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As it turns out — not in the slightest:. Besides his production work, Vic spends much time pursuing his passion for Bali and its culture. He visits the country frequently, and has made many field recordings of music traditions in that region. We would like to thank Vic for his enthusiasm and faith in this album project as a whole, and we are also indebted to the Indonesian Embassy, Mr.

Suparmin and Mr. Abidin in particular, for their kind co-operation and loan of the gamelan instruments used on this track. We would like to thank [ Pete Townshend -owned] Eel Pie Studios for their kind co-operation in the recording of this track. We would also like to thank the Virgin Manor Studio , and Richard Branson in particular, for their kind donation of free time in completing this track; and for their first-class attention and co-operation on this project.

As a spectacular and alternative performance mode, it has had a germinal influence on western performance and poetics since then. In an exclusive exchange facilitated by the filmmaker himself thank you, Brendan! I included those since all of the recordings that I based my version of the Monkey Chant Ketjak on, were recorded outdoors in Bali — so the insect sounds are prevalent and add a really nice atmosphere. Most of those recordings were from the Nonesuch Explorer Series btw. I assume Coppersmith-Heaven noticed that while experiencing it live or was inspired by similar recordings.

I own that Music and Rhythm album and it was a great revelation to me when I first got it when it was released in or so? The monkey chant was invented as a tourist kinda thing from ancient, borrowed elements of traditional culture by a German! It was probably first performed in , although the chorus had its origins in a very ancient ritual of the Sanghyang trance Dance, which is still performed sometimes in the village.

It has been developed cooperatively by Balinese artists and Western expatriates, most prominently I Wayan Limbak and Walter Spies, living on Bali in the s, with the explicit purpose of meeting the tastes and expectations of a Western audience. Driven by economic considerations, in the late s kecak was standardized into the kecak ramayana known today.

That Music and Rhythm record holds up really well, I think. It never came out fully on CD. I liked it because it cast a very wide net from The Specials to Peter Hammill! Not much is not known about these recordings other than the fact that one musician yours truly laid down the guitar and bass lines, while another musician, who served as producer and mixmaster, provided all other sounds. According to Both Sides Now Publications :. Both Sides Now Publications recounts the controversy:.

Bethlehem liked the tune and released it. As Brian Powers point out in his King Records Scrapbook , no other label — including almighty Columbia — had the nimbleness to operate in this capacity. The live, upfront studio sound attained by engineer Eddie Smith had the bass and drums leaping out of the speakers with maximum impact. I sent for an engineer by the name of Eddie Smith who was a very good technical man. In those days, we were even thinking of frequencies and emphasis on various instruments. Elliott Ruther, in the Enquirer piece, notes the progressive hiring practices employed by Nathan — in his attempt to extend his song publishing fortunes across the color line — that put King in the forefront of American race relations.

He fell in love with a black drummer that I had been using on several dates around Cincinnati called Calvin Shields. He was just like a black man to me, you know, like he thought, felt, and expressed himself and everything else. Like we would say he had a whole lot of soul, Moon did. Moon wanted drums. And he fell madly in love with this drummer called Calvin Shields that we called Eagle Eye.

In just about every case, we had a black bass or maybe a black drummer with Moon in order to get the rhythm because Moon played like a black man and he even thought like a black man — in fact, I sometimes had my ideas about whether he was black or not! He was the very first white man, I believe, that caught my eye as being not filled with bigotry or hatred … he found himself as comfortable among blacks as he did among whites. Moon would make most of the black clubs in the worst parts of town and all of his friends during the course of his stay would be black people.

It was very rare. Tiny Bradshaw invited him up and he played nothing but Duke Ellington music. When I played with Moon Mullican, I enjoyed it. When I played that Country music, I learned to swing with that Country-Western cause I got into their mood and into their groove. When I play dance music, legit music, I get in to a legit feel cause I am a musician. My thing was to be good, in order to be in demand, to be sought after. I might have ended up with the big one — Willie Nelson. According to Douglas Green Associates :.

Reese had off-handedly mentioned that she planned to buy her drummer a Lincoln for his birthday. He could not understand why anyone would want the small Mustang instead of the bigger and more powerful Lincoln. And so the song was born. In those pre-Internet days, operators of competing mobile sound systems would use American 45s with the labels scratched off as proprietary source material. Much more direct evidence of the Cincinnati-Kingston connection can be found here and here. Likewise a B-side in France. Immediately brings to mind the decision that would be made by Immediate the following year to release P.

Catchy King instrumental — and what is that instrument, exactly? Sounds like a blend of organ and harmonica, most likely:. March 2, at pm. March 3, at am. Dennis Reese says:. March 3, at pm. Eduardo Avalos says:. Steven McRae says:. March 4, at pm. Oscar Jimenez says:. PinkLippstick says:. J-Doub says:. March 5, at pm. March 7, at pm.

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