Mac 11 ar stock adapter

AR15 Side Folding Adaptor

Mechanically trigger pull adjusted ,Gun action powered, and Outwardly assisted. Just watch the videos. Yo u still retain normal operation of the gun's trigger for single shots or you can do "double taps",Three shot runs, to emptying a 30 round mag.. Yes, You are able to fire your gun with one or both hands,from aimed shoulder fire to with a bipod.

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The system captivates your index finger and follows the trigger back and forth. Single shots to emptying magazines in seconds! Simple to install and one of the easiest and most effective systems ever. All metal construction insures trouble free lifetime operation. Watch the latest videos below and buy yours now while you still can! Comes with ATF certificate of legality.

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The "Hellfire" and "Gat" triggers have proven themselves through the years to provide tons of fast auto type firing on most any firearm. Check out the videos and buy one of these classics.. You won't be disappointed. Great Prices Too! Feel free to call our Firearms Specialists at for a true recommendation. We pride ourselves in being the ONLY company that offers this valued service. Since these are "Not-bump stocks", how do they work?

Which one is right for me? For AR15's AK's this one is fabulous. It allows for the most controllability and accuracy ever. It can also be fired single-handed. If you want to lower my trigger pull down a pound and anything in between. If you want to shoot Fast rates of multiples ,"Double Taps", or Cover fire accurately.

If you want to install it and remove it with one screw in seconds. If you want to shoot single, double taps,multiples to empty mags in less than 3 seconds. It's name is a true legend.

TENKO adapter for M10 / M11 Machine gun to use Stock AR Uppers.

One screw installation and fits anything. It can empty a 30 round mag faster than you'll ever see! The most prolific Weapon System Ever to be incorporated in a. Finally anyone can own they're own version of the MSAW in. You provide the and we provide the rest.

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Folks we are an ol' fashioned, handshakin, proud gun toting family that go way back. I made one of these for myself and was wondering if this might be something others would be interested in. All NFA rules apply!

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  5. This adapter works best with upper receivers with rails and elevated optics as the stock iron sights will be too low for a comfortable cheek weld. Originally Posted by MrM4. Interesting, i miss-read your post, I was wondering why you were worried about NFA regs.

    I got rid of all my semis awhile ago but I believe there is a differance. Best of Luck.


    Yeah, I'd buy one. The semi-carbine stock connector from Cobray is sort of weak. It's that hook thingy, and it just looks cheesy.

    semi stuffb

    The biggest difference I can think of for semi vs auto adapter, would be the rails that would normally go inside of an auto's frame would need removed to work on a semi. I like the different taper cuts you put on yours. That's some nice detail work. Originally Posted by Teps Originally Posted by haterade. Looks like it is built like a tank. I say make them and sell them.

    If I had a semi, I would most def buy one. Good luck.

    Would adding the stock to a semi turn it into a short barreled rifle? If so, you would have to register it as such. Just a question, didn't know if it pertained to this application? Originally Posted by WarHound1. Originally Posted by TypeR Very nice design I would be interested. My brother is currently looking for this sort of set up for his SA M But again The MPA guns have a threaded hole underneath and the Cobray has two or three holes, none are threaded and one is slightly obstructed with metal piece rear spacer from inside the gun.