later I grabbed one and realized what I did. I tried to hook it up again, but I ran into your problem. Go through the steps to the point to where you get through 5. Instead of hooking it back into the USB port, just wait a while to make sure the controller has really stopped being in pairing mode I gave it about 3 minutes.

I think once you have it as a favorite it stays in the bluetooth preferences reason for that step without having to enter a pairing code. Instead of hooking it back up with the USB in 5. That worked as well, no more prompting for pairing, you should see it go green but not paired, and the 4 lights will flash on the controller.

Remember to get the GamePad companion so you can actually use it: BTW, I have found different games behave differently with the Gamepad companion but it has worked with everything so far, for instance Starcraft 2 I have to make sure Steam mode is unchecked, but for Rage it has to be checked. After I enter the code for the first time, the PS3 controller disappears from the Bluetooth list, thus not letting me add it to Favorites or Update Services.

It then comes back on the list asking for a new pairing code. So I've basically lost the smal time break I used to get on Snow Leopard to turn the Bluetooth off and keep the controller to the Favorites list. Any ideas? Aug 21, 7: Ignore the pairing code step 2. Then try any of the alternatives listed above.

How to Use an Xbox One Controller with a Mac

I do not know why but it seems to me there is different behavior depending on your controller or patch level of your OS in my case I had one controller when the ps3 first came out, then another one years later, but same OS version and I had to try a different way to get it to work for each one.

I just started experimenting and came up with another way. It's been set as a favorite and the services have been updated. I've achieved this state a couple of time's through the multiple steps described on this forum, and sometimes right on the bat, without following any steps.

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I call these the lucky attempts. Allthough they're not that lucky, as every time I've tried and gotten to this state of connection my mac simply does not respond to the controller. Which means Gamepad companion gives me "no gamepads found" and bombsquad a PS3 controller enabled game doesn't at all respond to it.

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Feb 12, Rots In response to N. Gamepad Companion shows "No gamepads found" when Bluetooth prefs say the controller is connected.

Also, during pairing, it asked me to type in an 8 digit passkey on the controller which of course wasn't possible. I ignored this step and it still showed connected and favorite, but not paired.