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I used the migration assistant to try and install my backup files from a hard disk that was manually created not using Time Machine from my Macbook to a new High Sierra Macbook. Migration Assistant never stopped, even after letting it run overnight. Then, after disconnecting, it appeared the hard disk was completely empty.

Recovering my backup files from the hard disk by a computer repair shop, it took them 2 days to recover files but in such a way that these had lost both the directory structure as well as file names. Next, in order to use Migration Assistant, your old Mac will need a name. Read more : How to erase your old MacBook before selling it. Just make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on for each and that they are near one another and connected to the same network.

How to transfer files from your old Mac to your new Mac

If you can't connect them wirelessly, you can follow Apple's instructions for using target disk mode and using a wired connection. With your two Macs lined up, open Migration Assistant on your new Mac. Just search for it or locate it in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

Now, go back to your new Mac, where you'll be asked if you want to migrate from a Mac, Time Machine backup or startup disk.

Migrating to a new mac- time machine or clean install ?

Choose From another Mac , click Continue and make sure the security code lines up on your Macs if you see one. The name of your old Mac will appear in the Migration Assistant window on your old Mac -- select it and click Continue. Check off the items you want to bring with you to your new Mac.

Target Disk Mode

Transferring files from one Mac to another using Apple Migration Assistant is very easy. It can take some time to complete, but you can reduce that time by getting rid of unwanted files using CleanMyMac X.

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Igor Degtiarenko. Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. There is a good chance some vital files on your drive are corrupted or outdated, filled with system junk etc.

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Set Up New Mac Using Time Machine

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