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Connect two bluetooth headphones for audio sharing Music, and Movies Ask Question. Also, I am not considering a Bluetooth splitter, for sound quality purposes.

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Nariman Nariman 88 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. Both should say connected on the Bluetooth setting page. I have tried user's solution and indeed it works! You made my romantic evening when the baby sleeps!

Best Bluetooth Headphones For Mac or MacBook Pro/Air : Which One Is Your Favorite?

Worked like a charm. Here are the same steps with images: macrumors. This is not true, see answer by user Medical School or Games Industry?

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Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. This allows the computer to send high quality stereo audio to the headphones. There is no microphone signal in use. The audio codec is the way in which the digital audio data is compressed, before being transmitted to the headphones.

If sound quality is reduced when using Bluetooth headphones with your Mac

Most Sennheiser bluetooth headphones are also enabled with the APT-x codec, which is generally regarded as giving a higher quality audio transmission. Your host device PC, phone, etc. When connecting your bluetooth headphones to a Mac, you should check that the connection has been made in the correct profile for the task at hand.

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You will hear music being played whatever profile is selected, but the audio quality of music will be very poor in HFP profile. Whilst the music is playing, to check which Codec is selected, hold the option key "alt" and click on the bluetooth icon in the menu bar. When you hover your mouse cursor over the bluetooth device it will display the Active Codec.

So long as this shows 'APT-x' you are good to go..! In this case at the bottom of the menu, click on Open Sound Preferences. Click the output tab and double click on the Sennheiser device e.

macos - Bluetooth Headphones sound terrible on Mac OS X? - Super User

You will likely hear an announcement in the headphones saying 'call ended' and then the music quality will improve greatly as you switch to A2DP profile. This is because the Mac will default to a really low bit-rate on the SBC profile and then slowly work it's way up to a better bit-rate depending on what else is happening on Bluetooth.. This can manifest itself in audio glitches, drop-outs or distortion. Once you have downloaded this, open Bluetooth explorer and select Audio Options from the Tools menu..

Here you have a couple of useful options..

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You will have to disconnect and reconnect the bluetooth connection before this will take effect.. Once you have done this, check again and you should find you now have the APT-x codec in use and audio quality should be good. Alternatively, you can control the bit-rate of the SBC codec.